#13 How to Go Jogging…With a Guy (LASL)

I couldn’t fall asleep last night thinking of my date… erm… my hangout with Joseph Simself. I hadn’t been jogging in weeks so I wasn’t sure how “in shape” I was, but I figured I could “fake it” until I “made it.” That’s what the Internet’s for… right? :p

Unfortunately, the Internet wasn’t much help. I found conflicting advice for how often you should go jogging, how to run properly, and tips for starting a jogging routine. Then I got seriously distracted with some crazy cat videos and a llama doing a headstand. Who knew those creatures could even do a headstand?

Before leaving the house, I left my parents a check for the rent. I only made §416 this past week since my babysitting schedule wasn’t as heavy. I was only able to give my parents §138 Simos, rounding up to be nice.

I met Joseph at a gawd-awful hour at 6:30 a.m. in the playground area of Desert Oasis State Park. True to his word, he brought me a thermos of Simlombian coffee. I sighed and smiled happily while sipping the beverage. He merely grinned and said he already figured out the way to my heart. I flushed, but then I remembered I said something to that effect yesterday. Me and my big mouth! 

We did some stretches. After returning the thermos to his car, Joseph set the pace. It was fairly slow, most likely for him, but for me, it was like pulling teeth. I could practically feel my leg muscles tearing.  That part was torture. Watching Joseph… was not. 😀

I’m pretty sure he enjoyed watching me too.

When we stopped for a break, I asked him to tell me about himself. He aspired to be fabulously wealthy. I could live with that. Then I asked him to tell me a flaw.

“A flaw? Why?”

Well, nobody’s perfect…” I yawned and stretched. “I can be a bit of a lazy cat.

“A cat, huh?” he grinned.

“Do you like cats?”

Yes. I’ve had a cat or two in my life.”

“Nice. I’ve always wanted one, but Mom’s allergic.”

That sucks.”

He seemed to think for a moment.

“I can be a little hot under the collar.

“Oh a flaw?” I had totally and embarrassingly forgotten as I had been staring at his tattoos, prominently displayed on his shirtless upper half.

I guess.

“Well I suppose that’s why a good-looking guy like yourself doesn’t wear a shirt when jogging,” I joked, and immediately regretted my statement.

I’m sure I flushed several shades of pink. Joseph seemed pleased.

“We should get going again.”

What is it about this guy that I can’t stop myself from saying the first thing that pops into my mind? I met up with him in a beautiful grove of flowers and trees, a lovely little picnic area brimming with color and life and graced with the presence of a few butterflies.

Joseph thoughtfully provided breakfast too. He must have come even earlier and stashed the cooler because we were quite a ways into the park. Breakfast burgers weren’t exactly my thing, but I appreciated the effort. My stomach growled. The jog helped me work up an appetite. The burgers were already cooked and merely needed reheated which Joseph did in a flash. He asked me to cook the eggs and to add a slice of cheese to each one while he hit the little boys’ room. I think I cooked too many. I wasn’t sure how much he would eat. I felt like I could eat for a queen. My stomach was really rumbling now.

When he returned, Joseph added a thin slice of hashbrowns and crumbled bacon and tomato to the hamburger bun, scooping the reheated meat and my newly cooked over easy eggs onto the bun also. For a little green, he added a treat… slices of Califorsimian avocados… one of my favorites. We ate in silence, mostly because we were both famished.

“These are delicious,” I remarked.

I’m happy you approve,” he said, seeming pretty proud of himself. “Breakfast picnic is always a good choice.”

“Yep…” I said, awkwardly scratching at the sweaty hairs stuck to the back of my neck.

I hoped I didn’t smell horrific.

“You know, I think breakfast burgers might just be my new thing,” I added.

We could make this a regular thing,” he said.

I tilted my head to the side and offered a coy smile. “I just might be up for that.”

Author Notes: Okay, I had a breakfast burger about two to three weeks ago and I am converted. They are so delicious. I found a recipe here  similar to the one I devoured. 😛

This chapter featured LegacySims2017‘s Joseph Simself. Thanks for reading.