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Check out Stardew Remixed – I’m introducing characters from Stardew Valley in the Sims 4. 🙂

Active Stories

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Stardew Remixed – a Stardew Valley inspired story (Status: Characters Arrived)

Stories on This WordPress

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Do you have what it takes to tame a wild heart in paradise? (Status: On Hiatus)
I see the world in blooms and color… and it is beautiful. (Status: On Hiatus)
How far is one woman willing to go to make her dreams come true? (Status: On Hiatus)
Welcome to Hollidaysburg, where the spirit of Christmas lasts year-round. May your days here be festive and bright! (Status: On Hiatus)
Sometimes death gives birth to new purpose and age is just a number. (Status: On Hiatus)
Sometimes you have to run away to return home. (Status: On Hiatus)

Stories from the Dark Side (WordPress)

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Some things cannot stay in shadow… the sun, the moon, the truth. (Status: On Hiatus)
For the heart whose woes are legion… the story of the Reaper King as told from the perspective of his third wife. (Status: Ongoing Update)
Only the good die young… good thing we’re evil! (Status: On Hiatus)

Kassiopeia Fullbright Story Series

stories on my krazycrazylifeofkass WordPress

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A lot can change in a summer. (Status: Completed!!)

The Wonderful World of Simterra

my Sims lore and worldbuilding, primarily on the fourth planet of the Daleth System, Simterra

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Travel the Wright Way. (Status: On Hiatus)
Everything you could ever want to know about my Sims world… and probably way more! (Status: Ongoing, periodic updates)

Short Stories

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this page is dedicated to a collection of short stories and half-finished musings (Status: Ongoing)

**This site is not directly affiliated with EA’s The Sims games. I use The Sims games as a writing tool. All story content is written by me, unless otherwise specified. I don’t take credit for any custom content you may see in screenshots, although I may create some of my own content.  If you have questions, ask  and I’ll try to tell you where I found something. Exercise caution when downloading third-party CC (custom content) to your Sims game.

**Some content is intended for a mature audience. Chapters may include adult situations, mature themes, sexual content, language, violence, and/or disturbing or sensitive subjects. I promise to always be tasteful with screenshots. I will try to use disclaimers and trigger warnings when I can. Exercise discretion when reading.