1.57 End of the Line (CFT)

Author Note: This chapter includes racist and derogatory comments, sexual content, and violence.  If these are triggers for you, please refrain from reading. I have tried to remain tasteful with my pictures as always. 


“Dad, what the hell is wrong with you?” Dennis thundered. “Mom had an accident and is in the hospital and I know you were responsible for Rachel being in the hospital. You’re a monster!”

“What the hell are you doin’ in my bedroom?” Max grimaced. “I was tryin’ to have some fun. Who are you to barge in?”

“Trying to rape a woman in mom’s bedroom,” Dennis pointed his finger accusingly, his whole body vibrating with anger. “You are a sick bastard!”

“I don’t see how this is any of your biz-ness,” Max stuck his nose in the air, and put his hand on his hip. “I’m tir’d… and since you inner-rupted my date, I’d like to git some sleep now.”


“Date?” Dennis took a step back, staring blankly at his father. “You don’t think I’m that naive, Dad. You don’t think I’m that dumb. No, you wouldn’t. Gawd! I don’t get you! The poor woman was squirming and crying underneath you… You are lucky I don’t put you in the ground right now.”

“What’s stoppin’ you?” Max snapped in return. “Come on… I can take you.”


“Dad, I can’t do this anymore!” Dennis threw his hands in the air. “You are sick. You are a sick, sick man. You disgust me. The things you do to mom. The things you were doing to that woman. The things you did to Rachel.” His voice softened at the mention of his sister-in-law.

“Ah ha!” Max screeched. “You don’t think I dunno what you want? That black piece of trash? I’m not dumb or naive neither.”

“Don’t talk like that, Dad!” Dennis growled. “You don’t… don’t you talk like that!”

“I’ll talk howe’er I like,” Max retorted. “Besides… you want ‘er…I know it. I think she done want you too… so I can… come to some kinda arrangement… you don’t talk about my Penney and I will get that woman you fancy to sleep with you.”

Dennis shoved his dad against the bookcase, and Max doubled over grabbing his knees, wheezing. He looked up at his son, grinning triumphantly as if he just won a race. Dennis socked him in the jaw for spite.

“This proves it!” he declared, wiping his lip.

“I know your secrets, son… I know what you want… and I think I can arrange for somethin’ if you give me somethin’ in return…”

“Keep you sick deals, you bastard!” Dennis snarled.

“Well, then…” Max dusted his hands and smirked. “You know that fool wife’uh’yours isn’t gonna do nothin’ ’bout it. Hell… she got ‘erself locked up in the looney bin…”

“Dad!” Dennis cut him off. “Rehab.”

“Same diff…” Max shrugged. “Silver don’t want you… that’s fo’shure… so why don’cha do somethin’ ’bout that there your brother’s wife?”

Dennis glowered.

“Maybe I’ll take ‘er for myself… that bastard brother of yours ain’t gonna do nothin’ about it neither… hell… the fool of a boy is messing around with a dude..” Max spit on the ground. “He’s the one who’s disgusting.”

Dennis arched a brow in shock. His brother was cheating on Rachel with a man?

“Yeah… I fancy myself violating that little thing… I mean she has it comin’… thinkin’ she belong to this family and whatnot… yeah… I’ll wipe that smug ass and then ground her for good.”

Dennis lunged forward and threw his hands around his father’s neck and began choking him. He could feel the power flowing through his veins and his father, despite his strength and musculature, was no true match for his son. Max grabbed wildly at Dennis’ hands and let out a weak chuckle as he witnessed the venom in his son’s eyes. The two struggled around the edge of the bed as Max grabbed for anything to get some leverage on the younger man.


Suddenly, Marigold burst into the room, letting out a high piercing shrill, and tackled her husband, separating father and son. The still-naked Max was caught off guard as his wife, still dressed in her hospital gown and bandages, shoved him back against the bed.

“No!” she yelled. “This is my fight, Dennis! Let me finish him!”

Dennis tugged on his mother’s arm and tried to separate his touseling parents. Max laughed, as if enjoying himself. The sound was unnerving.

“Marigold… you’re home…” he almost sounded surprised.

“Jerk…scumbag…I won’t have you foolin’ me a’gain. You can’t bring no women home and don’t think that I know…” Marigold screeched.

“Whatever are you talkin’ about?” Max threw his hands up in the air.

“Momma,” Dennis tried to intervene, hesitantly, but Marigold blocked him with her rail-thin frame.

“You black-hearted-bastard-son-of-a-bitch-abusing-sucker-punching-louse-of-a-man!” Marigold shrieked. “No, you ain’t even a man! You’re worse than the slime of the earth… the scum-sucking measly worm… you won’t hurt me no more! No more!”

Max’s face changed from his comical expression to a look of shock and surprise as he fell against the brick chimney protruding from the bedroom floor to ceiling. The laughter died in his eyes and a cold glaze formed over his pupils. As soon as she had done it, Marigold stepped back and cried out, as if all of her faculties returned, and she was suddenly aware of what she had done.


“Oh Law’rd love a duck! What have I done?” she scrunched up her hands, pure horror crawling into every crevice of her face.

“Momma,” Dennis breathed.

He knelt, fingers pressed on his father’s carotid artery. His suspicions were confirmed – his heart beat no more. Max Racket, the elder of the family, the once indestructible leader of the Racket operations, as evil as the bastard son of the devil himself, was gone, brought down by his tiny, fierce wife.

Marigold was mewling like a terrified child or a wayward kitten. He had never seen her look so frail. Dennis rose to his feet again.

“Momma, it’s okay,” he soothed, patting his mother’s back.


“Why does he look so strange?” Marigold croaked.

“He’s dead,” Dennis mouthed, but no audible sound exited his throat.

It was unbelievable.

Dennis cleared his throat.

“It’s over.”

The finality of his words sounded so odd. His dad looked vulnerable, old, lying on the floor. Naked he came from his mother’s womb and naked he left this world. Max Eugene Racket would never harm another soul again.

9 thoughts on “1.57 End of the Line (CFT)

  1. This was intense! I was on the edge of my seat by the end. Go Dennis! And go Marigold! Though poor Marigold for possibly getting traumatised about killing her husband… But man, Max really had it coming. What a bastard. I hope these people can be a bit more free now… but I also think that there’ll be different kinds of trouble after this. Not to mention all the emotional scars.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, these last few chapters have been intense for me. Marigold is pretty traumatized. After being a victim for most of her life (though she had victims of her own), this experience has been traumatic for her (as it would be for any human, regardless of how vile the person was). We’ll see what the future holds. Thanks for reading, RipuAncestor.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. About darn time…although Marigold was quite a ‘character’ herself, but Max was the biggest cause of her,and everyone else’s problems. Another scumbag bites the dirt…yay! Follow-up should get interesting! I wonder if Dennis is going to take the blame with the cops. Hmmm.


    • Yeah, Max needed to be eliminated. I thought death at the hand of Marigold was poetic justice in a way. We’ll see what happens with the future of the Racket family. Thanks for reading, Marjorie. 🙂


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