Letter #1: Greetings (Sully) [LFL]

To: elizabeth.s@mselementaryletterexchange.edu 

From: sully.s.@gselementaryletterexchange.edu

Subject: Greetings

Greetings Lizzie,

I do not care if you call me Arpeggio. It is nice to have a nickname. I did get both of your letters. I do not mind having a girl for a pen pal.

I look like me. Brown hair. Green eyes. Pale skin, though I was once blue-skinned. Ten fingers. Ten toes. I counted this morning. They are all still there.

I live in the colony at Moon Base Charlie. We are one of a few colonies on the moon outside Lunar Lakes. Most of the colonies are for the Simterran military. Some civilians live here like my family. My dad works for the military as an engineer. That is why we can live here.

There are always frozen ice pebbles falling from the sky here. I do not like rain. I like sunshine.

I do not know what you mean by BOYS. Do you know what I mean by GIRLS? Boys are not dramatic. Boys are weird. My little brother is weird. Michael is his name. Is your brother Logan weird? I am told boys do not like hugs.

I do not know if girls like hugs. I guess you do. I do think grown up girls like hugs. Our babysitter goes to the Mare Cognitum University in Lunar Lakes. She smells nice like strawberry ice cream, and like you do, she has red hair. She likes hugs. She is funny and tells joke bundles. Her name is Rene Sweet. I think that is why she likes to bring me candy gummies.

Mary is an nice name. My neighbor is named Mary. She delivers our newspapers in the mornings. She has a bow in her hair. Her bow is purple like grapes. We only get grapes delivered here in the summer. They are sweet and juicy and plump.

I do not think Mary’s bow would taste sweet and juicy and it is not plump. I tried to pull the bow out of her hair once when we played tag. She did not deliver our paper for two whole days. She was mad, I think. I just wanted to know if it tasted like grapes.

Blue is my favorite color, like the blue surrounding the hot white sun. The sun looks far away. I am told the star is hot, but it is hard to imagine with it so far away, but the blue looks cool.

The blue is a cool blue like that of the toilet bowl water. The seat and bowl are a pale white-yellow like the sun so it would seem the sun is drinking in the sky. We do not have a warm sun on the world where I have been. I like the sun of this world. I hear the sun on Simterra is even warmer. That seems hard to believe. I have never known a real warm sun. I imagine the sun does not drink in the sky there with a large white straw, but rather the sky roams free like the water when it overflows from the toilet.

My mom is not pleased.

I wonder if the sky swirls there like the water in the toilet or the water in the sink. I think about the water when I wash my hands. I let my fingers play and swish in the water sometimes, even though we’re not to do that. When we do have plenty of water, I like to take baths and go on submarine adventures. I imagine I am sailing through the waters of a deep ocean on Simterra and scouting out good places to eat.

Our water is rationed on Luna. That means it is scarce. We do not have fresh sources. The water is shipped here to us. Sometimes they shut off our water.  I miss it. I like the draw swirlies in the water with my fingers. I like to dip in the cool. I would like to see the blue of the sea, the fresh water on Simterra. I think I would like it absolutely much. I have seen it in pictures only.

Also, I like the blue of the sudden arrival of electrical storms. My dad says it is related to something called electromagnetic energy (I had to look it up to spell it correctly). Sometimes we have surges here on Luna. I think it is cool, the way the lines crackle and pop and spiral like spider-webs. Yes, we have spiders here on Luna. Spiders are not bugs. These light energy beams are not spiders or webs but they look like tangled weaves of electricity.

Dad says not to touch them as the sparks might hurt me.  Dad says I cannot go outside during an electrical storm. We would get hurt. I do not know. Sometimes I want to be inside one of these spiral-y webs of cool blue light. I wonder where they come from and where they are going.

I like bread. Buttermilk bread with raspberry jam is my favorite, the kind with the seeds.

I like to try and spit the seeds at my little brother. I like all kinds of bread.

My dad’s mom, my grandmama lives in Simtannica on your planet. She sends my mom a pound of scone mix every few months or so. I have never met her, but her scone mix is yum-filling.

Mom bakes them with raisins. The scones sit on a silver tray in the kitchen watching the road waiting for me to come home from school. A snack after school like scones tastes good with milk.

Refrigerator – that is how you spell it. I think cookies make me feel better too when they are in my stomach. It was nice you played with your brother and made cookies.

I like blueberry pie too. The berries are blue and hot and bubble over the crust edges. Sometimes Mom makes blueberry pie and we can eat it for dessert after dinner. I wonder what grapes in pie would taste like.

Mom fills her cup with coffee, some kind called decaf, and Dad’s too. Mine is filled with hot cocoa and whipped cream, but I like to pretend it is grown-up drink like coffee. Michael is too little for pie.

My brother does not like his milk. He spills it everywhere like he spills all his food. Sometimes the flies buzz around. Where do flies come from on Luna? I do not know. I thought we did not have bugs here. My brother watches the bugs with big bug eyes and tries to swat at them with chubby fingers and eat them with the same fingers that pick his nose.

I think my favorite holiday is called Christmas when we exchange presents. I like flying. Last year I got a biplane for Christmas. Mom got it for me. I like planes. She knows.  Dad got a special string and hung it in my room above my bed. I like to look at it and I think about flying high above the ground someday. I would like to fly a fighter jet. I flew once before but no one believes me. They say maybe in a past life. I dunno.

Maybe even in a rocket ship. There is one near our house. It is called an antique. It is because it is no longer flyable. But it is still cool to look at sometimes at the old rocket station.

I like to play video games. Dad got me the Maxoid Game Simulator 2 1/2 for Christmas last year. He said I was old enough to play. We like to play Xtreme Racing on Saturdays and sometimes on Sunday afternoons when Michael takes a nap in his swing and Mom cleans up from Sunday lunch after church.

We like to race in Vice City. I think that is a city on Simterra. It looks cool. Maybe I will visit there someday and visit my grandmama in Simtannica. Sometimes the controller does not work. Dad has to hit it to get it to life again. Or we need to get batteries.

Sometimes our cars crash into each other and the metals are shredded. It sounds crazy and shrieks. I do not think I would like to crash in an actual car.

I like to type on the computer. If we can write in gibberish, then skajwpowohzeckzees normbahtoeeenah. I do my homework on the computer sometimes. I like to game on the computer also.

I play a game of strategy called chess. Do you know it? I have beaten every opponent I ever played. Not even Mary can beat me.

She always calls me if it is before 9 o’clock to talk to me about chess and how she tries to win. Dad lets me use his cell phone.

Yes, my mom and dad argue sometimes. Usually it is because Dad forgot something, for example,

taking out the trash,

putting Michael to bed too late,

giving Mom plenty of smooches, or he came home late.

He makes up for it by clipping her coupons or printing coupons for the spa. Mom likes the spa. She likes to get something like a facial. I think it is a mask they put on your face with all kinds of goop and slices of fruit. She says it feels good. I do not know. I would not want goop or fruit on my face.

Or Dad gets Mom a box of chocolates from the Mare Nectaris Nectary. They soak the chocolates in nectar and wrap it in a fancy white box with a red ribbon. That always makes her happy.

My favorite food is hot dogs. I like hot dogs much more than grapes, but maybe not more than candy gummies. I like when my Mom makes hot dogs for dinner.

She opens the package and gets the honey wheat buns. She puts out mustard and chops red onions that make her tear up and cry more than when she watches her soapy soap operas during the day while Michael takes a nap. She gets out the spicy green chile sauce and the canned pickles that are so fat and sit in a yucky smelling juice. I do not like green chile sauce or pickles in smelly juice on my hot dogs.

I think your mom probably likes to work. My mom does not work. She works at the house.

She does the dishes.

She takes care of the baby.

She mops the floor.

She makes our meals. She likes to be home. Not all moms are like that, I am told.

Septer has a c. I think you meant supervise. I like your stories. Now I answered all your questions and a few of your statements. You had a lot. That is okay.

I do not mind a lot of reading. I like to read. Do you like comics? Those are my favorite thing to read. I  like Superman comics and I like Gumshoe Samurai. I know about Simmie the Pooh, but I prefer Superman. I also like Jimmy Sprocket books. He has great adventures. I just saved up enough money to buy Altruistic Squad International at the general store. I have heard that towns on Simterra have comic book stores. I wish I could go to one. We do not have any here on the moon so I must wait for episodes to reach Lunar Lakes and then for them to be shipped here to Moon Base Charlie II.

That is all for now,

Sully a.k.a. Your Arpeggio.

P.S. I did not finish my other homework because I wrote you a long letter. I think I will get in trouble.

Author Note: I hope you enjoyed this long overdue letter from Sully or Arpeggio. He lives on Moon Base Charlie II, a beautiful world by Rflong7. You can read more about the world here. I renamed a few of the places around town to make them more moon-like.

  • i.e. Mare Cognitum University is located in Lunar Lakes also on Luna, and is named for the Mare Cognitum on the moon. The name means “sea that has become known” which I thought was fitting for a university, right?
  • i.e. Mare Nectaris Nectary is named for the Mare Nectaris on the moon, which means “Sea of Nectar,” of course. And they sell chocolates too. 🙂

In case you have forgotten, Simterra is the name of my Simworld out in an unknown star system somewhere in our galaxy. Luna is their moon, and it does have an atmosphere. Superman does exist in this universe. Simtannica is my Simworld Great Britain, hence the scones. Vice City is located in Florsimdia planetside. Vice City is a world created by Fresh Prince Creations. You can read about it here and download here.

In case you are wondering, yes, this is the same ARP-O701X. He lives in human form now with a human family although he is still an Orbix. How does that work? Well, you’ll find out in future chapters. Let’s just say for now the extraterrestrial was adopted. If you missed previous chapters, you can click here to read them.

5 thoughts on “Letter #1: Greetings (Sully) [LFL]

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  2. What a kid!! You have a great imagination, and I feel you must have raised a boy or had a brother. I’ve done both, and he sure sounds like a typical boy in many ways. Very cute and interesting…now I have to go back and get caught up! =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi babay_j, thank you so much for reading. I’m so glad I captured the authentic voice of a boy. I’ve worked in child care and I’ve lived in a house full of men for the past 5 years so I tried to hone in on their voices when creating Arp/Sully. I’m glad you enjoyed.

      Liked by 1 person

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