Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.  Thanks for stopping by. I write on a whim, and I’m very inconsistent, but I love all my stories and characters and I hope you will too. Below are my stories categorized by ‘Stories‘ (non-legacy, plot-driven works) and ‘Challenges‘ (partially or wholly game-driven works). Drop-down links are organized by Active, On Hiatus, Other Stories (on other sites), Completed, and Short Works.

What’s the Status of My Stories?

08/01/2022 – Read more here!!!

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**Some content is intended for a mature audience. Chapters may include adult situations, mature themes, sexual content, language, violence, and/or disturbing or sensitive subjects. I promise to always be tasteful with screenshots. I will try to use disclaimers and trigger warnings when I can. Exercise discretion when reading.