#10 How to Scare People Away (LASL)

Entry No. 10 How to Scare People Away 

I have been completing independent research at the library for my next novel. So far, I’ve sold 7 copies of Lady Teresa and the Bubble Monster and I’ve received mostly 4-star reviews. My next tale will be a drama-dy – celebrity romances gone horribly wrong with a hint of Simspearean farce.

On the nights when Tabatha drifts off to sleep, I peruse Lizette’s bookshelves. She owns many soapy dramas – some of them shocking; some, entertaining; and some downright insane. Since I don’t know any actual celebrities, I decided to surf the Internet for inspiration. Since the parents are re-doing some of our windows at the house, I went to the library.

Post the First Xeno War sounded like a good time period for the setting of my dramady. I found articles on movie actors and actresses of the time like Marilyn Simroe and Simuel ‘Simmy’ Glover. It’s hard not to get distracted by cute camel pictures or latest wedding cake trends or even sneak previews of the balloons in the upcoming Thankful Day parade. Maybe it would be better to stick to actual books. With a few clicks of a button, I located a selection of celebrity biographies on the second floor. As I started toward the stairwell, I spotted Cathy Tea.

Do I know you?” she tilted her head slightly.

“Cathy… it’s me. Lizzie!” I laughed.

I have not the foggiest idea who you are,” Cathy replied coolly.

“But you’re wearing your lightbulb ideas shirt,” I teased.

Keep your voice down. This is a library after all,” Cathy remarked before lightly padding away.

I frowned, and then shrugged. That was weird. 

Wandering to the second floor, I spotted Rob. Even though he was quite a bit older than me, I found his face handsome, and his demeanor appealing, and there was something sexy about his facial hair. I couldn’t quite figure it out. Maybe in a parallel universe I married a guy with a beard. 

“Hey Rob-O!” I grinned and waved. “Robert…” I swaggered up to him.

Oh wow! I sound like an idiot! 

Rob…O?” he tilted an eyebrow and looked far from amused.

“Um… uh… Rob… sorry… hi…” I stammered.

Do you ever just go by Liz?” he asked. “Or Elizabeth?

“No, not really,” I shrugged.

Well, then don’t call me… Rob… O…” he made a face.

“Righto…” I could’ve smacked myself in the forehead.

I needed to change the subject fast. I decided to try out a knock-knock joke about aliens my dad told me the other night. I managed to elicit a chuckle.

I followed him over to the desk. He sat down at a computer, pecking away at the keys. We chatted politely for a few minutes about the weather and his job. Rob came to the library to find some good books to read to his daughter on the weekends. I made mention of a few titles I liked when I was a kid. Then I added that I recently published a children’s book. Rob was impressed.

You published a children’s book?”

“Why yes! Yes, I did,” I said, proudly, placing my hands on my waist.

Okay, tone it down, Lizzie. 

Really? Well, what’s it called? Where can I get it?”

Princess Teresa and the Bubble Monster… and you can purchase a digital copy on Atlantis.”

You don’t have a physical copy? I like to read from actual books I can hold and feel in my hands and smell that fresh page scent.”

Now it was my turn to be impressed. “Um… no… not yet. I need to sell a few more before I can afford to pay for printed copies.”

Let me know when you do. I’d love to read it.”

I was a bit disappointed he didn’t want to read it now in its digital format.

Damnit!” he yelled, suddenly waving his arms angrily.

“Holy freakin’ llamas!” I shrieked. “What? What is it?”

Devil creature,” Rob glared, narrowing his eyes.

I became aware of a fluffy white cat on the desk next to my arm – the source of Rob’s strange distress. Aww… you are so cute… I thought, reaching out to pet the animal.

What the hell is that… that… that…” he sputtered, furiously. “…that thing! doing in the library?

“Um… it probably just wandered in,” I offered, dropping my hand. “What’s got you so riled?”

Cats!” he spit out venomously. “Do not belong on the furniture.

With that, he stood up and stomped toward the stairs. I called after him, but he didn’t acknowledge me, sputtering all the way down the steps. Who could hate cats that much?

Author Notes: Simspeare is my Simworld of Shakespeare. You can learn more about the Xenosi, the green-skinned aliens in my Simworld, over at my other blog. The First Xeno War occurred between the Sims and the Xenosi in 2339 and 2345. Marilyn Simroe is my Simworld version of Marilyn Monroe and Simuel ‘Simmy’ Glover is my Simworld version of the actor, Danny Glover. Thankful Day is my Simworld version of Thanksgiving. For some reason, my game glitched and Cathy Tea and I suddenly didn’t know one another. Opps. The parallel universe comment is a joke since my husband has a beard. 🙂

Rob really did freak out about the cat for some unknown reason, and he acted out on his “mean-spirited” trait. Poor kitty! This chapter featured InfraGreen/Trip’s Rob Buckley and CathyTea’s Cathy Tea. Thanks for reading!