#9 How to Get Quality Time with the Family (LASL)

Entry No. 9 How to Get Quality Time with Family 

It’s been about two months since I started my babysitting gigs. I have a bit of a routine now. I watch Tabatha on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I watch Teresa and John on Saturday nights so their parents can have a night out. I watch Rob Buckley’s daughter, Carrie on Friday nights when he works at the bar.

Unlike my other clients, he dropped Carrie off at my house. My sisters love the little cutie, and my mom is simply smitten. I think she wants one of us to settle down and have kids of our own soon. Rob sees his daughter on the weekends, and on weekdays she’s with her mom. I still don’t know much about his ex, but then again, I probably shouldn’t be so nosy.

I have Mondays and Sundays off for writing, catching up on sleep, or hanging with friends. Last week, I went to Pizza Planet and played Blicblock with Cathy Tea, and just yesterday, I went to see Sugar in a spontaneous street performance in Newcrest.

I managed to self-publish a book through Atlantis just a few days ago. I’m nervous because I’ve never published anything before. It was a children’s book called Lady Teresa and the Bubble Monster, based on my pirate-ship adventures with Teresa. So far, I’ve only had nine views and zero purchases. It’s only been two days. Dad says to relax and not worry about it. It doesn’t stop me from obsessively checking the site and the mailbox for a check.

Football is back in season and low and behold the Bridgeport Rogues, my favorite team, are off to a terrible start. Dad says I should root for the Newcrest Knights, but I just can’t get into them like I can with the Rogues. I have watched the Rogues since my Opa introduced me to them way back in middle school. It’s a nostalgia thing.

Because football is so frustrating, Nora and I have been watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. Another nostalgia thing. I love how my little sister is still a kid at heart. We’ve been watching…

The Princess and the Shark…

…the All Sim National Hot Dog Show…

and Bea in Wonderland. 

Sometimes Dad joins us with a plateful of scrambled eggs for us all. He has less comedian shows now that fall is approaching and so he has more time to chill with us on the weekend. Lee sometimes joins us too but usually it’s to complain about her government job. She’s been having a rough time lately, and her boss hasn’t been taking her seriously.

We try to be supportive. Dad lends a listening ear. I awkwardly smile. Only Nora says, “blah, blah, blah! can we get back to the program please?”

Dad, in his great fatherly wisdom, urges Lee to hang in there, and then adds that he’s “so proud” of all “his girls.”

Nora changes the subject, back to herself, naturally. She excitedly tells us that a new guy has moved to town near the library. She thinks she overheard him say his name was Joseph when he ordered from a food cart.  She’s sighted him around the Springs a few times, jogging shirtless. Lee and I roll our eyes. Of course, Nora would be into any guy whose shirtless! Nora even snapped a out-of-focus picture of the guy… like a stalker… haha!

“Doesn’t he have the most dreamy eyes?” she swooned.


When Nora left the room, Lee cleared her throat and smiled.

Well, that wasn’t awkward at all!” 

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. FYI, Atlantis is my Simworld version of the site, Amazon. Joseph Simself by LegacySims2017 has been jogging around the house, but our family has yet to meet him. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to snap a picture yet. 😛


#8 How to Appease a Little Monster (LASL)

Warning: A bit of side-boob and a racial slur by one of the characters, fully fitting with her traits, but not one I condone personally. 

Entry No. 8 How to Appease a Little Monster 

In gratitude, the Spinks paid me 120 Simos for babysitting Teresa overnight. John was feeling much better and would be coming home later that day. Danny was at the hospital with him while his parents picked up their daughter and went home to grab naps and showers. The merchant princess waved goodbye to me from her family’s van as they drove away from the curb. I gave her a courtly wave in return.

I barely had time to eat… heating up a hamburger from last night (don’t worry, it was cooked)…

…and shower…

…before heading over to my scheduled babysitting job at the Lopez residence in Acquisition Butte, the ritzy part of town. The parents needed their cars so I took a taxi up the hill. I figured the job would more than pay for my fare.

Upon arriving, the toddler was already outside in the yard, bolting for the street. She appeared to have escaped from the front door.

“Well, hello,” I bent over and smiled.

The little cutie dressed in pink and white from head to toe, save her shoes, splashed with blue.She had beautiful brown curls and expressive brown eyes.

“You must be Tabatha.”

Ta! Bat!” the tot screeched. “Ha!”

And that’s when she punched me in the stomach.

“Ooo… you’re a bit feisty, aren’t you?”

Tabatha didn’t respond, only glared at me. I decided it would be best to go inside and meet her mother. After a moment or two of coaxing, she finally followed me.

You’re big!” Tabatha toddled behind me, raising her little stubby hand and smacking me in the butt.

“Oh heavens!”

This child would be a handful.

Turns out her mother was a bit too. Lizette Lopez was seated at a chess table, frowning over the placement of the pieces, blissfully unaware that her child had run away out of the house. As I approached, I attempted to introduce myself only to met with a stern stare and a wave of the hand. Lizette was concentrating and she didn’t want to break focus.

After what felt like eternity, she finally glanced up.

Gawd! It’s after nine already. Why didn’t you tell me?” she popped up and began frantically looking for her sweater.

“Um… well… I’m Lizzie. The babysitter…”

Well, of course, you’re the babysitter,” Lizette snapped.

“…and um… I was here about ten minutes ago…”

I don’t care when you arrived. You didn’t tell me the time and now I’m late.”

“Sorry…” I winced. “Mrs. Lopez.”

It’s Ms. Lopez,” she corrected with a snip in her tone. “I haven’t been married to that south-of-the-border fiasco in years.”

Lizette decided to forgo her jacket. She looked incredible in a grey tube top and a pink animal print mini skirt, albeit a much too young look for her age.

Are you Sim Union?


Your ancestry? Your parentage? You’re descendants of the Sim Union?” Lizette stuck her nose in the air.

“Um… yeah… my mom is Simtannican and my dad is Deutchsim and Bernish,” I replied, confused about why she was asking me.

Good… I’m Simspani despite my gawd-awful last name, not Mexsimican, and I despise all things Mexsimican…” Lizette replied. “I only want to hire the best.

“Um okay…” I shrugged.

“There’s a list of instructions in the kitchen. I expect you to follow Tabatha’s schedule strictly and not one deviance…” Lizette leaned forward and sniffed my hair. “I will know. And no boys!

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Then why, my girl, are you wearing perfume?” Lizette said, flouncing from the living room after kissing her daughter on the head. “Goodbye precious.”

Bye bye Mommy.”

“Okay… what do you want to do?”

Outside!” Tabatha pointed at the door.

“It’s late. I think it’s about time for bed. Would you like me to read you a story?”


“How about a glass of milk?”


“Or water?”


“I know. Let’s check the list…” I suggested, and locked the door before walking into the kitchen.

Tabatha chose that precise moment to scream her little head off, but thankfully was too short to reach the latch. There would be no spontaneous runaway adventures on my watch. Nothing seemed to work for the fussy Tabatha. I tried everything I could think of, and attempted to stick to the list, but Tabatha fought me every step of the way.

Mommy lets me stay up… up…” she hiccuped. “…to…” she pointed both arms over her head to illustrate the way the clock hands would be at midnight.

“I don’t think so,” I disagreed. “Not according to the list.”

List is stoo-pid!” Tabatha stomped her foot. “You is stoo-pid!” she pointed accusingly.

“No, I’m not!” I narrowed my eyes. “I have a college degree.” I stuck my chin in the air, as if Tabatha understood me.

Finally, I decided to give her what she wanted, and prayed she wouldn’t run away. Of course, she wanted to stand in the street, but given the late hour, the likelihood of cars coming was slim in this neighborhood. We played airplane.

“Zoom! Zoom!”

Tabatha squealed with delight. It was the first time I had seen the little monster smile.

It was magic. Tabatha was a totally different toddler. She was a little angel.

Thank goodness it tired the little monster out. I settled the child beneath the orange and lime covers of her toddler bed in her brightly colored room filled with all sorts of toys and distractions for a little girl. Why hadn’t she wanted to play in here?

Tabatha stretched a tiny defiant fist, still covered by the sheet, up in the air before sighing and succumbing to sleep. The only books Lizette seemed to have were romance novels. I decided to give Untamed Treachery of the Heart a try.

Not even the promise of a steamy good night kiss could keep my eyes open.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. This chapter featured lilypadmeulin‘s Lizette and Tabatha Lopez. FYI, if you are unfamiliar with my Sims stories, I have different names for things in my Simworld of Simterra. Simtannican refers to Simtannica (my Simworld version of Great Britain), Mexsimican (Mexican/Mexico), Simspani (Spain/Spanish), Deutchsim (German), and Bernish (Irish). You can learn more about Simterra over at my other blog here

# 7 How to Help a Friend (LASL)

Entry No. 7 How to Help a Friend 

It was nearly midnight when the phone rang.

I had arrived home from hanging out with Nora. Thankfully, she managed to make it into the house, save a minor trip up the stairs. Dad and Mom were already in bed. I could tell because the light in their bedroom was out and their window was visible from the front yard.

The call was from Teresa. Her parents were taking her baby brother John to the hospital with appendicitis. Teresa couldn’t quite pronounce it right on the phone and so it sounded like apple-ditus. I didn’t blame her though. She was sad and tired. Mr. and Mrs. Spinks wanted to know if Teresa could spend the night with me. Apparently, her brother, Danny couldn’t for some reason. I didn’t pry. I said sure.

Apparently someone had left dishes on the patio. Dad must have barbecued while Nora and I were gone. I found a leftover raw hamburger, fouling up under the moonlight, and a pickle. Teresa arrived when I was carrying the disgusting plate inside.

I like your shoes, Lizzie.”

I had to look down to remember what shoes I was wearing… my favorite green heels. Tiredness was settling in. I asked Teresa how she was doing and how her baby brother was. She didn’t know, she said, while wrinkling her nose. John was crying in the car on the drive over and he was ‘very loud.’ I let her know my siblings and parents were in bed so we’d have to be quiet. If she was ready to sleep, I could make up my own bed with fresh sheets, and I’d sleep on the couch. Teresa wasn’t tired, she explained, and she wanted to play.


Having no idea when her bedtime was and given this was special circumstances, I figured I could stay up and play with Teresa for awhile. I also felt responsible for her, which was why I wasn’t sure if I should let her out of my sight. All those drinks at the club were cramping my bladder. I would just have to hold it.

“Come on, Lizzie!” Teresa called excitedly.

Dad built a pirate ship in our backyard years ago when my sisters and I were all kids. We wanted a treehouse, but unfortunately for Oasis Springs, all the trees we had were palms or cactus. Palms were stately trees to be sure, but too tall, and cactus… well… who wants a treehouse in a prickly plant? We have lots of happy memories atop the pirate’s ship. It was the perfect place for Teresa and I to play.

We stayed up into the early morning hours, past dawn. Teresa was a delightfully imaginative child. She had a wonderful sense of humor. We played Pirates and Nobles. I was the pirate. Who else? I was shot with the bubble cannon many times. I let her win, of course.

Teresa was a noble merchant princess in a faraway kingdom of Tredony. Yes, she made up the name herself. Teresa explained that for centuries (that was a hundred years, in case I didn’t know). I just smiled. Anyway… the kingdom of Tredony was a place for selling and trading goods of all kinds. Teresa determined seeds as her science class was learning all about plants and flowers and gardening. They could use the seeds to make a fine loaf of bread.

“Mmm, bread,” I remarked.

Oh yeah,” Teresa clawed at her stomach. “I haven’t eaten since dinner last night.

“We can go get some breakfast in the kitchen,” I suggested. “I think I can scrounge up some fine loaf,” I added, pumping my fist across my chest in a heroic movement.

Huzzah!” Teresa exclaimed, and then gave me a mock-stern look. “Lead the way, pirate lady.”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. While waiting for my desktop to be in working order, I played the only Sims game that runs well on my laptop – The Sims Medieval. I’ve been playing Pirates and Nobles so I decided to include a bit in this story. Tredony is a territory in game. This chapter featured Teresa Spinks by Skcaga6


# 6 How to Have a Good Time

Entry No. 6 How to Have a Good Time

If you’re going to have a good time, you better wear your signature color.

Or something like that… I don’t know. I don’t actually go to clubs that often. They usually aren’t my scene. But you do what you can for family because they are… well, family. My little sister, Nora needed me and I was going to follow through.

Tonight I picked out my green dress with the scoop neck and a pair of modest green heels, plus my signature pearls. Where would I be without my classy pearls?

Nora picked a blue blazer, pink flowered skirt and light blue blouse. She made a crack comment about my hairstyle before I snipped right back about how she hadn’t changed her ponytail.


We arrived at the club, Solar Flare, the only drinking and dancing place in town with an edge of cool, with its chrome barstools, modern boxy white couches, and red trim. Nora made a beeline for her supposed date for the evening. Kenny was his name. Mom did get the name wrong. Not surprising. Nora was her usual flirty self, bubbly and bouncy. I talked with Kenny for a few minutes just to gauge the guy’s personality. He was a musician, which only made Nora swoon more. Like gag-worthy swoon. I decided to head to the bar and find some liquid refreshment away from the cheesy pick-up lines and silly light-headedness of my sister.

It took all of five minutes before she brushed past me, in tears.

“Whoa! What’s wrong?”

He’s married!” Nora hiccuped. “The jerkwad is married.

“What?” I was shocked. “Nora, how did you meet this guy?”

Online… well, sort of,” she sniffled and wiped her mascara-stained cheek on her sleeve. “We met in a cyber cafe in Newcrest. We’ve been emailing for about a week.”

“I’m sorry he was such a creep.”

Yeah, let’s just go home,” Nora turned to leave.

“No, come on, you got all dolled up for a night on the town. If anything…” I glared over in the man’s direction. “He should leave… Nora, go freshen up in the bathroom and come back and I’ll buy you a drink.”

But Ma said I… can’t… shouldn’t…” Nora shook her head.

I smiled. “Well, Mom’s not here. And you could use it after that disappointment. Just one drink. I promise. I will not let you drink anymore.”

Who knew one drink was all Nora needed to bust out some ridiculous moves? I joined her for a bit. It was actually fun to let loose with my sister. We hadn’t “danced” together since I dropped out of ballet when I was seven and she was five. Nora clearly seemed to be enjoying herself. Alcohol really did liven her mood. And when Kelvin… Calvin… Kevin…whatever his name was… came over to try and dance with her… she shot him down with one of the strongest insults I have ever heard escape her mouth.

And he’s married ladies…” Nora pointed to the man dramatically as she yelled throughout the nightclub. “Mar-ried! That’s right… with a capital ‘M.’”

The man left, either from embarrassment or disgust, but either way, my sister was happy. A little too happy.

“Nora, maybe we should take a break,” I suggested.

Why?” she whined. “This is fun.”

“Well, yeah, it is. But I could use some water. I’m parched. Aren’t you parched?”

Parked?!?” my sister misheard me.

“No, parched,” I reached for her arm. “You are such a lightweight,” I teased my sister.

“Oh yeah…” she laughed, nearly falling over. “…I ‘parked’ with Johnny Zest once after homecoming.”

“Oh cowplants! I can’t unhear that!” I rolled my eyes.

Just as I spoke, Cathy appeared in the nightclub, making her way toward my sister and I.

“This isn’t what it looks like,” I chuckled awkwardly.

“Hey, I just had a double-espresso. Pretty awesome! You look like you could really use one, Greenie’s-little-sister-haven’t-been-properly-introduced-yet!”

“Mmm… this beat…is…e…lec…tric…” Nora began doing the robot.

“Cathy Tea, this is my kid sister, Nora.”  

“Nice to meet you, Nora. Say, that guy plays a sweet riff. Is that? Did he? I think he just inserted a few bars from Bach’s first cello prelude into that. Classy!”

“Is Sugar here with you tonight?” I asked.

“Sugar?” Cathy seemed distracted.

“Your roommate, right?” I replied.

“Your roommate’s name is Sugar?” Nora’s eyes lit up. “And your last name is Tea?” she snorted and looked at me. “Sugar… Tea… how cute?”

“Oh gawd! Ignore her. She’s pretty far gone,” I said, the heat rising in my cheeks from embarrassment.

“Ah, you’re a wit, Nora! Maybe you don’t need that espresso! We don’t want to have double-fired wit, now, do we?”

“…and Sugar is on her way. She’s coming from a gig she had across town.”

“…I’m going to get some food in my sister.”

I managed to guide Nora to the bar and ordered two tall glasses of water and a full meal to help balance the alcohol in my lightweight sister. She babbled on about llamas and goats and how cute it would be to own a lizard. I highly doubted she would remember this conversation in the morning, but I wanted her to get sobered up before I took her home. After thirty minutes, she seemed to be functioning better. I wandered over into the lounge area while Nora went to touch up her makeup once more. Cathy was seated on the couch talking with a couple club patrons with a glass of lemon water.

“Hey Cathy,” I said.

“Hey, Lizzie. You look awesome in green! ‘And I like it, too!’” she said, in the corny accent from that old Bernish Spring commercials from before my time.

 “How’s the one-syllable-word-novel going”

“Great! I’m up to 10,000 syllables!”

When Sugar arrived, Cathy mentioned she wanted to write a few chapters before bed. “My goal is 1000 more syllables!”

We both waved goodbye. Sugar settled on the couch next to me.

“This is a sweet venue to play in,” Sugar said. “I’ve had a few gigs here. The acoustics echo a bit–all these hard surfaces, and I always tune my violin to 438 A to compensate.”

“Violin!” Nora swooned. “I love the violin! The violin is awesome! How many strings does a violin have? How long have you played the violin? Are you in an orchestra?”

“I’m not in an orchestra. I mostly play solo. I would love to play in a quartet, if it were possible to get violas and cellos around here!”

“Forgive my sister, she’s not herself tonight.”

“Oh, you’re delightful, Nora! We all need a chance to sing out loud now and then!”

Nora stood up in the middle of the conversation and yawned loudly and dramatically.

“Wow, I’m feeling sleepy.”

“I better get my sister home,” I said to Sugar. “It was nice to see you again.”

“Lizzie, I’ve really enjoyed these few times we’ve run into each other! Hope it becomes a regular thing! You and your sister have a good night. Be safe.”

“Come on sleepyhead,” I grabbed my sister’s elbow. “Let’s go home.”

“Okay…” Nora leaned her head on my shoulder. “Mama duck.”

I made a face. My sister was such a loveable weirdo.

Author Notes: Finally another chapter of LASL. Sorry readers that it took me so long. Thanks to Cathy Tea again for helping out with the dialogue. I finally have TS4 downloaded and my saved games transferred. I’ve had this chapter sitting in queue for a bit so I decided to pop it out to you all on Simself Sunday. 🙂 Thanks for reading.