#16 How Not to Meet the Family (LASL)

After Joseph’s “pretty great” comment, I was floating on cloud nine. He even offered to walk me home. Somehow we both forgot about our vehicles. I guess we were too tired to care. Joseph tried out some of his best jokes on me, some of which were really good. I laughed way too hard because I was way too exhausted after my way too long day, and found everything he said to be hilarious… probably more so than they actually were. My brain was running on fumes so everything was foggy.

“You’re funny, Joseph Joe,” I said, realizing I did it again and called him two names.

What can I say?” Joseph replied. “I am trying to impress you.

“Consider me impressed.”

“Should I walk you to the door?” he asked.

“I think…You’ll have to help me in pas…passst…the…” I yawned and stretched dramatically.  “…door… I’m not…sure… I can walk…straight.”

And to think, I didn’t have any alcohol. I was probably making a fool of myself.

Are you inviting me in?” he asked, his tone, suddenly serious.

“I don’t know,” I started to walk toward the house. “Am I?” I called coyly over my shoulder.

Should I follow?

He still hesitated, and I hoped he was getting my hint.

“Well,” I stopped and put my hand on my hip. “You should know I moved back in with my parents. I hope that doesn’t deter you.”

Okay, now I have to come in,” he sauntered toward me.

“Really?” I frowned. “Why?”

Because this place is probably sweet if you live with your parents,” he said, running up the outside stairs.

Once inside, Joseph admired the hallway and the living room. I popped into the kitchen to make some coffee since Joseph had invited himself in. Or did I invite him in? I would need a strong brew to stay awake. We sipped our coffee at the kitchen counter and he talked more about his job. Frankly, he could tell me anything at this point and I would find it fascinating.

I told him to make himself at home in the living room, watch television and the like, while I grabbed a quick shower. I wanted to smell better than I did currently… maybe freshen my makeup and spritz on some perfume. Joseph settled onto the couch like he owned the place… and looked good doing it too. I grinned like a school girl and backed out of the room, opting to take a shower on the ground floor so as not to wake my sisters. The walls between the rooms upstairs were thin, and our shared bathroom had squeaky pipes and an obnoxious fan.

I was nearly done when I realized my mistake. Joseph wandered through the unlocked door to use the facilities. I don’t think he meant to walk in on me either. I quickly wrapped myself in a towel, super shocked by his sudden appearance. I’m not sure how much he saw, but he immediately groaned and averted his eyes, covering his face. He clumsily tried to leave the bathroom with his eyes closed and knocked over an entire shelf and all its contents.

And it got worse. Mom was apparently still awake and wondered what the commotion was.

Lee teased me a good bit on the way to her room. I would be sharing her bedroom for the night so Joseph could crash in my room.

In the morning, Joseph made coffee for the family in our plain ole coffee pot. I think he was trying to make up for his disturbance from the night before. Mom politely questioned him a bit.

Then Lee full on interrogated him. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and eavesdropped on their conversation a bit.

What exactly are your intentions toward my sister?” she asked, bluntly.

I can’t really say,” he replied. “Because I think I should discuss things with Lizzie first.

But you like her?” Lee leaned her elbow on the table as if to indicate she meant business.

I do.

I could’ve squealed, but I held it in with an inaudible jumping for joy.

I realized, after the fact, that I probably should’ve gotten dressed. At least I wasn’t the only Green daughter in her pajamas. Both Lee and Nora were still in their night attire. Nora practically barreled me over as she sat down at the dining room table, colliding with my knee.

Ow!” I rolled my eyes.

Hi Joseph… I hear you stayed over last night,” Nora said, waving in a flirty teasing manner.

Hey Nora.”

So are you dating my sister now?

Breakfast! Come and get it while it’s hot!” Dad called from the kitchen.

Thank gawd! 

“Are you coming Joseph?” I inquired, purposely brushing past his arm as I walked to the kitchen.

He smiled. “I like your family.”

We’re a weird bunch,” I shrugged it off, but he grabbed my hands.

It’s okay. I like a little weird.”

These eggs are delicious, Eddie,” Joseph remarked, between bites of food.

Thank you,” my dad replied. “I added green onions, chives, and feta with a pinch of pepper.

Muy perfecto,” I kissed my fingers as I passed my dad. “And the bacon is good too.” I kissed his cheek as I passed.

It’s the thick applewood smoked kind, like you like, my daughter,” Dad said.

Well, I approve of your coffee brewing skills,” Mom directed at Joseph. “What did you put in it? This is amazing.

I hope you don’t mind. I poked around your cupboards and found the spices,” Joseph answered. “Cinnamon and cardamom.”

“Well, we’ll leave you two kids be,” Mom beamed. “You know Lizzie just looooves coffee.”

“Mom!” I threw my hands up in the air.

What? It’s true. When I was in labor with her, I had to have coffee on an IV drip,” Mom teased.

“Mom! Really?” I exclaimed.

This elicited a wink from Joseph… directed at me, of course.

“Forgive the odd bunch we are,” I sighed.

They’re family. I understand.”

“I know, but we’re exceptionally weird.”

Joseph leaned over and planted a kiss on my cheek. “I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

I was glowing so much, I nearly missed the text message from Larry Spinks, Teresa’s dad. Poor Teresa was in the hospital for appendicitis just like her brother.

“Oh my llamas!” I shrieked.

“What?” Joseph exclaimed.

“I should’ve known… I should’ve known.”

“Known what?”

“Teresa complained of stomach pains and had to go to the hospital to have her appendix out.”

“That’s awful!”

“I should call Mrs. Spinks right away.”

“Should I go?”

“No,” I reached over and offered a pained smile as I squeezed his hand.

After a few minutes on the phone, I breathed a sigh of relief as I slid back onto the barstool.

“She’s okay. She’s out of surgery.”

“Oh good,” Joseph slid off his seat, and reached for my hand. “Let’s go?”

“Go?” I puzzled. “Go where?”

“To see her, of course,” Joseph replied. “Come on, I’ll drive you.”

I threw my arms around Joseph and hugged him tightly. “Oh thank you. Thank you.”

“No problem. You should probably get dressed first,” he smiled.

“Oh yeah…” I glanced down sheepishly. “I’ll be right back.”

I started out of the room, stopping at the arch frame. “Uh… Joseph?”


“We left our cars at Pizza Planet.”

Joseph grinned, and stretched his arms high above his head as he pulled his shirt off. “Guess, I’m getting my morning jog in after all.”

Author Notes: Well, that first part was super awkward. But true to the ISBI challenge, I haven’t controlled anyone other than Lizzie (with the exception of sending peoples to work) so this whole thing happened autonomously. And true to my word, I’m trying to keep everything that happens in game in the story. 😮 Joseph did officially invite himself in, but my Simself was awfully flirty ahead of time. 😛 Then Teresa invited Lizzie over, so I just sort-of embellished what happened, and decided Joseph could tag along, and he changed into his jogging outfit before they left. Haha. This chapter featured  Joseph Simself from LegacySims2017. Thanks for reading.