1.56 Caught Red-Handed (CFT)

Author Note: This chapter includes racist and derogatory comments, attempted rape, and references to drug abuse.  If these are triggers for you, please refrain from reading. I have tried to remain tasteful with my pictures as always. 



Max Racket wiggled his toes as he settled into the wooden Adirondack chair near his family pool. While Twinbrook wasn’t nearly as warm as Roaring Heights at this time of year, his hometown felt more comfortable. He didn’t mind the cooler temperatures, even in his swim trunks. A few faint stars began to light up the night sky, and the pale white moon climbed above the vibrant autumn treeline and over the rolling green hills. Max sighed happily. He liked it when winter stayed away. Blankets of white snow was too much for his eyes and the blackness of his soul. Max smirked. Yeah, fall is betta. 

He was tempted to dive into the swimming pool, but he hated to disturb the pristine waters. The unruffled surface was nice to look at – everything in order. Everything had its place. Things were always disrupting his place for things.

That miserable old hag of a wife. Marigold had gone and gotten herself locked up in a hospital. The fool of a woman had cut herself, or something. Serves her right, Max smirked. He always thought he was better at handling knives that that loser woman. Now with her out of the house, things were actually semi-peaceful. She would be back though, Max thought darkly.

That sniveling twit of a grandson, Shark. Max had convinced Lucy to keep the boy in whatever white powder his little heart desired, but the drug money was getting expensive. The Racket organization had never been about drugs, mostly guns and women. At least he didn’t have to pay Shark a percent of the arms trafficking and prostitution. He could always “sell” Shark’s form of payment if he wanted to make an extra buck, and the boy was usually so high, he couldn’t tell which way was up. He wouldn’t notice missing product.

That miserable excuse for a son, Dennis. The guy had to have his morals. Where did I go wrong? Max sighed. He could’ve been the great white hope of the family, and instead he was stuck in middle management indefinitely. He had no ambitions. No real backbone. No stomach for doing the real dirty work. That’s how his bastard of a nephew hijacked the whole operation. Well almost… Max grinned. Morals were what kept Dennis in line and trapped. He couldn’t go anywhere without ’em and for now that was working to Max’s advantage.

If only that fool of a son, Bill, hadn’t married that black piece of ass…Rachel was more trouble than she was worth. He couldn’t even have fun with her like he did with that brat of a wife Dennis had. He wouldn’t be tainted by Rachel’s foul lips. He never thought it was good to mix with “her kind.” She wasn’t completely useless. Her expertise would be tremendously helpful in his plans to take over operations again. If only she hadn’t been cursed with that skin color… then he could’ve banged her instead of stabbing her. It would’ve been far less messy, and infinitely more pleasurable.

Max let his mind wander, thinking about the kind of pleasure he wanted. He whipped out his cell phone and made a quick call to Mexsimican mistress.

What of the wife?” she asked.

“You let me worry about ‘er,” he replied. “Now get ov’a here, you skank!”

He hit the end button quickly and stretched out, waiting for Penney to arrive. If Marigold had been home, he would have half a mind to make her watch. She used to get hot watching him do unmentionable things to other women. Man, she used to be fun. Now she’s the ole ball’and’chain. 


Penney arrived, having found her way to the back gate, and strutted across the lawn to the pool deck. Max didn’t even bother getting up to greet her. As soon as she got close, he pinched her butt. It was nice and firm like an apple he could sink his teeth into, and he liked that. Marigold had long since been flabby and Max simply wouldn’t tolerate flab. Unfortunately, he couldn’t beat it out of her.

Penney giggled nervously and turned on the radio at his request. He made her bend over and watched her booty swish back and forth, licking his lips, while she picked a station he liked. She began gyrating, swishing her hips in circles, and wiggling her barely-covered breasts in his face. He liked the lavender getup – the see-through top, the skimpy bra, tiny leather skirt, and the thigh-high white lace-up boots. Damn! The girl was hot!

After a few minutes of dancing, Max had seen enough. He wanted some hands-on action. Penney seductively stretched her legs over him, and did a back bend. Max whistled. He loved it when she didn’t wear any underwear. She was such a tease. He was half-tempted to stick his fingers up inside her here, but he had a better idea.

“Come on, baby,” he groaned, touching himself as he stood up.

Despite Penney’s mock-protests, Max threw the lady over his shoulders aggressively and carried her into the house and up the stairs. Tonight he was the king and she would be his prisoner. He even thought he recalled some “equipment” for his little lockup fantasy scenario behind a bookcase within reach of the bed. When he reached the master bedroom, he threw Penney on the floor.

“Ouch!” she cried out, her dark eyes flashing with frustration.

“You come ov’a here without panties and you expect to be treated decent?” he glared at her, and slammed the bedroom door closed as he began untying his swim trunk knots.

“Max…” she stammered nervously, rubbing her thigh. “This is your bedroom.”

“Yeah so?” he shrugged, removing the only piece of clothing he was wearing.

“Um…” she looked nervous. “Where you and your wife sleep…” she added with a whisper as if he didn’t know.

“Woman! Be quiet!” he grunted, lifting her up off the floor and kissing her hard on the mouth.

She whimpered as he forcefully flicked his tongue on the inside of her cheek. She pushed him back, and he rolled his eyes wondering why she was still clothed.

“Undress,” he commanded.

“No, Max, let’s go down the hall… to the guest room… like we always do,” she repeated.

“Undress,” he repeated in a demanding fashion.

“Max,” she protested. “I… I… can’t… the wife sleeps here.”

“Oh for the love of…” Max rolled his eyes and slapped her hard across the jaw.

Penney stumbled. “Max, I won’t do it… Not here… not like this…” she said, her voice trembling.

“Why?” he grinned. “You know I like it rough.” He turned his head. “Look you can hit me back… you know I can take it.”

“No, Max…” Penney said firmly. “I’m leaving.”


Max wasn’t going to wait for the woman to think sensibly. He grabbed her like a lion capturing its weak and helpless prey. Penney flailed, but he yanked her arms into himself. She tore at his back with her nails, but was unsuccessful in freeing herself. He smacked her onto the bed with concussive force, knocking the wind out of her. While she lay startled, he angled his body over hers, slowly lowering himself. With one hand, he began unbuttoning her skirt against her will. She fought him, attempting to knee his groin, but he just laughed and held her down with his impressive leg muscles.

“No, Max… no…” she whimpered as he gripped her left breast, tearing through the thin material of a top and used his right hand to balance himself.

He would have his way. He would take her for his own like many times before. How dare she refuse him? Max dropped his mouth over hers, muffling her outcries. She could barely breathe, let alone squeak,as his teeth bit her tongue drawing blood. He angrily swiped at the tears streaming down her cheeks.

“You should feel lucky, woman,” he grumbled.


“Max!” a male voice thundered behind them.

Surprised, Max lifted his head, but didn’t turn to face his son.

“Dennis,” he said calmly, as if his child had found him reading a book or going over figures instead of claiming a woman.

The distraction of the intruder allowed Penney to free herself from Max’s grasp. She slid toward the side, and fell off the bed, crying out. The fool woman looked terrified and grateful all in an instant. Max decided he wasn’t getting lucky tonight and let the woman go. She tripped over her heels, wiping her nose as she bolted for the door.


Good riddance! Max thought. He could deal with his mistress later.



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