#12 How to Recover from Embarrassment (LASL)

Entry No. 12 How to Recover from Embarrassment 

He was most definitely not Rob. The man walked into his house almost as if he was expecting me to follow. Hesitantly, I stepped in. The guy had an athletic build, dark hair, and a bit of scruff around his mouth and jaw. I couldn’t help but gawk a little. Bonus! He wore my favorite color.

“Um… what?” I asked, flushing hotly at my inappropriate daydream.

You’re late. I already repaired it.

I frowned. “Repaired what?”

The stereo,” he said.

“I…um… uh… you think… I… uh…” I walked past him into the modestly decorated living room.

“I‘m not paying you,” he replied.

“For the pick-up line?” I squeaked.

No… for the stereo repair. What kind of repair woman are you?” he narrowed his eyes.

“I’m…uh… not. Look this has been a terrible mistake. I’ll just go.”

He chuckled, a nice throaty laugh. “Thought you were the repairwoman. Come to think of it..” he eyed me up and down. “You don’t look like one.”

“That’s because I’m not,” I laughed, weakly, laying my hand across my stomach as I still felt embarrassed.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m Joseph.”

“Lizzie… uh… I think I’ll leave now,” I shook his hand. “Obviously you don’t need my help with…” I suddenly trailed off, distracted by the melodies floating from the stereo. “Oh this is a great song!”

“Isn’t it?” Joseph grinned. “Now that I’ve reworked the wires, the set projects even better. Here...” he lightly grabbed my shoulders and repositioned me in the center of the room. “Can you feel the beats?”

Oh my gawd! Can I ever? I swooned, hoping he couldn’t feel my erratically beating heart.

“This is great,” I grooved a bit. “Wait are you the Joseph?”

Um… what?” he laughed.

“Oh uh…” I realized my statement sounded odd. “I think my sister knows you. Nora? Blonde? Runner? Like you… I think… I mean… you look like you’re in shape.”

Oh llamas! Why’d I say that? 

“Uh… she knows you from the food truck around town,” I added quickly, even though I couldn’t take back my other words.

He didn’t acknowledge my first comment, but his eyes twinkled. “Yeah… I didn’t know her name was Nora. But I know who you’re talking about? You’re sisters?

“Yeah, I know. I have red hair. She has blonde. We have an older sister who is a brunette.”

Makes for an interesting family.”

“Yeah, Dad always says they shook up the gene pool.”

We both laughed.

Say Lizzie, stay and have a cup of coffee. It’s the least I can do for thinking you were here to repair my stereo.”

“Coffee!” I exclaimed. “That’s my love language!”

Wow… I’m on a flirty roll tonight. 

Oh really?” he walked into the kitchen, and opened his refrigerator. “I only have Simlombian.”

“That sounds heavenly,” I sighed, and sniffed the air as Joseph opened a bag releasing the delicious dark roast scent. “Coffee is like my lifeline. I wish we had a Star Nut Coffee Shop here in Oasis Springs.”

We did back in my former town,” Joseph said, pouring the ground beans into the coffee filter.

“Where’s that?” I asked, recalling Nora mentioning the guy had just moved to the Springs.


“That’s only an hour a half train ride from here,” I enthused.

An hour twenty,” he corrected, a smile percolating at the corners of his mouth. “Do you make it a point to know where the nearest coffee is?”

I flushed. “What can I say? I’m a fan.”

What else do you like?” he leaned against the counter, shoving his hands in his pockets while the coffee brewed. “Besides Star Nut coffee?”

“Oh… uh…”

And music?”

“Right…” I bobbed my head, remembering the song we had grooved to earlier. “Reading. Writing. I wrote a children’s book.”

Awesome. So you’re a writer?

“Aspiring. I work in childcare in the meantime… until the royalties pour in…” I stepped fully into the kitchen.

I can respect that. I moved to the Springs to be a media intern for The Nookstone News. I used to be a mailroom technician, but sorting people’s mail and delivering online orders wasn’t really what I wanted to do.”

“I wouldn’t want to do that either. News media intern? That sounds cool,” I replied, while enviously eyeing the Café Immodéré. 

I had always heard of these elite coffee pots but had never seen one in person. Joseph seemed unaware of my fixation.

So, Lizzie, do you run?

“Uh… what?” I tilted my head to the side, snapping my attention back.

Run? Jog?

“Oh… uh… yeah, sometimes… on occasion…” I shrugged.

Would you like to join me tomorrow morning for a jog?” he asked.

Is he asking me out? That was fast. No. Lizzie. A jog is not a date. 

I’ll even brew you a cup of coffee and bring it over in my spare thermos,” he offered. “I see you eyeing the Immodéré.” 

I blushed. “You did?”

Yeah, it’s hard not to admire this beauty...” he leaned over the counter until he was at eye-level with the pot watching the liquid continue to drip into the pot.

It’s hard not to admire you. I bit my lower lip.

“Well, that’s an offer I can’t refuse.”

Authors Note: Ah! The reveal… I didn’t really make you wait long. Haha. This chapter featured LegacySims2017‘s Joseph Simself. Since LegacySims’ story is set in Newcrest, I decided to say that’s where this version of Joseph is from. My dad does make that joke about my siblings and I. FYI, in my Simworld, Simlombian coffee refers to Colombian coffee, and Star Nut is my Simworld version of Starbucks. Thanks for reading .