Traitacy (Legacy) Challenge Rules

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Colt Family Traitacy Gen 1
It occurred to me recently when I was reading others’ legacy challenges that I never actually posted the rules for my traitacy challenge. I am doing so now for 3 reasons:

  1. because I should
  2. to keep me accountable
  3. to keep me moving forward

I’m having a whole lot of fun playing the Racket family and I intend to for awhile at least, but I promise I will move onto Generation 2.

What is a traitacy? A traitacy challenge takes the top trait for a Sim and features it for that generation. You can read about the official and original rules here.


  1. Each generation will need to feature one trait prominently.
  2. Each subsequent generation must carry the trait from the previous generation, but it cannot be the prominent trait.
  3. The featured trait cannot be repeated.
  4. I will be choosing each generation’s highlighted trait.
  5. LTW, if applicable, may be connected to featured trait.
  6. Mods allowed, as long as they don’t interfere with the challenge.
  7. I will be using cheats sparingly (like to reset a stuck Sim).
  8. No ambrosia, consumption of life fruit, resurrection of dead Sims, or death flowers allowed.
  9. Supernaturals are allowed to become family members via marriage only.
  10. I’m not tracking legacy points. I’m just writing a story.
  11. I’m not following aging rules because I play on Epic life span (mostly because I love story writing and don’t want to be limited by aging).
  12. I’m also following other relatives of the featured Sim (through marriage or blood) so you might get a chapter or two without the featured Sim [and I’m adding this rule mostly because it’s fun to follow the Rackets around town, albeit tedious at times].
  13. If a generation is unable to produce or adopt an heir before dying, a “spare” will be instituted from another family member’s children.

A Special Note on Moving: 

I like moving my Sims around and changing towns. I will not be following the no moving rule, but the main Sim (highlighted Sim) and any generation 2 potential heirs must live in the same household at all times.


  1. To allow for a bit more randomness on my part, I will allow the readers to vote for the following generation heir unless there is only one child for that generation.
  2. An heir may be of either gender.
  3. Adopted heirs can be nominated as the featured Sim (only if my readers vote for that Sim). They will be considered “blood” regardless.
  4. A heir may be a supernatural (either through adoption or if one of the heir’s parents is a supernatural).

A Special Note on Supernaturals 

I have my own ideas about the reason for supernaturals in the SimWorld. You can read more about this here, here, and here.

Final Author’s Note

I reserve the right to tweak or edit or add to these rules.

Commenters rock! Write on.

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