#14 How to Make Some Moulah! (LASL)

After my jog and delicious breakfast hangout or whatever you want to call it with Joseph, I needed to head to work. Today I would be babysitting a group of kids in the park. The good news? I was already here. The bad news? I couldn’t exactly shower first. I didn’t have a choice.  It was already 9 o’clock. I needed to make some serious moulah! if I was going to pay my parents respectable rent and make enough Simos to move out of their home… eventually.

Mr. and Mrs. Spinks had told many people in town how great I was with children, so I had a large number of kiddos to watch today. And Teresa told all the kids what a fun babysitter I was. It made the time fly by fast. Thanks to their word-of-mouth promotion I made §825.

One of the kids told an outrageous story about penguins. Everyone laughed.

Around mid-afternoon, I noticed one of the kids hanging out on her own. She wasn’t interacting with the rest of the children, and she mostly kept to herself.

“I’m Lizzie.”


“I like your hat.”

Thanks. I like your shirt.”

“Thanks. You have cool shoes too. Are those rainboots?”

Yeah…” the little redheaded girl sighed. “The kids were making fun of me. They say it hardly ever rains here in Oasis Springs because…” she frowned. “…we’re in a desert. But it rained all the time back home.”

“Where’s that?”

Moonlight Falls.”

“I’ve been there.”

Kendyl’s face lit up. “You have?”

“Yeah. I’ve vacationed there a few times.”


“You know who else has been there?”


“Brooklyn Chambers. She went to art camp a few summers there.”

Kendyl peered past me, squinting her eyes to see the kids on the playground. “Which one is she?

“I’ll call her over.”

And just like that… Kendyl made a friend.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. This chapter featured pammiechick’s Brooklyn Chambers, and skcaga’s Kendyl Biggs and Teresa Spinks.