1.21 Love Bites (FRWL)

Author Note: Warning! This chapter includes mature adult content that may not be suitable for younger readers, specifically foreplay and fetishism. I have been completely tasteful with my pictures, and this content is primarily narrated in word-form. 

He had always wanted to meet a vampire. 

“Welcome to Black Swan. ”

He had always wanted to meet a vampire. A few clicks later, he had discovered a Vampiress exotic dance club. The beauty of a city. Something for everyone. 

A smile played at his lips.

“Bene. Seeker. Kink. Casear?”

Gage blinked, his eyes focused on a blonde vampiress clothed in a silver plunge blouse, a studded belted mini skirt, and heels with decorative straps climbing her legs. She was swaying erotically behind a velvet rope in a shimmering room, having caught the attention of a beefy gentleman with sideburns and a fedora. He forced himself to swing his attention back to the bartender who was asking him questions that sounded like gibberish.

The frizzy-haired gentleman in glasses appeared to have a normal skin tone, and Gage felt it was moderately safe to engage him. He wasn’t really certain what he came for, but he was going to find out.

“Um… excuse me?” Gage cleared his throat and loosened the top button of his collared shirt.

The bartender rolled his eyes as he continued to polish the inside of a glass. “Noob. Seeker.” Within a moment, he set a fiery red beverage on the counter, and plopped six red hotshot candies into the liquid. “You signed a waiver, right?”

“But I didn’t order anything,” Gage protested.

“Trust me,” the bartender replied, suavely. “You need this to start. It’s called Dark Energies. It opens up your mind to possibilities. Come back later and order a Black Mood. This will help you feel more relaxed and open for feeding when the ladies start coming onto you…” he glanced over at the dancer who had caught Gage’s attention once more. “And when you’re ready for a refresher, ask for Ectoplasmic Residue.” The man winked and sized Gage up and down. “So you don’t end up anemic.”

“Uh…” Gage swallowed hard. “Oh…okay.” He picked up the glass and took a sip.

The liquid burned his throat, but had a pleasant grape aftertaste, like wine, but much stronger. He engulfed the remaining drink and wiped his mouth, as if to prove he was in the game.

The bartender laughed coarsely. “Feel free to look around, Bene, now that you’ve been initiated.”

Gage wandered to the left, having already seen the dancer dressed in silver. He had learned her name was Silver Succubus, and she was known for having a slippery tongue. He wasn’t quite sure he was ready for something that intense. He found a dark-haired vampiress, clad in a leather collar, her dress wrapped in belts.

“What’s your flavor, Bene?” the lady eyed him saucily, placing her hands on her hips and pumping her chest forward for his viewing pleasure. “I’m black licorice.”

Bene?” he repeated, and shook his head, gesturing to himself. “No, my name is Gage.”

She giggled, and licked her lips. “Come back when I’m the preferred flavor of the month, Bene.”

Gage continued to make the rounds, and then settled back at the bar. What am I doing here? 

“Failed already?” the bartender taunted. “Couldn’t find a flavor you liked out of all these goddesses?”

“Perhaps because this Bene hasn’t met the right goddess yet,” a sultry voice from behind him spoke.

Gage glanced over, his eyes falling upon a red-haired vampiress, with curls falling softly around her neck and shoulders. Her fire-engine red leather dress plummeted down her chest, revealing the supple edges of her breasts, the dress held only together by three strategically placed diamond pins. Her sky blue eyeshadow, rose blush, and cherry red lips were a stark contrast to her ashen skin. Gage caught his breath. There was something about her piercing blue eyes that swallowed him in an ocean whole and made him want to know this exotic beauty even more.

“I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Cerise,” the bartender saluted the woman with his index and middle finger before walking away to attend to another guest.

“Cerise Rose,” the woman offered one hand to shake, and with the other, she reached and patted the bulge in his jeans.

“Um… uh…” he stammered, his cheeks flooding with heat, unsure of how to respond.

“Just checking out your package,” she grinned. “So I can make sure you can handle me, Bene.”

His face darkened a few shades of red. “Um… Gage… Gage Briody…” he squeaked.

“Gage? Oh… I like the name Gage…” she purred, and ran her tongue ever so slightly across her lower lip, moistening her mouth. “In archaic times, a gage was a valued object deposited as a sign of good faith.”

He felt simultaneously aroused and discomforted as her eyes swept over his persona as if he were a slab of rare steaks at a meat market.

“I can tell…” she leaned and whispered in his ear, her tongue flicking his right lobe. “…you, Bene, will be a faithful and valuable addition to my evening.”  She snapped her fingers and whistled for the bartender. “This one’s whet my whistle, and now we’re in need of refreshments.” She dramatically dragged a finger from her chin down her throat. “I’m certainly parched…” she glanced coyly at Gage. “…aren’t you?”
He gulped, feeling a growth between his legs. There was only one way to describe this vampiress – exotic beauty.

Cerise ordered two glasses of a golden beverage called ambrosia, and pulled Gage out onto the floor once more. Escorting him around the room, she narrated in between sips of her drink. A seeker was someone who was new to the vampire scene. A kink was just what it sounded like – someone who wanted sexual attention from the blooddrinkers.

“A Casear… well…” she fluttered her long dark lashes, and giggled. “When in Rome…” she flicked her swizzle stick with her tongue in a tantalizing fashion. “If you can handle going all the way, Bene…”

“But my name is Gage,” he replied, bewildered. “Not Benny.”

Cerise lowered her eyes, a smile playing at her lips. “No, my dear, Gage… a Bene is short for Benefactor. You did sign the release papers, correct?”

“Yeah,” he shoved a free hand in his pocket. “Why does everyone keep asking?”

“It’s why the elders make you sign a paper. Everyone who comes in here is assumed to be a benefactor…”

Gage stared blankly at the woman.

“…a donor…” she said, and then made a gruesome face, changing her tone to an odd and gravely pitch. “…me wants… to… suck… your… blood.”

Gage’s eyes widened in horror.

Cerise’s expression softened into a smile, and she purred, “You are so gullible, Gage.”

“So I’m going to let you feed on me?” Gage said, uncertainty in his tone.

Cerise took his hands, gently massaging his skin with her thumbs and forefingers. “It’s not quite like that. When you’re ready, I’m here to help make your first bloodletting experience memorable and mesmerizing. Trust me. You’ll want more.”

“Okay, if you say so,” he replied, still feeling weird about the whole thing.

“I’m a professional,” she purred, moving her fingers to the small of his back. “I won’t do anything without your consent.” She ran the back of her fingers along his cheeks, wrapping her arms around his body, and trickling her hands down his spine.

He had a feeling this was some form of subliminal messaging, but he honestly didn’t mind. He was enjoying the attention.

“You only pay me in plasma if you feel comfortable,” she stopped when her arms were fully encircled around his waist and she stood a mere few inches away from his hips and pelvis. “That’s why the elders charge an outlandish…” she gestured to the cameras he had previously been unaware of. “…fees just to get in here… in case, we do not get our needs satiated.”

“Makes sense,” he nodded.

By his third drink, Gage was feeling much more at ease. The tension from his muscles was released, and his sexual appetite wheted. Cerise engaged him in an exotic dance, her knees swaying between his legs almost like a pendulum, her arms stretched over her head, waving to the music. He felt himself growing stiffer, feeling expectant he was going to receive some pleasure.

When he was ready, Cerise led him into a small lounge area with thick dark purple pillows on an oversized loveseat, hidden by sheer black curtains, and lit only by the flickers of candlelight from a black crystal chandelier. She kissed his neck before settling into massaging his lips with her own. Soon her tongue was fully exploring the reaches of his mouth, and he returned the favor. Cerise removed his leather jacket, and rolled up his sleeve with the acrobatics of her mouth. He found the sensation oddly erotic.

After asking for his verbal go-ahead, she lowered her head to his forearm, grazing his flesh with her teeth. He shivered, enticed by this strange practice, the ridges of her teeth tickling his skin. When she bit down, he couldn’t help but utter a cry. It almost felt like the prick of a needle, and yet instead of filling an IV tube, he was filling a vampiress’ mouth.

When she was done, she returned to an upright position, and reached for a tissue to wipe her face. He was strangely mesmerized by the sight of his blood dripping down her chin, almost as if she had consumed a quarter-pint of cherry tomatoes or juicy raspberries.

“Did you get your fill?” he asked, softly, taking the gauze she offered.

“Yes,” she gasped, pouring water from a black porcelain pitcher into a small basin in their feeding room, and washing her face.

Gage walked behind her, pulling her wrist gently, and nuzzling his nose in her hair. She smelled like hot cinnamon candies. His body felt on fire.

“Do you want more?” he asked, his voice barely audible.

She turned to face him, and he found himself lured into the serene coves of her eyes as a sailor was drawn to sirens on the cliffs.

“The elders do not like it when we take Benes outside the house,” she murmured.

“But do you?” he inquired, interlacing his fingers with the straps of her dress, caressing her skin. “Can you?”

Cerise jerked from his side, walking over to the curtain and peering through for a moment. After ensuring no one was nearby, she pulled Gage against the wall, pressing her body firmly into his own, and running her fingers across his lips.

“How hot are you?” she whispered.

He felt his internal temperature searing. “I want you,” he mouthed.

She leaned in, sucking his lip before entering his mouth and giving him one more passionate kiss. Retreating from his lips, she barely nibbled his neck, drawing a tiny bead of blood. She swiped the bead with her finger and brought it to her own mouth.

“Meet me outside after closing.”

With that, she disappeared between the opening in the curtain, fluttering away with the speed of a graceful bat. He sighed, pressing his palms back into the wall. He could hardly wait.

Author Note: Opps, I got so excited by posting this chapter, I forgot the notes… so you can see the next chapter for them.

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