Lizzie Visits Riverview

Hi, it’s me – the writer, Lizzie. Well, at least in Simself form. I had the pleasure of visiting Riverview lately and meeting up with the cast of my stories.

Here is Kass and Lizzie being silly.
Kass and I posing in front of the gazebo at Plaza Park in Riverview.
Kass and I took a walk through Riverview. The brick and cobblestone bridges are beautiful.
Gage Briody met up with Kass and I later and posed with us.
I visited the Bagley family residence set and decided to read among the haystacks in the front yard. What was I reading? A good science fiction book!

8 thoughts on “Lizzie Visits Riverview

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  2. LOL! This was so sweet! You as a simself look really gorgeous so I bet you look even more gorgeous in the real life! It would be fun if I created my simself and we could hang out someday in our little virtual towns ❤

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