Darkness May Dream

Finally, an update on the Secret Identity of Jessica Rossum (SIJR)… sort of. I promise we will see more of Jess soon. In the meantime, follow the backstory and spinoff on my Simblr under #darkness may dream.

Screenshot-17Meet Mal – Malakai, king of the Kr’v, a powerful ancient vampiric alien race in the SimVerse. They once ruled the entire star system in darkness and chaos.

Screenshot-115They were beaten back by the Xenosi and Orbix and other smaller alien races over five thousand years ago, and banished to the planet, Kr’v (or Tartarus in Simlish).

Screenshot-13Every year, the king of the Kr’v, the kralj (Serbian word for king), known to the Sims as the “Reaper of Souls,” returns to Simterra to claim a new bride… or plunder the land.

Read more of my inspiration for Mal and the first #darkness may dream post on my Simblr.


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