1.3 Passing Time (ALOW)

After a late lunch, Jenara settled into her dad’s computer in the old office. After checking her emails and bank account balance, she sent a quick email of thanks to her great aunt’s attorney and the caretaker of her family estate.


She smiled. Eva.

Jenara quickly typed a few words to her friend via chat.

TheDarlingYearling: Hey girl, I miss you. 

CapricciosaBossa: OMG! Jenara! It’s great that I caught you! I didn’t think I would with the time zone thing.

The DarlingYearling: Yes, you caught me. I’m settling into my old home. 

CapricciosaBossa: Wow… how’s that for you? 

TheDarlingYearling: Weird, but I’ll adjust. How are things in Windenburg? 

CapricciosaBossa: I headed back to Simtalia for the summer. I didn’t want to deal with the drama. 

Jenara frowned. She knew Eva meant the stuff with Jenara’s ex-boyfriend. The three of them, plus a few others, had shared a house together. After the break-up, things grew tense in the residence with the roommates picking sides. Jenara didn’t blame her friend for getting out. She had been grateful for an excuse to leave Deutchsimland also. The ladies chatted for a half-hour. Eva told her about the strange hours she was keeping at her new job as a night club assistant manager. The girl certainly had talent, and with her flair for the dramatic and design, Jenara suspected her friend would go far in the club life.

CapricciossaBossa: I’ve gotta snooze if I’m gonna be alert for my shift tonight. Keep in touch. XOXOX, girlie! 

TheDarlingYearling: Get some sleep. I will. XOXOX back attcha. 

Jenara poked around with her chat settings, killing time to see if any of her other uni mates would pop up online, but given the lateness of the hour overseas, she didn’t hear from anyone.

Closing out her chat, she loaded TheSims. Nothing like an alternate world and playing supreme commander for awhile to beat the blahs. After an hour in CAS customizing her Sim’s appearance, and another hour of wooing the boy next door, Jenara’s Sim had found love and settled into the heart-shaped hot tub for some heat and fun. Jenara clicked save in frustration. Even in an alternate reality, Sims were finding love with ease. 

Pff! she blew a tuft of brown hair out of her glasses. I’m pathetic.

She wasn’t going to make friends staying indoors and gaming all the time, despite her undying love for all things Sims. Cracking her knuckles, she leaned in her dad’s office chair and interlocked her fingers behind her head.

Think! Think! There had to be a community center around here where she could meet people, or maybe a local park. She should probably go grocery shopping. Jenara closed her eyes and began making a mental shopping list.

A throaty whistling sound interrupted her thoughts. Her eyes snapped open. Standing up, she followed the sound through the office and kitchen and into the living room. Feeling a bit like a creeper, she peered through her blinds and caught sight of one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen.

He was whistling and walking happily with a plate full of fruit cake wrapped in a crimson bow…

…and he was headed straight for her front door.

This is the fourth post in my brand new series, A Life of Whimsy, following Jenara Yearling, my torch bearer, for an ISBI TS4 challenge. If you want to learn more about my plans, click HERE. Eva Capricciosa is a TS4 Sim. And I just love that my Sims can play the Sims forever! Lol.

Hope you enjoyed!

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Next Chapter: 1.4 New Neighbors

8 thoughts on “1.3 Passing Time (ALOW)

  1. Oh , Don! I’ve seen him be very lovely in some stories! I love the innocence of fresh outta CAS Sims ! They meet everyone without knowing the back stories we’ve imposed on them!

    Liked by 1 person

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