1.18 Hornet on the Loose (CFT)


“Hey darlin’,” Julienne asked me as I walked out of the Red Rendezvous. “Have you seen Bill? I’ve been looking for him all day. Wow… is it hot?”

“Then why are you wearing gloves?” Rachel asked, rolling her eyes.

“Oh, you know, today was the local businesswoman’s tea,” Julienne replied, rubbing her neck. “I would be thrown out if I wasn’t wearing gloves. This is the South, you know.”

“Still it is mighty hot,” Rachel remarked.

“Well, you’re wearing that lemon sweater thing… aren’t you hot?” Julienne snipped, pointing to me. “And darlin’…” she leaned in close and whispered. “There is such a thing as perfume. Maybe you want to try it sometime.”


Rachel lifted her arm to sniff her sweater, wondering if she remembered deodorant this morning. It didn’t matter. Julienne was a snob. She wouldn’t mind assaulting Julienne’s nose with some of her working woman’s success.

“Well, it’s not like proper ladies never sweat,” Rachel joked.

“I’m surprised I didn’t see you at the luncheon, with your ambitions and all… you sure climbed the social ladder fast around here…” Julienne wrinkled her nose. “But it’s a wonder with your wardrobe choices and all.”

“Well, I’m just not constricted to social norms,” Rachel replied smoothly. “After all, I’m too busy being a woman of business than to attend a businesswomen’s tea.”


“Oh!” Julienne clapped her hands. “Is that a joke? Dear me, you’ve got to work on that sarcasm of yours. I heard young Lincoln Baker is offering comedy classes over at the library on Tuesday nights. You really should go. That is…” Julienne eyed Rachel up and down. “…if you can stoop to letting a high schooler teach you something.”


“Really? That’s the best you can do,” Rachel replied, lifting her hand to count off her fingers. “Let’s see… wardrobe makeover, businesswoman’s tea, comedy classes, and oh… banging my boyfriend, of course, must add that to my schedule.”

“Excuse me?” Julienne’s eyes widened in shock.

“Yes,” Rachel puffed out her chest with pride. “You are such a busy woman with your businesswomen’s group meetings and insulting women on the street and running that restaurant of yours and managing your Daddy’s money that you haven’t even noticed how lonely your bed has been lately.”

“Why you little tramp! You can’t be serious!” Julienne stomped her foot.

“Serious as a hornet in your bonnet,” Rachel grinned, even though she knew she may have just sunk her career.

It was worth it to see Julienne’s face.

“You Southern women do wear bonnets right?” she smirked as she turned to walk away, leaving Julienne to fume on the sidewalk.

Oh yeah! It was so worth it! 

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