1.17 Hurry Home (ALOW)

Jenara and Gar settled into a nice routine together. Working out at the gym, drinks at the Rattlesnake, dinners in the park after chess matches – hot dogs for her and tofu dogs for him. She found herself thoroughly enjoying his company and missing him when he was gone. One early autumn evening, she was jogging around her neighborhood when a sudden feeling hit her – something she couldn’t quite describe but she knew what it was still the same. It was around the same time, she received a text message from him.

Hurry home, it said.

She picked up her pace. Gar had arranged for a buddy of his to pave a new brick walkway lined with lovely flower lamps for her front yard. The work was supposed to be done today, and Jenara assumed Gar had paid the workers and was waiting for her to arrive.

Gar was waiting for her outside her house when she returned. His face lit up, shining more brightly than the full moon. Jenara felt her heart skip a beat.

“Hello stranger,” she said in a sultry voice.

“Stranger?” he made a face. “I should hope we’re not strangers.”

“No, we’re not,” she smirked. “But I was… just being playful.”

“I like it when you’re playful,” he grinned. 

“Oh really?” she teased. “Like this… when I strike a funny pose? Ta-da!”

“You are funny and playful, and smart, Miss Jenara Yearling. I love being around you…” he complimented, seriously. “And I love the way you make me feel.” 

“And I love you,” he added.

With that, his lips met her own, and she melted into bliss.


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