1.6 Plant Life (ALOW)

Changing into gym clothes, Jenara decided to do some push-ups in the front yard. She figured it would give her a chance to work out her body while thinking about how she would like to landscape. She thought about some pretty rocks and a stone walkway and some lighting. She envisioned flowers blooming and bees buzzing about. Maybe she could make her own honey too. Perhaps she would take a trip to the garden center later today, if it was still downtown.

“Yoohoo!” a voice called out.

Jenara stood up and dusted off her hands as a lovely woman with braids approached.

“Hello,” she greeted.

“Hi, my name is Jasmine Holiday, and I am the official liaison between the Sims and the PlantSims in town for the photosynthesis conference,” the woman explained.

“Oh yes! I was just talking to Tara,” Jenara exclaimed. “I think it’s exciting. A liaison? What is it that you do?”

“I maintain friendly relations between the parties and coordinate their accommodations and help spread the word,” Jasmine replied. “I just saw Tara on the street and she said you’d be interested in attending.”

“Yes, but I…” Jenara laughed awkwardly. “I’m afraid I don’t know what it is that I’d be attending or doing. Maybe you can tell me.”

“Absolutely. We have guest speakers from all over the world come and speak about PlantSims, explain who and what they are, and share about their unique culture, all in an effort to build friendlier supernatural relations,” Jasmine explained. “We’re also giving Sims a chance to experience what it is like to be a PlantSim through interactive and immersive displays and events. We’d love for you to come listen to a talk, or try out our exhibits, and also invite your friends and family too.”

“Well… I don’t exactly have family, and I’m pretty new in town still,” Jenara said, adjusting her glasses. “But I am interested.”

“Also we’re looking for host families, people who can care for podlings,” Jasmine continued.

“Podlings? You mean baby PlantSims?” Jenara’s eyes widened as she realized just what Tara had left with her.

“Yes, they could grow up to be PlantSims, and they currently have an endangered status because people are not aware of these lovely living creatures when they walk around in nature. Many are crushed underfoot, or swept away by rivers because they nest or plant too close. Some are specifically targeted by hate groups. It’s really rather sad,” Jasmine explained.

“Oh that’s terrible!” Jenara explained. “Actually, Tara already gave me a pod, but I thought it was just a little piece of her…” she realized how dumb that sounded, given this was a podling. “…I mean… I didn’t realize…”

“It’s okay,” Jasmine shook her head. “Many people don’t. Wow… Tara gave you a podling? Just like that?” Her eyes grew wide.


“She must have gotten a good vibe from you. That’s quite an honor.”

“I guess, I kinda wish she had said something… so I could be prepared and all…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll send you some brochures and you can download a pamphlet about care of podlings from our website. In the meantime, I’ll get you a resting place for your pod, and any others that we send your way,” Jasmine said. “I have the stumps in my truck bed.”

“Okay,” Jenara replied.

Already she was confused and overwhelmed, but the project sounded interesting, and protecting life was a high and noble cause. She was happy to lend a hand, even if she knew nothing about plants or gardening.

And the PlantSim challenge continues… in story form. Some of these ideas, the podlings in particular, was an idea of mine for a TS3 PlantSim story I had, and I just never got around to writing. It works for this scenario so I’m keeping it in. Plus I was excited to see Jasmine Holiday wandering around the Springs. Hope you enjoyed!

Previous Chapter: 1.5 Pod 

Next Chapter: 1.7 Stumped


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