1.2 Welcome Home (ALOW)

There is no need to feel sorry for myself, Jenara thought as she wandered through her childhood home. She was grateful to her aunt for this generous gift. She could make a home here. She knew it. It would take some doing. Thank goodness Jenara’s favorite color was the same as her mother’s. Otherwise the red decor would be incredibly off-putting.

Jenara stepped into the dining room, already feeling more lighthearted. This would be a fun project to tackle. She was certain she could make things work. She would make her parents proud and take care of their home and raise a family here, having the children they were unable to have, and continuing on the Yearling legacy. Something about the prospect of little ones filling the home with laughter and messes put a bounce in her step.

Pressing her fingers to the glass, Jenara recalled many a messy mealtime. Pasta was a family fave. She could almost smell the herbs and garlic. Ma never seemed to mind cleaning the smudges of fingerprints and red sauce on the impractical glass table. If her parents could raise a little girl with a glass table, Jenara would too.

What’s this? 

She noticed a piece of paper with a fancy looking letterhead in the center of the dining room table. Leaning forward, she picked up the letter and read…

Dear Miss Yearling, if you are reading this, then you received my keys in the mail and are settling into your new old home. If you need anything, do not hesitate to call my firm. We can schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to go over the details of the estate. 


J. R. S., Attorney-at-Law

P.S. I hope your favorite ice cream is still dark cherry. I thought you could use a welcome home present. You’ll find a container in your freezer. 

Jenara gasped in surprise. How thoughtful. She slipped out of her shoes, grateful to feel the ground beneath her, and walked into the kitchen, already feeling at home. The dessert was right where she expected it to be. Jenara poked through the cupboards, collecting a spoon, bowl, and ice cream scoop. It didn’t matter that it was before eleven in the morning. She was going to eat her welcome home present and enjoy every minute of it.

Carrying her ice cream into the living room, she found herself wondering about this J.R.S. person. Auntie’s attorney, but the letter implied a certain familiarity. Was it someone who knew me as a child? Turning on the television, she was pleased to find the cable connected. After channel surfing for a few minutes, she settled into the tan and red leather couch as she decided to watch a romantic comedy on television.

Two-and-a-half hours later, Jenara had laughed and cried and cheered as the main characters found happiness after two career changes, some brain damage, and a move across the world, proving once again love conquers all. She didn’t care if it was sappy as the movie couple kissed the perfect kiss. Perhaps that would be her someday.

This is the third post in my brand new series, A Life of Whimsy, following Jenara Yearling, my torch bearer, for an ISBI TS4 challenge. If you want to learn more about my plans, click HERE. Hope you enjoyed!

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