1.22 Blood Play (FRWL) (NSFW)

Author Note: Warning! This chapter contains mature adult sexual content that is not suitable for younger readers. Consider this chapter 18+, Rated R. I have tried to remain tasteful with my pictures, but some material may be disturbing (due to the nature of vampirism). The language description is also more graphic than normal, as an illustration of culture and distinction from previous relationships. Exercise your own judgment. 

“This is your place?”

Gage exited the elevator into the penthouse suite of Windy City Towers. The room had a modest appearance, black and grey checkered carpet, caramel colored-walls and furnishings, four-poster bed with snakeskin sheets and drapes, and a brown leather couch facing a small entertainment stand.

“Do you like my digs?” Cerise cooed, squeezing his shoulder as she leaned in to sniff his cologne before waltzing over to the television.

He jumped with pleasure.

“You are a tease,” he smirked, seating himself on the couch.

She hovered, and he found himself gazing at her supple partially exposed breasts, and peeling off her layers with his mind.

“Background noise,” she explained. “Doesn’t matter what we watch,” she swished her hips. “Just so we don’t bother the neighbors.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he was practically drooling.

He paid very little attention to the Championne cooking show as they sipped their ambrosia. Cerise nuzzled close, draping her arm around his neck and thumbing along the zipper of his leather jacket.

“Ouch,” she gave a mock pout, when her skin grazed the metal too hard, slicing her skin.

Two tiny droplets of blood splashed his coat. Cerise pressed her right breast hard into his left arm, and he could practically feel the nipple through his many layers. She laid his hand strategically on her thigh, pushing the edge of her already short dress even higher, allowing him to feel her skin directly. She leaned around his neck and sucked the blood dripping from her finger, and he felt his body go to full alert. Arousal was imminent.

“How…how…long have you been doing this?” he murmured into her hair.

“What?” she glanced up at him coyly, giving him the perfect view straight down her dress. “Kissing you, Gage?”

He closed his eyes and swallowed. “No… I mean… um… you’re a vampire.”

“Well, yes,” she giggled.

“Full-blooded or partial?”

She leaned forward and between kisses on his neck, she added, “I was born a vampire Sim.”

“Full blood,” he managed as she reached for his groin, her fingers groping at his jeans freely. “Okay, well, the house…do all vampires belong to a house?”

“Yes,” she replied, miraculously talking between the flicks of her tongue and the licks of her lips. . “All registered vamps do. My house, the Black Swan, caters to Sims benefactors and other sups who want a taste of vamp blood. We are governed by a set of blood laws set by our houses.”

His eyes widened. “Will you… I mean… will you get in trouble for being here with me?”

“No,” she laid her hand against his body, pressing her fingers between his buttons and intertwining with his chest hairs.  “We’re more lax than the other houses on the rules. Lots of girls take home men, and the elders don’t care too much so long as everything’s consensual.”

“But the government…” he protested.

Cerise kissed him, drawing blood from his inside cheek. He flinched, surprised, but she hugged his lower abdomen to comfort his pain. Blood drizzled down her cheek and jawline. His blood. He felt dizzy.

“…the government… stays out of our business…” she remarked.

“But isn’t it like…”

She laughed, fluttering her lashes. His eyes remained fixated on the blood on her chin. “You can say it. Prostitution?” She shook her head. “Like I said…” she met his gaze with her own. “…the SimNation government stays out of our business for the most part and lets us regulate things for ourselves as long as we pay taxes and don’t participate in illegal turnings or slayings of Sims. So the houses decide if sex for payment is legal amongst themselves,” she twirled a strand of red hair around her bleeding finger, absorbing the liquid. “We’re all adults, right?” she tilted her head seductively.

“Yes,” he breathed, leaning fully into her mouth.

Gage became consumed by the vampiress, snapping her strategically placed diamond pins, and was pleasantly surprised she wasn’t wearing any lingerie. Her snowy gray skin was utter perfection. He couldn’t find a single blemish or flaw. What they said must be true. Vampires had the incredibly fortunate ability to regenerate, contributing to their abnormally long life. He kissed her and grazed his teeth from nose to navel, loitering on her rosy nipples.

Cerise encouraged his curiosity, and allowed him to nibble on her lobes and limbs. They stretched on the floor, in a heated naked frenzy, hands and lips probing and exploring, nails scratching to the point of drawing blood, tongues intertwining. When surfacing for air, Gage felt Cerise clawing his back, marking his flesh with her nails.

When their necks, backs, wrists, and legs were dripping with tiny rivers of blood, Cerise snapped up and bent over the couch, inviting Gage to enter at will. She gasped and moaned as he inserted himself between her legs, clenching her hips as if his life depended upon it. She jerked and shuddered, bracing herself on the cushions while he climaxed. Whipping around, Cerise thrust her upper body into his, blood trickling and pooling between her breasts. She slammed her lips into his, moaning into the cavern of his mouth as she too peaked in pleasure. Gage gave her a moment to recover, and then asked.

“What do we do now?”

She smiled, and walked over to her kitchen, opening her refrigerator and returning with a carton of orange juice.

“Drink this,” she replied. “To revive your strength.”

He drank his fill – almost half a gallon of juice. Cerise gave him a handful of iron supplements to compensate for the blood loss and then brought him to a red heart-shaped clawfoot bathtub. She asked if he wanted to clean alone, and he shook his head with a grin. They rinsed together, cleaning and nursing each others scrapes and cuts.

“Should I go?” he asked hesitantly. “It’s almost four a.m. I don’t want to assume… I don’t know…um…” he felt awkward. “…the protocol.”

“Oh,” she said lightly. “You can stay.”

Gage smiled, lifting her into his arms, carrying her to the bed, and for the first time in weeks, slept peacefully and without disturbance.

Author Note: Okay, so why was this chapter way more raunchy than previous chapters? Well, that’s vampire culture for you. Perhaps I’m drawing on stereotypes here, but I really wanted this relationship with the professional vampiress, Cerise Rose, to be a very different and unique experience for Gage, while giving some more back story for the vampire Sim lore. If you’ve read Darkness May Dream, you know about the Kr’v, the vampire alien parent race. Rumor has it the Xenosi secretly experimented, splicing Kr’v genes with Sims and created the vampire-Sim hybrid. Another rumor suspects that the Grim Reaper himself, king of the Kr’v, created the vampire-Sims. And if you’ve read Darkness May Dream, you know that the Kr’v aren’t discerning at all when it comes to taking Sim lovers so there are plenty of Sim-vampire-Kr’v hyrbids running around Kr’v, so why not also on Simterra?

Whatever theory you subscribe to, the SimNation government is fairly lax when it comes to watching this group of individuals, whether from a don’t-bother-us-and-we-won’t-bother-you mentality or a fear of the vampires. Either way, vampire Houses rule over the vampires. Each vampire registers with a house, and each house is overseen by an Elder, an older, mature experienced vampire. Each house specializes in a specific service or skill, and ensures its vampires receive employment, housing, and nourishment. There are vamp-telepaths that are utilized by the military and police departments. There are vampire-bloodletters that help in the medical and science research industries in order to help cure infectious diseases. There are vamp-entertainers, and the House of the Black Swan specifically are exotic dancers and entertainers. Though the House of the Black Swan does regulate activities on the sites of their places of business (i.e. bars, clubs, dance houses, massage parlors, etc.), the vampire elders do not regulate what their employees do in their off-time.

As explained above, benefactors or “Benes” as the ladies like to call them, are patrons who come. In order to visit a House, one needs to pay the entrance fee and sign a waiver, absolving the employees from liability due to harm experienced during one of the practices. If the “bouncers” or “elders” do not deem a patron to be healthy enough for the experience, or a patron cannot pay, they might be turned away. A benefactor is expected to pay for and consume large amounts of alcohol and to participate in ritualistic feedings, though this is optional if the patron has deep enough pockets or if they do not give verbal consent. The vampires are taught to seek permission even after the paper is signed and the money is paid. Most Sims need to take something for blood sugar and iron pills in order to regain their strength post-bloodletting, and rest is recommended.

Other terms used in this chapter included “seeker” – someone who wants to be around vampires and is often a first-time customer; “kink” – someone who is sexually aroused by vampires;  “blooddrinker” – another name for vampire; and “Casear” – someone who is fully committed to being turned. Often times, a vampire will use the term “flavor” to describe the taste of someone’s blood, their own or the person they are or want to drink. For the record, ambrosia is not the same life-extending ambrosia “food” from the Sims games. This “ambrosia” is a name for an alcoholic drink – a cocktail that actually exists.

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