Lucky Palms, Ep. 9, Dare (I&S)

Warning: This chapter contains sexual content, mostly kissing and heavy petting and Odaxelagnia, and yes I just threw that in there because I learned the actual term and I’m a vocabulary nerd. Look it up if you don’t know what it means, or read and take a guess. No nudity. Just thought I would make my readers aware before proceeding. 

“Hey Red.”

Billy greeted me at the community pond in Civic Center Park around ten-thirty. I couldn’t believe this gorgeous man wanted to spend time with me. After checking my father out of the hospital, I drove him home, made him a dinner of macaroni and cheese, gave him his pills, and helped him into bed. I told him I was going out, and to call me if he needed anything. Then I made sure our neighbor, Hilary, would check in on him around midnight, just in case I wasn’t home yet. I wasn’t sure how long my “first date” with Billy would go.

“Come here, you,” he invited me into his arms.

“Oh,” I said as I stepped into his embrace.

“I’m glad you can make it,” he smiled.

“Me too,” I said, excitedly.

We wandered around the park. A summer festival was happening, though most of the rides and attractions were shut down. Billy bought me a hot dog from a vendor with extra spicy mustard, insisting it was the best. I tried to protest, saying I wasn’t a “spicy kind-of girl,” and he told me to just try it. The brown-and-yellow condiment was okay, and as I licked remnants off my fingers, I reminded myself that I was only young once, and I was already impulsive for meeting Billy. Why not try the spicy mustard? I smiled. He and Gage had that in common.

Billy and I rented skates for 2 Simoleons and took a spin around the roller rink. I hadn’t been on skates since I was a little girl, but surprisingly, I wasn’t half-bad. Billy, however, took a few tumbles, the last two, I could’ve sworn on purpose, because he seemed to enjoy me bending over to help him up. I blushed as I caught him staring at me, thinking Davis never looked at me that way. Ayesha would be proud.

This is all so fast and fluttery! Davis never moved this fast. I could’ve kicked myself. Stop comparing him to Davis. It’s like apples to oranges… quite literally… since Billy smells like orange blossoms from Nonna’s backyard. 

We wandered back over to the pond where we first met earlier in the evening. Billy offered me a coin and said I should make a wish. I thought it was silly, but then he leaned in and whispered in my ear that I should wish for luck since he was hoping I’d still be into him at the end of the evening. His hot breath tickled against my cheek. I laughed and tossed the coin in, wishing for luck for the both of us.

“So are we going to put that swim suit to good use?” he inquired.

“What?” I laughed nervously, and rubbed my neck.

“You’re wearing a swimsuit,” he leaned over and tugged slightly at the strings around my neck, causing me to tremble.

What is he doing to me? I wondered, amazed at the feelings of pleasure coursing through my veins like waves rushing the shoreline. Billy pulled his shirt over his head. As he reached to undo his belt, I tried not to drool like a silly fangirl. He kicked off his shoes in the grass and walked to the edge of the pond, grabbing my hand.

“We should put it to use,” he hinted, leaning toward the water.

“Oh? The pond? But the sign…” I pointed to the metal sign atop the wooden post. “It says no swimming.”

“Or feeding the ducks,” Billy added, took a deep breath, held his nose, and jumped into the water in nothing but his boxers. When he resurfaced, he slicked back his hair, grinned, and said, “But that’s not stopping me.”

“Billy?” I said in a hushed tone. “We can’t.”

“Come on, Red, live a little… I dare you.”

His smile was so smooth, and the thought of swimming in the water next to his mostly naked body sent shivers up and down my spine. I couldn’t believe I was doing another super impulsive thing as I pulled my hoodie over my head, and yanked off my shorts and shoes. I jumped into the water, joining him. He grinned at me as we treaded water together.

“Atta girl,” he splashed me in the face.

“Ah!” I screeched and quickly splashed him back.

His arms swept upward and landed smoothly in the water as he swam away from me, intent on having me chase him. I obliged, simultaneously thrilled by my daring antics and worried we would get caught, but my spontaneity was winning me over. We splashed a few laps around the pond before Billy set foot on the little plant-covered island in the center. I did something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do. I faked a slip, hoping he’d catch me, as I stepped up onto the island.


“I got you,” he assured me, tugging my arms and our chests bumped unintentionally, sending more tingly bubbles of happiness through my body.

“If I didn’t know better,” he grinned. “I’d think you rather like my arms.”

I bit my lower lip. Did he catch onto my game? So what if he did? I was thoroughly enjoying our flirtatious exchanges, and leaning into his sculpted body.

“You work out,” I remarked, trying to play it casual.

“Religiously,” he bobbed his head up and down, releasing my hands once he was certain we were both on solid ground. “At least two hours in the morning, and typically again at night, if I get the chance.”

“That’s good,” I said, observing the wondrous array of tropical plants and flowers surrounding us.

I was still trying to piece together everything that had happened in the last forty-eight hours from celebrating dad’s birthday to the hospital scare to the wishing well and kissing the handsome stranger who wasn’t really a complete stranger anymore, but was still mysterious to me. I wanted to get to know him, this Billy guy, this boss of Gage’s. I had texted my friend this afternoon and told him I met the guy, though I conveniently let out the circumstances of our meeting. Gage texted me back, happy to hear from me, and said Billy was a great guy and a neat boss. I was more interested in the ‘great guy’ part. I tried to think of creative ways to ask Gage for more details without sounding like I was fishing. Gage, hopefully, was oblivious, but he did manage to confirm that the guy was okay in his book. I took that as a sign that it was all right to move forward, no matter how impulsive I was being.

“You’re thinking about kissing me, aren’t you?” Billy intruded on my thoughts.

“No I’m not,” I protested, the heat rushing to my face again.

“But you are now,” Billy smirked.

“Well… yeah…” I stammered awkwardly.


“Well what?”

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“You’re full of it,” I tossed a stray palm leaf in his direction.

He laughed as the leaf hit his arm.

“Why do you want me to kiss you?” I inquired, standing still as a slight breeze brushed across my dripping wet skin.

I tried my best to avoid trembling as his near-presence exhilarated me, awakening feelings and sensations I didn’t know I had. He stepped within inches of my face, looking deep into my eyes. I could drink in those shamrock greens all day, I thought.

“Because I can’t stop thinking about your lips,” he lowered his gaze to my mouth and I felt his breath on my face.


That was all it took. I helped myself to his lips, his thick, delectable lips. Kissing Billy was like reaching an oasis in the desert, and after being tricked by several mirages, finding the real thing. His chest felt solid and comfortable as I leaned hungrily into his body. He wrapped one arm around my shoulder, inviting me closer to himself, and the other arm wrapped around my waist, his pinky finger absently caressing my lower spine. He continued tracing the edge of my swimsuit top, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my system. I couldn’t think, and I let myself wither into the wonders of a world I had not yet known – passion.

“Hey! Hey you two!” a voice interrupted our intense make-out session.

Billy and I reluctantly and abruptly disentangled ourselves.

“Hey you can’t be here,” the voice continued and a flashlight momentarily blinded my eyes.

It was park security. Billy and I jumped into the pond, quickly swam across, grabbed our clothes and shoes, and raced for the parking lot. Before the rent-a-cop could catch us, Billy turned over the engine of his truck and we drove away. I leaned my head against the back window, and hoped my heartbeat would calm down as I slicked back my wet hair.

“Wow, that was close!” I gasped for air.

Billy took one hand off the wheel and squeezed mine.

“Where are we going?” I asked, breathlessly, looking back over my shoulder as I half-expected the police to chase us down the road.

“My place?” he said more as a question than a statement.

I slid over into the center of the cab and leaned my head against his shoulder. “Sure, lead the way,” I waved my arms dramatically.

screenshot-282“I made coffee,” he said as I walked through the glass sliding door into the kitchen-living area of his rented house on the docks.

“Mmm… sounds wonderful,” I glanced at the clock and realized it was after midnight.

I walked over and accepted the hot mug from Billy.

“I’ve got doughnuts in the fridge if you want,” he clinked mugs with me. “Hey you look pretty.”

I smiled warmly. “Thank you. Your mother’s robe is really comfy,” I tugged on the navy blue, flower-lined kimono and closed my eyes. “Silk. Are you sure she won’t mind?”

A dark look flashed across his face. He turned away so she couldn’t see him, pouring more coffee into his mug to replace what he already drank.

“No,” he said, quietly. “She’s dead.”

“I’m sorry,” I hiccuped into my cup. “I didn’t know.”

He shrugged as he turned around, folding his arms over his chest. “It was over a year ago. I kept a few of her things. Good thing too…” and just like that his mood lightened. “Well, you have to wear something while your clothes dry,” he grinned as he opened the cupboard and pulled out two plates. “Unless, of course, you don’t want to…” he added as he reached into the refrigerator for chocolate doughnuts.

“Oh,” I flushed. “No thank you.”

We enjoyed our coffee standing in the kitchen, but ate our doughnuts at the dining room table. Billy trailed on about his art, and how he was in town to do a commissioned painting and also to teach a four-week course at the local community college. He explained it was part of a year-long series in different styles.

“That’s cool,” I said, taking a bite of my doughnut. “So you’ve done this before?”

“Every year for the past three years. It’s a great way to make a little extra dough and to teach the next generation to be passionate about the arts,” he replied.


“You have great taste in art too,” I nodded toward the wall where a painting of Simasian woman stood surrounded by colorful flowers.

“Actually…” he set his doughnut on his plate. “That’s one of mine.”

“Really?” I exclaimed, standing up and walking over to get a better look at the texture and colors. “It’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” he walked over and stood behind me.

“I love how you painted her in plant and white and then juxtaposed it with the colorful palette,” I remarked, trying to sound smart.

He turned me around and kissed my forehead. “I like how your eyes dance when you’re excited. Brown eyes? Mother or father?”

“Uh… mother…” I raised my eyebrows quizzically.

“Remind me to thank her later,” he lifted his hand and tucked a stray hair behind my ear.

“Um… okay…” I felt overwhelmed with emotions again. “I’m going to kiss you now.”

“Thanks for the warning,” he laughed.


The warning was more for myself than him. I had just enough time to take a deep breath before we engaged in another heavy lip-locking session. We stood in a heated embrace before we stumbled to the leather couch and continued kissing.He groaned and I was delighted by the sound. It was nice to know I was pleasing him. My hand caught his own, draped around my neck, and I dared to slide my other hand along his inner thigh. He tugged at my waist, pulling at the band around the robe. His fingers fumbled and he momentarily pulled back from my face.


I gasped as my kimono slipped off my shoulder. Our fingers intertwined in my hair, and we locked gazes momentarily.

“Oh kiss me,” I moaned. “Kiss me again…” he trailed kisses across my cheeks and onto my neck and down my collarbone.

“…and again…” I demanded, breathlessly.


Billy completely unwrapped my kimono bathrobe and stripped down to his boxers once more. We rolled from the couch to the soft bamboo mat below, and he kicked the coffee table out of our way. He pushed me back onto the floor and I had to strain to keep my head from hitting. He snaked his way up through my legs and propped himself over my chest, breathing heavily, and kissing me hastily. Tremors shot through my arms and I wobbled trying to hold my own weight. I grabbed desperately at his waist trying to steady myself. Billy pulled me tighter to himself, and I felt something I’d never felt before – a man’s groin growing hard against my body. I was equally disturbed and fascinated, trying to drink in every moment, every sensation, wanting to remember exactly how everything would feel. I wrapped my leg around his own, my calf grazing across his backside. I pulled at his neck to bring his lips back to my own.

“Ouch,” I jerked back, banging my head on the floor, and reached up to touch my lower lip.

I was startled when a tiny droplet of blood appeared on my finger.

“You bit me?” I exclaimed, shocked.

“Sorry…” he mumbled and leaned into, what I thought would be, a kiss to make it better.

Instead, he nibbled on my lip again, drawing more blood. He sighed and closed his eyes. I pushed him back and tried to prop myself up with my arms.

“That hurt,” I declared.

“So?” he said, his eyes glistening. “You can return the favor.”

I pulled back so quickly I accidentally kneed him in the groin. He grunted and rolled off me abruptly, dropping his hands between his legs.

“What was that for?” he muttered.

“Uh…” I suddenly felt the need to put distance between us, my heart pounding wildly as a slid a few feet across the floor, bringing my legs up to protect myself. My eyes grew wide with a sudden realization. “What’s wrong with you? Are you trying to hurt me?”

“No,” he whined, nursing his sore pelvic area.

“Oh… I thought…” I blushed, and dropped my arms over my knees.

“Some people just like biting a little,” he said, defensively.

“Okay…” I tried to think, but the fog wasn’t clearing as fast as I wanted. “I don’t.”

“I see that,” he grunted.

“Look, I’m sorry… could we just avoid biting?” I asked, timidly.

“Sure, yeah, whatever,” he rolled his eyes and threw his hand in the air.

I stood to my feet when I heard the dryer buzz. “My clothes.”


“Yeah,” he turned away from me as he stood himself and waved his hand in the air. “Next time warn me if you’re going to a buzz kill.”

I swallowed hard, feeling a prick of embarrassment and hurt. I lifted my hand to rub my head, feeling a spinning sensation from standing too quickly. I couldn’t believe he thought this was my fault. He was the one who had bit me, not the other way around. Without saying a word, I collected my clothes from the dryer and left the house, calling for a cab to take me home. Buzz kill? I leaned against the window of the taxi and sighed. Really? I went from simpering seductress to blatant buzz kill in an evening. I blamed my impetuousness on the dare. As I walked into the dark trailer, I heard my dad’s light snoring. I didn’t bother changing as I crawled into bed, wondering what on earth I did wrong.


7 thoughts on “Lucky Palms, Ep. 9, Dare (I&S)

  1. I had a blast reading this chapter! It all started so promising, I don’t remember seeing Kass act like this before. It was really great seeing her ‘darker’ side. She wanted to feel the passion, but when she did she didn’t like it so much… Shame. She and Billy could have had a pretty hot date! Maybe next time?


  2. Well that proves it right there Billy is not to be trusted. She obviously likes him and lot and is a bit curious about sex but I’m glad she knew to how to stop everything when she became uncomfortable.


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