1.50 Quick Fix (CFT)

Author Note: This chapter includes a mature descriptive m/m sexual scene and descriptions of parental sexual abuse. If this is something that makes you uncomfortable, please do not continue reading. There are no pictures in this chapter; it’s text-only.  

Bill wasn’t quite sure how things happened, but somehow he found himself getting hot and heavy in the men’s room at the Red Rendezvous with Robert Castor. The younger, recently divorcee had him pinned against the bathroom door and was aggressively kissing his neck. Bill found the sensation oddly appealing as he gripped the edges of the door frame and tried to avoid making a sound. He’d never before been into guys, but Robert was very persuasive…

If what Robert was doing to his body right now was what he and Beverly had been trying to do to spice things up in their marriage, Bill approved. In fact, he might even pick up a thing or two to try on Rachel when she returned from her trip with his father.

Rachel? Bill groaned, but not because Robert’s fast-moving tongue flicks inside his mouth, even if they were feeling great. Oh gawd! What’s she gonna think? His beer-entranced brain tried to make sense of everything happening, but he was failing miserably.

Someone attempted to enter the restroom, and Robert shoved the door closed with his free hand, and yelled “Ocupado!” The other man grunted outside and attempted to shove the door open. Bill reached down and turned the inside lock, then reached up to put his hands on Robert’s scruffy face as he whispered, “Do you think they know?”

Robert shrugged. “Who cares?” he rested both hands on the door to assure the intruder didn’t manage to barge in. “Yeah… hey man…” he called through the door. “I’m just really… really…” he made gagging noises. “…feeling sick… man… oh…” he gagged some more, and Bill covered his mouth to keep from laughing. “…you don’t wanna come in here.”

“What’am’I’suppose’ta’do?” the man in the hallway slurred all his words together.

“There’s always the women’s,” Bill snickered.

They waited for a moment and listened until they heard the man shuffle away before resuming their kissing. After a few moments, Robert leaned back next to him by the door and reached his hand for Bill’s, pressing Bill’s palm against the door and trying to catch his breath.

“So which one do you wager is bigger?”

“Huh?” Bill said, his brain swimming in a sea of whirlwind satisfaction.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Whad’da are we in grade school?” Bill made a face.

“Fine, I’ll show you mine,” Robert unzipped his pants tantalizingly slow, and Bill found his mouth watering in anticipation.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen another man naked before. He had brothers. And there was the locker room. And Max certainly had an interesting way of educating the Racket boys into the wonderful world of sex. His favorite way to usher anyone into their manhood was to send them a whore on their eighteenth, but Bill had been the lucky recipient on his sixteenth for he had seen male and female parts long before. It was his dad’s way of shutting him up.

Max sometimes brought hookers home when Marigold wasn’t around. Bill had wandered into his parent’s room by accident when he was about eleven or twelve and there was a woman, not his mother, getting down of Max. Instead of being embarrassed like any normal father should be, Max had invited Bill to come in and sit down and watch. The woman had even winked at him… while her naked husband watched from the bed, relieving himself. Bill recalled being fascinated with the male anatomy even more than the bare-breasted blonde who bobbed up and down on his dad. But he had always felt it was dirty and wrong and so he’d only ever been with women… until now.

Now Robert was beckoning Bill with a not-so-subtle “come hither” look as he groaned and touched himself. That was all Bill needed. He grabbed the man around the waist and lifted one of his legs up against the door, caressing the insides of the man’s thighs with his fingers. With his other hand, he tentatively brushed his fingers across Robert’s exposed skin. Robert closed his eyes and moaned. Bill allowed his hand to come down around and squeeze, and Robert jerked from the door, arching his spine before slamming back into the wall.

“You’re so hard,” Bill remarked, impressed, almost automatically moving his hand back and forth. “And you’re getting harder.”

“Oh,” Robert reached for Bill’s still-clothed crotch area. “Wow… so this is what this feels like.”

Bill sighed happily as Robert unzipped his pants and made a pleasantly surprised face.

“You go freebird?” his eyes widened and then closed as he ooo’d some more.

“Today I do,” Bill traced his fingers down Robert’s spine.

“Never thought I’d do this with a dude,” Robert said between gasps.

Bill felt the electric energy tingling between them as Robert continued to massage. “Mmm… Rachel never does that.”

Bill pumped until release, and seconds later, he himself felt the quick fix. It had been too long. His wife had been busy. Robert was better than his usual substitute. Bill dropped his hand and sighed. Well… hell…. 

“Hey… Who’s Rachel?” Robert inquired, barely able to get the words out between his heavy panting.

“Nobody,” Bill turned to wash his hands at the sink. “Nobody at all.”


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