Interlude: Bad Choices (Ayesha)

Warning: This chapter contains adult content, including a sex scene. This is a pictureless chapter. 

Things couldn’t be worse. Ayesha Ansari strolled down the streets of Sunset Valley a little too leisurely if she was to arrive at work on time, but she didn’t care. In fact, she decided right then and there she was going to play hooky. After all, she didn’t really want to cover for her co-worker and boss’s son, Torgo. He had won tickets to Llamapalooza and had taken off for God-only-knows-where after barely waiting for her to begrudgingly agree.

Ayesha was certain she wasn’t cut out for a delivery job anyhow so she wasn’t planning to stick around Pendragon’s Pizza much longer. It was just a stupid temporary job to pay her parents back. She still refused to pay for a campus parking pass.

Over the summer, her car had been towed four times. Her parents paid to retrieve the vehicle from the impound lot, but then insisted she pay them back. It was humiliating. No one else in her sorority at Sunset U needed a job. But her parents demanded Ayesha exercise responsibility. Luther Pendragon, Torgo’s dad, was the only person in town willing to give her a job despite her lack of experience.

Today of all days she didn’t want to go into work. It was a Friday… Black Friday… busiest shopping day of the year. But she wasn’t upset because she couldn’t go shopping today though some new makeup from Simphora at the Sun Valley Mall might cheer her up.

Every Friday at eleven-thirty-two exactly a certain science major from Sunset U would call and place an order for ten extra-large, extra-hot, extra-cheesy pepperoni pizza. And every Friday, Ayesha would take the order and would inevitably drive out to Urele-Wan-Mi Helsimi House to deliver said pizza. It began with harmless flirting and a nice chunk of change from the ever grateful frat boys, but Ayesha quickly learned that Nate Morita, said science nerd who would place the orders, had more “extra large” things than just tips. His extra-large hands were exceptionally good on… well… just about anywhere on Ayesha’s body.

They had been going out for weeks, since school started, and things had stayed hot and heavy. Ayesha would admit she probably replied a little too eagerly to regular midnight booty calls, but she blamed the Short Island Iced Teas. Chemistry majors sure knew how to mix the right stuff for the best juice. Ayesha had overslept a few too many tests thanks to her romps in the sheets with her new boyfriend, Nate. And she wasn’t the only one in bed with her beau.

Around midnight, she discovered him cheating on her with petite perky Jane March, another science major. Nate explained to her that things were over between them and it was fun while it lasted but they were both ready to move on. He assumed. She hadn’t felt that way. He stood there, zipping up his jeans, saying it nonchalantly as if he told her he just brushed his teeth.

Ayesha had angrily stormed out of the fraternity house and walked all night until she dropped on a bench in Maywood Glen out of sheer exhaustion. Then when she woke up this morning, she resumed walking again. Walking. Walking. Walking. It wasn’t like she was going anywhere in particular. She was just pissed and walking seemed like the best way to deal.

She felt a tear slip down her cheek. It wasn’t like she really cared about Nate. It had always been about the sex. Still, the sting of the betrayal still smarted, and she hated the fact that she had been played. And that the carefree nature of their encounters may have cost her more than a lousy job and a grade or two.

If it was true, if she truly had missed her period for the reason she think she did, her parents would kill her. Her brother would kill her. Her father would kill her. Her mother would… well, she would be so disappointed. And Ayesha doubted Nate was the kind of guy to step it up if the occasion called for such a thing. She wondered if Miss Perky Pink-Bra would stick around if Ayesha announced her latest little surprise, but she doubted it. Cheats rarely cared about the outcome of their affairs.

Ayesha had made some bad choices in her lifetime, but this one would certainly take the cake and probably eat it too. She could give up on school altogether, not that she was really enjoying it anyhow. She was attending to please her parents and the sorority lifestyle had its perks. But the Helsimi House probably wouldn’t let her stay if she started showing and she’d be back at her parents. That’s if they took her back.

Ayesha collapsed on a bench outside Wilsonoff Community Theater, rubbing her calves. She was sore from walking however long she had been walking. The hours on the pavement caused her muscles to throb. A wave of dizziness momentarily overcame her, and she dropped her head back over the edge of the bench.

Oh llamas! Is this what this is gonna feel like for the next nine months? she wondered in horror. She closed her eyes, grateful she felt no bile in her throat. She decided this wasn’t related to what might or might not be growing in her stomach, but because of what she walked in on last night. Ayesha may have been one for questionable morals, but she simply couldn’t tolerate cheating. It was the worst kind of betrayal. The one that left someone sick to their stomach.

That’s it, Ayesha, breathe, breathe… she exhaled and gave herself an internal pep talk. That’s all this is. You aren’t… 

“Am I interrupting you?”

Ayesha started, whipping her gaze forward to a large hairy looking man. He smiled at her, not the kind of pleasant polite smile you normally give a stranger, but a sort-of casual grin, the kind of grin that was sexy without even trying. He draped his arm casually over the edge of the bench, and shoved his free hand in his pocket. Ayesha felt her body temperature rising just looking at the man. He was like out of a page of an Abersimbie and Witch catalog.

This could play two ways. She could tell him to bug off and mourn her loss alone, or she could smile back and hope for a few moments of distraction from her miserable day. What was a little harmless flirting! she decided. After all, Mark had pretty much dumped her in a terrible way. She deserved… she eyed the stranger up and down… something… she nearly smirked.

“Just my daydreams,” she replied. “But looks like reality is much more attractive right now.”

He laughed with ease, and she laughed too, already feeling better about herself.

“What brings you to town, traveler?” she inquired.

His green eyes flickered in the sunlight. “What makes you think I’m a traveler?”

“Well, um… it’s Sunset Valley, we may be the capitol of Califorsimia, but we’re not huge… let me guess… surfer?” she guessed.

His arm dropped down to his side and casually brushed hers, causing her hair to tingle pleasurably. “No, but I’d be willing to catch a wave if you are.”

Did he just wink at me? Ayesha found herself pleased.

He leaned closer, and she could feel his minty fresh breath on her face. “And I bet you know where all the best spots are.”

“Yes,” she giggled, unable to help herself. “I do… but this isn’t the greatest time of year for surfing… cold waters… high waves… Another time?”

“Sure, we can rain check,” he grinned. “This girl I know says wind surfing here is great so I’ll definitely have to try it sometime.”

“Girl you know?” Ayesha tilted her head, wondering if he had a girlfriend and just wasn’t willing to say it. “Does she live around here?”

“Actually, yes, she does, but I haven’t been able to find her,” he responded.

Ayesha breathed an internal sigh of relief. Can’t find her? Good sign. Probably not girlfriend. Room to play. She straightened on the bench. She would need to know a little more first.

“So this girl you know… is she the one who brings you to town?”

“Yes and no. I’ve been wanting to see Sunset Valley for awhile now. I’m told this place has good surfing, but since this isn’t a good time of year…” he leaned forward, his green eyes peeking out from behind his shades. “…perhaps you can tell me what else you do for fun around here?”

“Oh, fun is my middle name.”

“Then I found the right woman.”

Ayesha smiled. The difference between “girl I know” and “woman” didn’t escape her notice.

“The pier has some good eats and dancing if that’s your thing, or there’s the Simpanese Tea Gardens up on the hill. Central Park has an autumn festival going on too,” she shrugged. “Mostly for the kids, but it could be fun.” She glanced over her shoulder. “I was about to catch a matinee… finally a decent action movie is showing today…”

“You like action?” he inquired innocently, but she perked at the words.

You bet I like action, honey… she thought, picturing this kind of man in her arms. Something about this man screamed ‘delectable delights.’ Ayesha couldn’t help herself as she leaned a little closer. Snapping out of her brief reverie, she continued.

“You bet,” she figured that was a safer answer.

“Matinee it is,” he stood up, offering her his hand.

She readily accepted, enjoying the power of his grip. “What about that… girl… you know?”

“Apparently she’s not in town,” he replied casually, offering Ayesha his arm. “Her loss.”

This answer seemed to satisfy her. They strolled to the ticket booth. The stranger paid. Once inside, he purchased two hot dogs with all the works and beer floats. It was only mid-day, but she didn’t complain. She barely tasted the alcohol in the chocolate stout, she noted bemused as she took a sip. They found their seats, in back, with relative ease. For a Friday afternoon in Sunset Valley, the theater was surprisingly empty, only a few older adults and a teen couple ditching school.

Ayesha settled into her plush velvet chair, and took another sip of the beer float. She enjoyed the chocolatey aftertaste and the foam felt good on her throat. She hadn’t realized how parched she was. Beer was probably not the best choice for hydration, but he had paid for it so she would finish it.

As previews began, the lights dimmed and he leaned closer. The first preview was of some inane duck cartoon for kids, and Ayesha couldn’t help but shake her head. He moved closer, his arm resting on hers. She glanced at him, and for a moment, he stared deeply into her eyes and it felt like the world had frozen. The music from the cartoon droned in the background, gradually slowing down and sounding strangely deeper.

“What?” she whispered.

He grinned. “You have a foam mustache,” he said quietly.

“What? I do?” she instinctively touched her face.

“Here. Let me help you with that.”

He gently brushed the foam from her mouth, and then hovered above her lips. She trembled, overcome with the strange desire to be kissed by a man she met only a mere half-hour before. He must’ve read her mind because his mouth was suddenly on hers.

Ayesha didn’t remember much of the movie. A car chase. An explosion or two. Some fancy guns. Between the beer float and the kisses, she was pretty occupied. After the movie, they exited the theater and he asked her what else she would like to do. She was feeling lightheaded. From the inebriation or the tonsil-hockey, she couldn’t tell. He accompanied her across the street to the autumn festival. They purchased water bottles from a vendor and wandered through a pumpkin patch filled with excited kids trying to get the last pumpkins of the season.

He purchased tickets and they went in the haunted house. He held her hand, and she felt like she was on the top of the world. The silly ghosts and painted-faced zombies that jumped out at them didn’t really phase her, but she didn’t really go into the haunted house to be scared. They found an even darker corner, a stairwell for employees, she thought. The haunted house track of pre-recorded witch cackles and ridiculous “mwahahas” in altered deep voices played in the background. It wasn’t the soundtrack she would’ve chosen, but it didn’t really matter. He had already pulled her top over her head revealing her braless figure. She had forgotten she hadn’t worn any underwear beneath her clothes when she went to meet Nate over fifteen hours ago.

Her new companion was pleasantly surprised. This was the only time she could remember actually wanted to be groped in the “boo house.” He eagerly obliged, and she felt her head roll back against the wall and moaned with pleasure. He removed his own shirt and she ran her fingers through the thick carpet of hair on his chest, his arms, his hands, and trailed lower to his belt buckle.

This was what this is supposed to feel like, she decided. Her mind was caught in a hurricane of thoughts. It didn’t matter if she had broken up with Nate less than twenty-four hours before. It didn’t matter that she was late. It didn’t matter that Nate may have given her something more than what she expected. It didn’t matter that after this night she’d probably never see this new guy again. It didn’t matter that she caught Nate cheating. She had traded up.

Ayesha glanced down at her new partner. Traded up big time, she grinned, feeling him between her upper thighs. He slid higher and she succumbed, tearing her fingers down his chest as they reached the pinnacle of ecstasy. Her nails must have drawn blood because he temporarily writhed and arched his back. He dropped his head back to face her, a sliver of the full moon shining through the boarded up walls, catching his face. His emerald green eyes shone almost like a beacon of hope at the end of a twisted yellow brick road of bad choices. Hell, he’s probably another one of them, but damn! I don’t care! 

He ran his fingers over the tiny beads of blood on his chest, and then licked his forefinger slowly and seductively. Tracing patterns with his forefingers, he trailed across her neck, his nails scraping the edge of her skin. He lowered his mouth, and she felt nails replaced with teeth, just barely scratching the surface. The sensation was odd, but intriguing. She felt her whole body grow numb with anticipation. His teeth nicked her flesh and she flinched, but then felt oddly soothed as she could almost sense the blood leaving her body. She was bound to this man now… a man she barely knew… a man whose name she didn’t even know.

A wolf on the soundtrack howled, and she felt him stiffen against her. His back arched and he made a low guttural growl. She was oddly aroused by the strange sound. He leaned forward, his lips on her neck, on her face, on her body. They were kissing, petting, panting, exploring. Her nerves were on fire. She felt him nibbling at her ears, and she sighed, leaning into his perspiring naked body. His arms wrapped around her a sweaty embrace. Ayesha shook her head.

“Unbelievable,” she gasped.

“You… were…” he braced against the wall, as his jaw dropped open. “…thank you.”

No one had ever thanked her before. She felt strangely honored among the euphoria.

“I don’t even know your name,” she whispered.

He moved to look deeply into her eyes, and she felt shock waves of intense pleasure sail through her body with just a glance.

“I don’t know yours either.”

“Touche,” she laughed shakily, still overwhelmed by everything that happened, as she began pulling her shirt back over her head. “Ayesha…”

“Billy…” he replied, sliding into his jeans. “Bill.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said, slipping into her panties. “Thanks.”

It felt silly and like an afterthought, but she wanted to say it. She wanted to thank him for the best lovemaking she had ever experienced.

He lifted her hand to his lips and sucked her pinky before kissing her ring finger and then the rest. “Nice to meet you too.”

The sounds of someone on the stairwell caused Ayesha to start and she frantically finished getting dressed. They wandered back through the house, Bill’s arm draped around her neck. When they stepped back into the outside, the light from the full moon seemed incredibly bright after the darkness of the haunted house. Bill didn’t let go of her, and she was glad. She wasn’t ready to let him escape just yet.

“There’s a party at my sorority tonight. You could come,” she invited casually.

Ayesha, you are so bad! she thought gleefully, knowing full well Mark would probably be there… possibly even Jane. She couldn’t make much worse decisions after having sex with a stranger in the kids haunted house.

“If you’d like,” he replied smoothly.

They walked hand-in-hand to the college campus, sneaking an occasional kiss, ear nibble, and quick caress over places they probably shouldn’t in public. He told her he was an artist, a painter, primarily, but also recently had gotten into sculpting. That explains the hands, Ayesha thought cheerfully. Upon arriving at her house, her sorority sisters swarmed, wanting to know all about the new guy. Ayesha told what little she knew, but left out the part about how long she had known him. They didn’t need to know.

Someone handed her a shot and before she knew it, she was sipping tequila off of her new man’s bare chest. One shot. Two shot. Three shot. She lost count. The limes. The salt. The alcohol. She laughed. She danced. She was grinding her hips against him. Her head was swimming, but she didn’t care. This was the best night of her life. And the best night of her life needed a call to her best friend. Ayesha didn’t even remember dialing.

She did remember the aftermath.

The cold tone of a best friend in complete shock.

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

Billy or Bill took the phone from her hands and hung up for her. He kept her from falling, but she was throwing up like everything in her needed to come out. Bent over. In the bushes. Puking her guts out. Bill had his arm around her back. At least she thought it was Bill. He didn’t leave her. He couldn’t do that. Could he?

That’s when she saw the blood.

Before she lost consciousness, Ayesha knew, she somehow knew, crystal clear in her mind, tomorrow she would have to deal with her very bad choices.

Author’s Note:

Okay, first of all, originally, I was planning to post this chapter with pictures, and it just didn’t work out in game. Then the chapter wrote itself and I decided to publish without the pictures.

Secondly, thank you to CitizenErased14 for generously letting me borrow Llamapalooza. I said one day I’d use the reference in one of my stories and now I have. I know Llamapalooza is based on Lollapalooza, a music festival in Chicago every summer, however, it’s around Thanksgiving in my story here. Llamapalooza is originally referenced in Chapter 4 of CitizenErased14’s Dust to Dust. Great story. If you get a chance… read it!

Yes, yes, Luther Pendragon…a play on Uther Pendragon, “chief dragon” in Arthurian legend.  His son is Torgo and he owns Pendragon’s Pizza in Sunset Valley. Luther means “soldier of the people…” yes, I included this because I love the meaning behind names.

Simphora is a play of Sephora, the major cosmetics retailer. A Short Island Iced Tea is a play on a Long Island Iced Tea. Helsimi House is my Simworld version of a Greek house. Abersimbie and Witch is a play on Abercrombie and Fitch, and caters to witches. Nate Morita and Jane March are base-game Sims, science nerds in the Valley.

Now you know what happened from Ayesha’s perspective. Hope you enjoyed.


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