1.39 Shark’s Night to Remember (CFT)

Author’s Note: Warning! This chapter contains more adult content than normal including references to prostitution, spousal abuse, drug use, some BDSM, and dubious consent.  If these are triggers for you or you feel uncomfortable with the subject, exercise discretion when reading. I have tried to remain tasteful for the pictures. There are resources listed at the bottom for those seeking help. Also as a reminder, legal drinking age in my Simworld is 18.

“Come on!”

Shark shook the spray paint can harder. Nothing but hissing air escaped.  He grunted. For the last six months, he had been going around tagging buildings, sidewalks, and walls around town, marking his territory. This was his boldest act yet – graffiti on the walkway outside the police station. This was the day he’d make Lucy Ferne proud.


Two years ago when he had been so cruelly torn apart from his first love due to Chase being a near family relation, Shark decided to devote his life to crime. It’s what the Rackets did. He was almost a man. He wanted to learn the family biz more than anything. He knew the best way in was through the Rancors second in command, Lucy Ferne.

He stole a car before he knew how to drive – Sophia Carlton’s to be precise, the rich debutante in his neighborhood. She had a prized pink convertible worth a quarter of a million Simos. He knew he had to go big or go home. When he rolled up outside Llama Corp Shipping Corporation, he knew by the look on her face that she was already impressed. But the first thing she did when sliding off her perch was slap him hard across the face. Shark remembered feeling stunned. He instinctively touched his left cheek, still feeling the sting of that slap.

They pulled the car into the warehouse, and she knocked him flat on his ass. When the boys were finished with him, he looked brighter than a Christmas tree, but he was in. He passed initiation. He still bore the scars on his rib cage as proof. Lucy had then taken him in her arms and laid him across her lap in the upstairs office. She proceeded to nurse his wounds, cleaning the blood from his body. She licked a scratch on his cheek. It was a strange sensation. He kinda liked it.

She was a strong woman who knew how to fight and ranked second in the chain of command in one of the most powerful crime families on the eastern seaboard, second only to his dad’s cousin, Russ. As he looked up at her that night through blurry eyes, he realized he wanted her and he wanted her badly.

Two years of stealing cars all over the South. He learned how to prep a vehicle, strip it for parts, and put it back on the street and make a big buck. Lucy’s minions never cut him a break, but he didn’t need one. He worked hard and he earned his place. He knew his dad was disappointed. Shark had barely graduated high school, and he came home with new bruises every other week from training. But he was making a name for himself. He’d earned the nickname “the Silk Shark,” a moniker he was proud of because it meant he had the slipperiest fingers of anyone in the car theft ring.

In all that time, Lucy played it cool. She never once came onto him, though he recalled many drunken nights where he tried to make a move. She always brushed him off, saying pleasure got in the way of the job, and the team was to eat, sleep, and breathe the job.


That is until the night before Shark’s eighteenth birthday. She called him, asking him to meet her in the parking lot outside the warehouse. He arrived ten minutes early, and she was her usual fifteen minutes late. He wondered what was up with the late night meeting since the boys had the week off.


“Silks?” she approached him.

“Hey Lucy,” he replied softly. “When are you going to let me take you out on a ride? We could go grab a bite to eat in Edgewater or something.”

“I don’t need a ride,” she frowned. “I need a favor.”

“Anything,” he said, and then quickly shrugged, hoping not to appear too eager. “Though I might be busy later.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t interrupt your big plans,” she mocked him, waving her arms around. “I need you to come to a meeting tomorrow night.”

“You couldn’t tell me this over the phone?” Shark’s eyes widened. “I think you do like me. Admit it, Luce.”

“Couldn’t risk it,” she rubbed her toe into the ground. “I don’t give out the address of this place to just anyone.” She scribbled something on a piece of paper. “Memorize it,” she commanded.

He looked at the address, and ingrained the numbers and letters in his brain before Lucy took the paper and lit it on fire with her lighter.

“Be there. Tomorrow night. Nine pm.”

“Okay… then will you let me take you to dinner? It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ll be eighteen. I’ll be the man you want me to be.”


“Eighteen, you say? Really? Didn’t realize your birthday came up that quick.”

“Yeah… so where’s my birthday kiss?”

Lucy rolled her eyes. “Shark, whaddah you deaf or somethin’. I ain’t interested.”

“Seriously, Luce, tell me you don’t feel the sparks when you look into my eyes.”

He was pushing his luck, but he really wanted to kiss the plump red lips of his boss, even if it was inappropriate to ask. She sighed, exasperated.

“Fine. Make it a quick one. But only cuz it’s your birthday.”


He leaned in, putting his arm around her neck. She wrapped her arms around his middle, her fingers feeling electric against his chest and back. He brushed her lips with his own, enjoying the taste of her cherry lip gloss. He quickly pulled his phone from his pocket and snapped a picture.

“What was that for?” she jerked back and glowered at him.

“Proof…” he grinned. “That Lucy Ferne has a heart.”

“I don’t…” she replied with a scowl. “I just kissed you cuz it’s your birthday and all. You betta delete it.”

“I have no intention of that,” Shark said mischievously.

“Shark Racket, you’ll pay for this,” she snapped as she walked away, but Shark caught her smiling as she turned.

Satisfied, he walked to his car and headed home.


Back at the Racket manor, Max and Marigold were in a heated argument in the kitchen.

“He’s just a kid.”

“He’s eighteen. He’s a man.”

“But he’s so young. You didn’t start Dennis till he was twenty-five.”

“That’s cuz his fool of a brother wasn’t good enough and the other one… well… he betrayed me.”

“Don’t you talk like that. It’s your fault Dudley left.”

“Don’t you dare speak that boy’s name, ever, Marigold.”


“Fine… but leave Shark alone. He’s already in too deep. We can still give him a chance to go to college if you ease up on him.”

“Ease up? No, I ought to go harder on him just to make sure he isn’t soft like our boy Dennis. What an utter failure you are! Raising incompetent children.”

“Please, Max,” Marigold whimpered. “Just leave Shark alone. Let him grow up and do something with his life besides stealing cars.”


Max smacked her hard across the face. She stumbled back against the stove and instinctively raised her hands to block the repeating blows. When he was done, she was slumped on the floor and sobbing.

“Now that’ll teach you to meddle with me again… ” Max stood triumphant as if he just bested a man in battle, not an elderly frail woman. “…and just for that, woman, I’ve got a special surprise for Shark… courtesy of you. This’ll make sure he never ever breaks his oath to serve this family…” Max pulled out his cell phone and dialed as he walked away from his crumpled wife. “Lucy?…. change of plans…”


Shark was glad Lucy called him tonight. Lucy had invited him to join her at Shady’s, a night club his family owned in Twinbrook. This was much more of a celebration for him than a meeting in New Simoleans with the “big boss.” He had been excited to whip out his brand new license that proved he was of age. Eighteen years old. He was a man today.

Lucy had ordered him a beer. It wasn’t like he hadn’t drank before, but tonight he was feeling the buzz. He didn’t mind. It was liquid courage, right? He drank another one. Lucy pulled him onto the dance floor. The place wasn’t too crowded tonight since it was a week night. They danced to a few songs. The bartender brought them another drink – some clear liquid with an onion in it. Shark wasn’t sure, but Lucy tilted her head and gave him a big smile and said he’d like it. He finished the third drink.


“What are you doing?” Lucy asked him.

“Huh?” he said for the music was really loud.

“I asked you… what are you doing?” she repeated.

Shark grinned as he slid his hands in the back pockets of her jeans and gave her butt a nice little squeeze. “Lucy, my gawd, you’re beautiful.”

He half-expected her to slap him or jerk away, but instead, she surprised him.


She kissed him, full on the mouth, wrapping her arms around his muscular shoulders. He slid his hands up her lower back and beneath the lower edge of her top. She bit his lower lip.


“Ouch!” he exclaimed, pulling back, but she kept him from moving too far.

“Not here,” she said, looking deeply into his eyes. “We have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise?” he cocked his head, and suddenly felt the room spinning and a small bit of nausea rose in his throat.

It doesn’t matter man, he told himself. You’re with Luce. Don’t lose it now. 

Lucy smiled, and tugged on his hands, and he followed willingly. They walked out the back door and around to a staircase. Every step he climbed he felt closer to heaven, and he was convinced he’d get to be with the woman of his dreams tonight. He stumbled a few times on the stairs, and Lucy jerked on his arms a little too hard, but he didn’t mind. So she likes it rough, he made a mental note.

Lucy walked up to a door and entered a key code before entering. Shark found himself in a room with multiple card tables – one blackjack, two roulette, and three poker. The room was filled with mostly men from what he could tell, and he recognized one of the dealers as someone in the crime organization. The room was filled with cigar smoke and strange laughter. Shark rubbed his head. Lucy wanted to play cards? 

“Come on,” she led him to the side, and pulled out a key card for the second door.


The following content has some very strong triggers as previously mentioned above in my opening note. If this is something that will bother you, please don’t read further.









Lucy shoved him through the second door, and he found himself in a dim-lit hallway with four doors with windows across from him, and he thought he saw another two on the other side further down the hall. The paint was peeling and cracked, and the floor was unfinished. Shark turned around to face his boss.

“Luce?” he asked, bewildered.

“You’re eighteen now,” she remarked. “Time for some fun.”

“Okay…” he whipped his head around looking at the rooms, and realizing the one closest to him wasn’t empty. There was a scantily clad woman in there. If his brain wasn’t so foggy, he’d put two and two together. “Lucy are we?”

She didn’t respond, just swiped her card for the third room, and shoved him inside. 

“Hi, I’m Way, and I’m your party captain,” the petite blonde smiled at him.

He swallowed hard. “Way?” he repeated.

“Yeah for WayLaid…” she giggled as she stepped toward him in her red and gold sequined bikini with gold and brown leather straps. She was wearing some kind of matching wraps around her legs and red spiked heels. “Now have you been a good boy?”

“I’m uh…” Shark began to protest, but he felt his world spinning and he was shoved from behind and thrust into the girl. “…MAN…”

Way giggled some more. “Really, because your mistress says you’ve been a bad boy…” she wrapped her arms around him like tentacles and rubbed against his body, peeling off his coat in the process. “And do you know what I like to do to bad boys?”

“Um…” Shark’s mouth watered as he felt her gyrating against his groin. “My mistress?”

“Yeah,” she swung her hips back and forth. “Since you don’t have a master… but if you want one… we’ve got them here too if you’re into that sort of thing.”

“Uh… no…” he frowned, confused by the situation.

He felt his shirt ripped off, and the girl began to simultaneously kiss and scratch her long nails across his chest. He flinched at the sting, but tingled at the pleasure of her lips. Another set of hands reached around and yanked off his belt and he felt the thwack of the leather against his bare back.

“Ouch!” he yelped.

“Sorry…” Lucy apologized sarcastically from behind him, and he had nearly forgotten she was there. “Just wanted to see if this thing was useful.”

Lucy proceeded to yank his pants down, and he felt disoriented with the sudden jerk. She grabbed his legs one at a time and pulled his pants off completely. He had to steady himself on… what was her name? and she continued to giggle as if delighted and move her hips rhythmically against his body. Someone, and he assumed Lucy, got down on her hands and knees behind him and nibbled lightly on his rear. He actually enjoyed the sensation, but it didn’t last long.

The other girl walked backwards, beckoning him with a seductive glance, and settled on the nearby couch, weaving her legs back and forth invitingly. He stumbled forward and someone pushed him down hard and he was laying across the lap of the girl.


“Someone’s been very… very… very… bad… I hear…” she said in a mock-sad tone, rubbing her hands over his backside. “I think someone needs a punishment.”

She lifted her hand and whacked him hard on the butt. He cried out in shock, but he couldn’t move even if he wanted to – since his head felt like someone had tried to shove an elephant in there. The woman caressed his butt as she continued to talk.

“How many spankings should we give him?” the girl asked, more to Lucy than him.

Lucy sighed and rolled her eyes as she sat down next to the woman on the couch. “I don’t know. At least eighteen since he just turned eighteen.”

“Oooo…” the girl shimmied her upper body, waving her scantily-clad breasts in his face, and he leaned forward, hoping to touch them. “Ah… ah… ah…” she pulled back. “For that I think you might just need one more for good measure.”

Lucy sighed. “I’m bored. Get on with it, Way.”

Shark received nineteen spankings before Lucy kissed him hard and then bit his cheek, drawing blood. He tried not to cry out. The whole experience was strange and new and different. He wanted to try and remember what happened, but the fog was settling in.

He recalled being slammed into the floor, his head hitting the cement, and then voices…

“Is he out?”

“He’s out.”

The last thing he heard before completely losing consciousness was the whispered words, “Happy birthday, Shark… courtesy of Max Racket.


When he awoke, he was outside beneath a light drizzle and heavy fog, leaning his head against a dumpster. He looked down and realized he was mostly naked. He lifted a hand to rub his head, and felt a wave of dizziness and nausea.

What happened last night? 

Shark tried to move forward a little, pulling his knees to his chest. His groin area ached something fierce. He recalled snippets… hands rubbing him hard, multiple times, lips suctioning his skin, the scratches, the bites, and the voices commanding him to come and come again. He felt bewildered and betrayed. This was my first time and I can’t remember it?!? 

Rolling over onto his side, he felt the nausea come and he couldn’t stop it. After a few minutes, he felt like he purged everything within him. He wiped his lip and lifted his head, relieved to see his pants and shirt hanging off the side of the dumpster. He dressed, searching for his shoes.

He found his cell phone in his pants pocket and contemplated calling someone to come get him, but who? Dad? Mom? He wouldn’t call his grandparents because he was pretty sure this was some sort of twisted present from his grandpa, at least that’s what Lucy had told him before he blacked out. He shoved his phone angrily back into his pocket and found his hands shaking. He was too humiliated to call anyone for help. Who would believe me anyway? And to be discarded like trash! A solitary tear slid down his cheek. This isn’t supposed to feel this way.

Author NoteThis chapter was filled with heavy topics such as spousal abuse, prostitution, implied illegal drug use, BDSM, dubious consent, and implied male sexual assault and rape. I want to particularly touch on that last one. It is a myth that women are the only ones who are raped and assaulted. It happens the other way around too, and more often than we would think. Unlike the way it’s portrayed in the story, if you or someone you know has been raped or assaulted, please seek help. You are not alone. There are people who will believe you. Here are two resources specifically for men including common questions, reporting, and finding support and a survival guide. I also want to add a resource for reporting domestic violence as abuse of any kind is never okay. Please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for assistance by calling 1-800-799-7233 or visiting their website

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    • Oh I agree. I agree to all of it. My heart was breaking for Shark and I was the one who wrote this chapter. Unfortunately, and I hate to say that because I’m not trying to be callous or flippant, it’s fitting with the life of crime with some of the members of the Racket family. Thanks for reading Thymeless.

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    • Being manipulated, used, and exploited? Yeah, both ladies initiated woohoo with him in game at Shady’s so I left it in. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten back around to dealing with the aftermath of this… mostly because I need to concentrate on my legacy founder, Rachel. But I hope to… because this will have some sad, painful, and terrible ramifications.

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