1.15 Eager Appetites (CFT)

Author’s Note: This is the start of Generation 1: Part 2 of the Colt Family Traitacy (CFT) 

Screenshot-14I barely had time to wash her face, fix her hair, and change before I heard my carpool honking outside. I wrapped myself in my warm white winter coat and trudged across the yard ready for a new day. Despite being up all night, I was feeling invigorated. Good books always made me excited.


As usual, my carpool was silent on the drive to City Hall. I didn’t mind. It gave me the opportunity to organize my thoughts on the book I’d read last night. I had a few ideas I wanted to mention to Mayor Silver Racket.

Chad Luck₁, the author of the book Cheating With Chads₂, was a young guy who’d made his fortune in business overnight. He talked about how sometimes cheating wasn’t a bad thing to get ahead in the workplace – like fudging on the social media rules and surfing the web when you’re supposed to be doing a project. This is how Chad discovered his company was losing millions of Simoleons every year without realizing it because he came across an article on his Book of Faces₃ with a simple tip. He spoke to his boss hoping to save the company millions and they rejected his idea. He quit and started his own company. 

I was thinking about asking Silver if we could incorporate an hour of mandatory social media surfing in our workday. We could use the time to see if we could come up with some new and fresh ideas for the campaign and town. I smiled to myself. I guess then it wasn’t “cheating” if we were allowed to do it.

The mayor liked the idea and was enthusiastic about instituting it. She said we’d talk about it at the weekly meeting on Friday and pitch the idea to other departments. At the very least, we’ll be instituting this in my office, Silver said. I wondered why she hadn’t thought of it before given she had read the book. Or at least I think she did because she gave it to me to read.


When I was leaving work that night, I realized I was starving. I hadn’t eaten all day.

“Got a lion trapped in there?” a voice intruded on my thoughts.

“Oh… uh…. what?” I exclaimed, nearly slipping off the bottom steps of City Hall.


An older bearded man with sunglasses turned around to face me.

“A lion,” he repeated.

“Is my stomach that loud?” I said, feeling my face flush hotly as I instinctively placed a hand across my abdomen.

“A little,” he smirked.

“Oh! You’re Bill Racket, aren’t you?” I said.

“Yes, I am ma’am,” he replied proudly. “State representative. What can I do for you?”

“Oh gosh! Wow! I’m honored to meet you. You helped the current governor into office in the last election,” I gushed.

“Ah yes, I did. I was his campaign manager.”

“And you helped your sister-in-law with her run for mayor.”

“Yes. She was the best candidate.”

Something in his tone of voice made me wonder if he wasn’t a tad resentful. I decided to switch subjects.


“Well, I’m currently interning for the mayor, but I have my sights set on something much higher someday. You ran a successful campaign for the governor when he was the underdog and no one thought he’d win. And I remember hearing about your efforts in Sim City working for a think tank. Oh gosh! That must’ve been amazing. I didn’t know you lived in Twinbrook or are you just visiting your family?” I rambled. “I would love to take you to dinner sometime to pick your brain and get your thoughts.”

“Well aren’t you an eager beaver?” Bill grinned. “Are you free now?”

“Now?” I said, suddenly realizing the implications of my invitation. I’m not ready to ask all my questions. I’d need my notes and my briefcase is at home because I was so tired that I left before thinking about it this morning. 

“Time waits for no man,” he said. “Why not, kid?”


“Oh uh…” I blushed at his reference to me as a kid. I straightened up to appear taller. “Sure, I guess.”

“On one condition,” he added. “You’ll let me pay. I couldn’t let a lovely woman such as yourself pay for dinner. It just wouldn’t be proper.”

First a kid, now a woman. I beamed proudly. “Sure. It’s a date.”

He laughed.

“Oh!” I flushed again, my hands rising to my cheeks in embarrassment. Why did I say a date? 


But Bill’s next words eased my worrisome thoughts. “Yes, it’s a date.”

Story Extras: 

  1. Chad Luck is an EA Sim living in Starlight Shores.
  2. The book Cheating with Chads is an actual in game book your Sim can read.
  3. Book of Faces is my Simworld version of Facebook.

Previous Chapter: 1.14 Late Night Reading (on Simblr)

Next Chapter: 1.16 The Price of Aspirations

9 thoughts on “1.15 Eager Appetites (CFT)

  1. I never noticed the Cheating with Chads book but…interesting. 😀

    And yes, do accept meals from the rich and slimy politician. It’s worked for other sims too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Thymless, thank you for reading. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed Tumblr chapters. That’s part of the reason why I switched back to my WordPress though so it’d be easier to read/comment for those who don’t have an account. As for how it turns out, you’ll have to wait and see. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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