Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.  Thanks for stopping by. I write on a whim, and I’m very inconsistent, but I love all my stories and characters and I hope you will too. Below are my stories categorized by ‘Stories‘ (non-legacy, plot-driven works) and ‘Challenges‘ (partially or wholly game-driven works). Drop-down links are organized by Active, On Hiatus, Other Stories (on other sites), Completed, and Short Works. Don’t forget to check out my Simterra Tales site for lore and worldbuilding.

ACTIVE Stories

Stardew Remixed – a Stardew Valley inspired story (Last updated 3/16/2022)


The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright – A lot can change in a summer. (Status: Completed 07/23/2020)


Crescent Moon Conspiracy – Some things cannot stay in shadow… the sun, the moon, the truth. (Last updated 12/31/2021)
Darkness May Dream – For the heart whose woes are legion… the story of the Reaper King as told from the perspective of his third wife. (Last updated 06/23/2019)
My Life with Criminals: How far is one woman willing to go to make her dreams come true? (Last updated 1/24/2022)
Return to Brindleton Bay – Sometimes you have to run away to return home. (Status: Last updated 05/05/2020)


Babies & Butterfly Kisses – an occult baby challenge (Last updated 11/22/2021)
Paramours in Paradise (Status: Last updated 08/30/2019) Sweethearts in Sulani (Status: Last Updated 09/29/2019) Do you have what it takes to tame a wild heart in paradise?
Berry Bountiful Harvest – I see the world in blooms and color… and it is beautiful. (Status: Last updated 02/08/2021)
I Have Never... Sometimes death gives birth to new purpose and age is just a number. (Status: Last updated 12/22/2020)
Only the ‘Good’ Die Young – Only the good die young… good thing we’re evil! (Last updated 12/31/2021)
Throw Caution to the Whim – A WHIMsical Sims 4 challenge starting in Sulani (Last updated: 01/26/2022)
Wright Way Travel Adventures – Travel the Wright Way. (Last updated 10/30/2020)

The Wonderful World of Simterra

my Sims lore and worldbuilding, primarily on the fourth planet of the Daleth System, Simterra

Everything you could ever want to know about my Sims world… and probably way more! (Status: Ongoing, periodic updates)

Short Stories

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this page is dedicated to a collection of short stories and half-finished musings (Status: Ongoing)

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**Some content is intended for a mature audience. Chapters may include adult situations, mature themes, sexual content, language, violence, and/or disturbing or sensitive subjects. I promise to always be tasteful with screenshots. I will try to use disclaimers and trigger warnings when I can. Exercise discretion when reading.