1.9 Spices (FRWL)

Warning: This chapter includes sexual content, including a more detailed sex scene. There is no full nudity shown, and I’ve tried to be tasteful with my pictures. 

Three weeks passed. Gage had settled into his new position at work. Billy was still away in Lucky Palms so Gage was learning how to handle money via Sim-ype sessions with his boss. The museum didn’t make much income since entry was free, except for events so most of the income came from generous donors. Because of his classes in Simcagos, Gage needed to hire an additional staff member. Billy had trusted him to handle interviews, and Gage managed to hire Fatima Simovitch to help with finanicals and found two teenage volunteers, Fatima’s daughter, Betty and her daughter’s friend, Bob Newbie to help out with after school shifts.

Gage and Sam had been carpooling to Simcago for classes three days a week. Gage was only attending part-time since he hadn’t been able to afford the full tuition. Sam had been talking about getting an apartment in Simcago possibly next spring. They agreed to save up for the down payment and rent.

Rhoda still mistrusted him, but she kept her distance. His aunt Missy had paid for a remodel almost immediately after he arrived. The house now had an additional bedroom and a semi-finished attic. Sam had moved to the attic bedroom, giving Gage the add-on.

Earlier in the week, Gage received a letter from Pablo, his last foster father. The same day, he received a letter from his foster mother’s attorney. He had been shocked to discover she had left him a sizable amount of money. Gage had been on the phone with the attorney and was over-nighted documents to sign. He could afford to move out of his aunt’s house if he wanted. He might even have enough to get an apartment in Simcago if he wanted.

Yet something made him hesitate about leaving Riverview. It was more than wanting to be close to family. It was more than enjoying his job. Gage really liked and enjoyed spending time with Solèy. She was a beautiful woman, a fantastic storyteller, and she was incredibly sweet. She brought him fresh produce every other day. He had dinners over at the Collective most nights. He was even relaxing into the whole ‘nightly public bath’ ritual. He had stayed the night a few times on weekends when he wasn’t busy studying, and even then, he liked studying Lè more than he did his books.

And he found himself doing the same thing this evening. Everyone had gone to bed and Gage had spied Lè sliding down the ladder. He followed her out of curiosity.


What he found astounded him. He had seen Lè naked many times before due to the co-ed skinny dips in the hot tub, still a strange concept to him. However, now she seemed even more breathtaking. Her body was magnificently curvaceous. She lifted her hands gracefully allowing the hot water of the shower to wash over her face. Her skin was the color of gingerbread, and her hair the color of hot coffee. The air was heavily scented with spices – vanilla, ginger, cloves, nutmeg – from the candles and hot oils. His mouth watered. Lè reminded him of Christmas morning when Jennifer would bake her famous pecan cinnamon rolls, and no matter how old he was, he would race down the stairs to be the first one to receive the delicious breakfast treat. He couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into the ooey-gooey Christmas favorite, the spices tantalizing his taste buds. He just couldn’t get enough.


Lè turned off the water faucet and glanced in his direction. He gasped, feeling embarrassed to be caught staring. She smiled, unabashedly, and walked around the wooden shower divide. She didn’t say a word as she approached him, still fully unclothed, and wrapped her arms around his back, lightly caressing his hairs. She leaned in and kissed him, and he welcomed her with an embrace of his own. She gently tugged on his towel, removing any cloth barrier between them. He was delighted when he saw her eyes grow wide with appreciation as she admired his body. She had seen him naked before, but this time was different.


Gage wasn’t sure which one of them invited the other into the hot tub, but the next thing he knew, they were seated on the bench, water flowing over their skin, and her hand was wrapped around his member. He lazily looped an arm over her shoulder, his fingers brushing the top of her left breast as he explored the inside of her mouth with his tongue. He allowed his other hand to roam freely in her nether region, and he was pleased with her excited little moans. As their rhythms picked up, all he needed was an approving nod from her to escalate their passionate entanglements. He slid off the bench into the center of the hot tub, aggressively lifting her up to perch on his hips. His whole body craved her, and he discovered she was much better at satiating his desires than Christmas morning.


When it was over, they lay intertwined on the bearskin rug beside the hot tub. His heart beat wildly as he traced patterns down her skin, from neck to nipple to navel. She lay silently, smiling at him as she guided his hand over her body.

“That was perfection,” she sighed pleasantly.

He grinned. “It was good for me too.”

She turned and propped herself up with one arm, and he couldn’t help but thinking, Wow! I can’t believe she’s mine. 

“You’ve had practice,” she remarked, tracing her own finger absently over his chest.

“Uh…” he flushed.

That was not what he expected her to say.

“Yes, um… you’re not my first,” he admitted.

“Mine neither,” she bobbed her head. “But this…” she bit her lower lip. “…was the best I’ve had.”

He beamed with pride. Now, that’s better. Gage leaned in and kissed her ear.

“Thank you,” he breathed.

“Mmm…” she nuzzled the side of his face. “You’re welcome. Would you like a massage?”

He was already really relaxed. Gage reached out and wrapped her in his arms.

“Come here,” he smiled. “I’m good… with you… right here..”

“Oh really? What if I was…” her eyes sparkled mischievously. “…down lower?”

His brow furrowed and then he chuckled. “What do you mean?”

A seductive smile played at her lips as she slid tantalizingly slow down his chest.

“I’ve never…” he spoke.

“Never?” her eyes widened.

Gage shook his head. Lè returned to his lips, giving him a warm kiss. She tasted like peppermint. Her whole body moved in enchanting rhythm as she reassured him with a smile and returned her head to a lower position.

“I’ll treat you.”

He groaned in satisfaction. Christmas is coming a little early this year. 

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