1.12 Talent (FRWL)

Author Note: This chapter contains adult content, including a sex scene, although, as usual, I’ve tried to be tasteful with my images. 

“Well, this is my room.”

They had finished dishes, and then he had led her into his tiny bedroom for some “quality time” since his family, other than his aunt Missy were no where to be found. Gage suddenly wished he had the sense to make his bed before bringing Lè in. screenshot-139

“Gage!” Lè gasped.

“What?” he spun around immediately, reaching for her wrists. “Are you okay?”

Lè laughed joyously. “Yes, yes, yes, I am fine. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Then what is it?”

“Did you paint this?”

Lè pointed to the art easel in the far left corner. The small canvas portrayed a calico kitten, curled up asleep on a stack of books. He had been working on the painting as a gift, oddly enough for Kassiopeia, but he had scrapped that idea when he realized transporting the work would be challenging. He knew she was in Lucky Palms at the moment, but he didn’t know how receptive she would be to a gift.


“Oh,” Lè gasped. “You are so talented, my sweet. I did not realize.”

Gage blushed. “Uh.. yeah,” he twisted his toe in the orange carpet. “I dabble.”

“You do more than dabble,” Lè kissed her fingers. “You are ahuri… magnificent!”

“I don’t know about that,” Gage shrugged.


“Gage?” she took a step toward him, hesitantly. “Why did you not tell me you had such raw talent?”

“Because I don’t… I mean it, I dabble… Billy, my boss, is giving me art lessons, and I’m trying, but honestly, I don’t think I’m that good,” Gage explained, staring down at Lè’s soft pink lips.

He wanted to kiss her, not discuss his art. He now wished he had put away the easel before she entered the room.

“I think it’s perfect.”

He smiled. “I think you’re perfect.”

Lè grabbed his hands and kissed him. He inhaled her earthy scent, capturing her hands in his own. She tasted like onions and peppers, but he didn’t mind one bit.


It didn’t take long for them to strip down. Gage felt comfortable with Lè, their routine of nightly intimacy the highlight of his day. He couldn’t believe this smart, beautiful, kind, generous woman was his! He wrapped his arms around her bare waist, pressing himself softly against her chest.  Lè responded to his natural rhythms as if they had done this a thousand times. She traced patterns in the tiny hairs on his backs, causing his skin to tingle with delight.


Gage peeled their last layers, dropping them on the floor as he lifted the woman onto his body, grinding her hips gently into the wooden dresser. She groaned, leaning her head against the wall. He was delighted by her little tremors beneath him.

When they were finished, she stared up at him, the desire evident in her tiny slits of crimson eyes, like two arduous flames. She offered him a sexy smile, the kind that made his stomach do somersaults, and said, “Painting isn’t the only talent you have.”

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4 thoughts on “1.12 Talent (FRWL)

  1. Aaww, they’re so sweet together! And Gage is indeed a really good painter. Now I’m hoping he’ll give the painting to Lè as a gift. A good way to show himself that he’s finally properly getting over Kass. But that’s of course up to him. 🙂


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