#11 How to Improve Your Luck (LASL)

Entry No. 11 How to Improve Your Luck 

After Rob stomped away in an unmanly fashion, I decided to figure out where those biographies were since I had forgotten the exact section. Sitting down at the computer, I pressed the button, but nothing happened.

Looks like they’re having technical difficulties,” an older unshaven man wearing plaid said over his shoulder.

“Oh really?” I remarked as my screen lit up after the second try of pushing the button.

Yeah, I think my computer is restarting,” he added.

“It should be back up and running in little time,” I said cheerfully, perusing the library online catalog.

I hope so,” he sighed. “I need to find a present for my anniversary.”

“Oh how long have you been married?”

Feels like forever,” he chuckled, rolling back in his chair to show me a picture of his wife on their wedding day.

“You two look very happy.”

Isn’t my Brenda beautiful?” he beamed with pride before reaching out his hand. “Edwin.”

“Lizzie… oh looks like your computer is back up. I hope you find the perfect gift.”

Thanks Lizzie.”

Forty minutes later, I had just completed a rough outline of my story when my library computer crashed.

“GAH!” I waved my arms in frustration, startling the teen girl sitting across the desk from me.

And it didn’t save anything. 

What’s wrong?” Cathy Tea asked as she sat down next to me.

“Oh… you are acting like you know me again?” I rolled my eyes.

Forgive me for my rudeness earlier. I am penning a tale about a woman who has lost all her memories and must go about town chasing thoughts as fleeting as a rainbow on a spring day,” Cathy replied, dreamily.

“That sounds cool…” I sighed, slumping my shoulders. “I just lost my first outline to my next novel.”

The words will come back to you,” Cathy assured. “All in good time.”

Who knows maybe your next draft will be even better,” the teen girl added in a chipper tone.

“Thanks… it may have been too cliched anyhow,” I replied. “My name’s Lizzie. What’s yours?”

Lizzie, this is Sharon Wymer,” Cathy introduced. “I am her tutor. I am teaching her the finer points of the English language.

Yeah,” Sharon lifted her arms and shrugged. “I’m terrible with words. I nearly failed my composition class. Miss Tea’s was a lifesaver.”

Is,” Cathy corrected. “Present tense. I continue to tutor you.”

I’m up to a B now,” Sharon exclaimed.

“Congratulations!” Lizzie said, genuinely.

It’s really neat to meet another novelist like Miss Tea,” Sharon enthused. “What’s your story about?

“Well… celebrities… romances…and comedic mishaps… but, since I’m lacking a bit in that department… actually a lot…” Lizzie chuckled weakly. “I’m not sure it’ll be any good. I think I need a muse.”

Ooo… what about that guy you were chatting with earlier? The dark and stormy guy like Heathcliff from Simmering Heights?” Sharon grinned.

“Who? Rob?” I laughed and shook my head. “I don’t think he’s that interested.”

The heart is a wild and mysterious thing,” Cathy said. “Perhaps your mind needs a moment with your emotions.”

I pondered her words for a moment. Maybe I should stop thinking so much and just act on feelings. Even with his weird aversion to cats.

You should ask him out,” Sharon blurted out.

“You think?” I rested my chin on my hand. “I think he lives around here.”

Really? Oh… you should go over there,” Sharon said.

“What?” I snapped out of my thoughts. “I can’t just stop by.”

Yes, you can. It’d be romantic.

“But is it appropriate? He has a kid.”

The best way to improve your luck is to try,” Cathy interjected, and then turned to her tutee. “Come, Sharon, I’ll drive you home.”

The ladies and I walked outside and down the street. Cathy had parked at the end of the block. I waved goodbye as we parted ways in front of Rob’s house.

Good luck,” Sharon smiled.

I wish you courage on your endeavors,” Cathy remarked.

“Thanks,” I grinned, feeling nervous butterflies floating around in my abdomen.

It’s not like I’m fifteen years old. Or even eighteen. I sighed, and straightened my vest. You can do this, Lizzie. I stared straight ahead at the foreboding front door. I was going to march right up there and tell Rob that I thought we should go out. No… I was going to tell him I liked him… no… that I was into him? Oh gawd! Lizzie… you don’t know what you’re saying. This is stupid. 

I approached the door.

I knocked.

I puckered my lips.

I took a calming breath.

I fluttered my eyelashes.

Just a second,” a muffled male voice called through the wood.

It’s okay. Take your time. I’m just dying out here. 

It’s about time you got here,” the deep voice called again, this time sounding closer.

I blinked rapidly. He was expecting me? I was hit with a surge of confidence. I placed my hand on my waist and flirtatiously jutted my hip to the side.

“Then get out here and give me a bear hug.”

The double wooden doors flew open. Needless to say, the voice from the other side did not belong to Rob Buckley. I froze.

Well that was unprofessional.”

Author Notes: Any guesses on who the mystery guy is? 😛 I find the placement of Sims in TS4 to be hilarious sometimes. They will carry on conversations through a door. In Lizzie’s case, this is exactly what happened. She even flirted through the door. Haha. 

The chapter featured CathyTeas Cathy Tea and skcaga6‘s Edwin and Sharon Wymer. Cathy was “in character” in the last chapter as she was “researching” memory loss. 🙂 Simmering Heights is my Simworld version of Wuthering Heights. Thanks for reading.