#24 How to Have a Second Chance at a First Date, Pt. 1 (LASL)

For our second “first date,” Joseph and I decided to stay in town. I let him pick the destination. He selected The Futures Past Art Museum. We both opted on more casual attire, though of course, I wasn’t without my signature bling or my boots. For the first time since the new year, I felt like a fresh beginning and a brand new start. I felt something I hadn’t felt in awhile – hopefulness – and it was as sweet as the honey-orange sunrise. Yes, I even got up at the crack of dawn for a private tour of the museum… just for Joseph… because he’s such an early bird.

We were greeted by a much-too-perky assistant manager, who readily confessed she had two cups of double espresso shots so that she could open up the museum for the “two lovebirds.” I grinned awkwardly as she explained a few of the rules. When she got to the absolutely “no touching” rule, Joseph reached for and squeezed my hand purposefully.

“And don’t forget to admire the busts of Mrs. Victoria Crumplebottom,” the assistant gushed. “The wife of the late Robert Crumplebottom, famous puppeteer and artist of Sim City… may he rest in peace…” she made the sign of the cross over her chest. “He had many commissioned before his death. We have three – one in gold, bronze, and silver,” she called over her shoulder as she pranced away.

“Well now…” I said, through a gritted smile.

Joseph squeezed my hand again. “I’d rather admire someone else’s bustline.”

I pinched his side playfully for that remark.

We approved the still-life painting of pears. Joseph lingered nearby, “accidentally” brushing my arms or my hands. It felt good to be close to him.

I appreciated their collection of fine ships while Joseph popped off the the men’s room. What stately beauty and dapper sails!

We both appreciate the Grand Palm Canyon painting, reflecting the native region of Simvada. The use of oranges and yellows accurately captured the beauty of the Simojave Desert.

“Ooo… I just love those sunkissed sands…” I purred.

“I’d love another kind of kiss,” Joseph teased, angling for a kiss.

“Okay… well… you asked for it,” I smirked.

Who knew he was so ticklish on his neck?

I know he enjoyed it. He thought I was gone, as I went to use the restroom, but I couldn’t help but take a peek back around the corner. I’m glad I did because I caught Joseph doing a happy dance… and then spontaneous sit-ups after his confidence boost.

“I had a great time,” Joseph said.

“Me too. This was fun,” I smiled.

Much better than our first go-around. 

“So a goodbye hug or a goodbye kiss?” he said, cheekily.

“I think I know what you want,” I grinned.

It was dusk when I finally resurfaced from my bedroom. Don’t get any ideas folks! Joseph dropped me off like a perfect gentleman, and I spent the rest of the day working on my novel… alone. I headed downstairs for a late dinner of creamy peanut butter and pear jam (inspired by my admiration of the pear painting earlier). Dad always picked out an abundance of jams, jellies, and spreads at the store. I swear our refrigerator is full of condiments and toppings only sometimes. Mom had left candles out on the dining table from her romantic evening with Dad. I didn’t bother turning on the overhead light. I was in a good mood and took advantage of the amorous ambiance.

Nora joined me just as I was finishing.

“You look nice.”

My sister was dressed in a scoop neck pink sweater and floor-length patterned skirt.

“Thanks,” she took a bite of her peanut butter and some of Opa’s fresh apple butter sandwich. “You look…” she eyed me suspiciously. “…surprisingly happy. What’s got into you?”

“Nothing,” I smiled. “Just had a good day.”

I wasn’t sure I was ready to share the news with anyone just yet.

Little did I know that Nora had a trick or two up her sleeve for improving my happiness.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. In my Simworld, I named Robert Crumplebottom’s wife, Mrs. Crumplebottom, Victoria. I thought it fitting that she “show up” on Lizzie and Joseph’s date… haha… given her propensity for “spoiling” dates in TS2. Haha. However, it did little to deter the couple as they were flirting and romantic the entire time they were at the museum. i couldn’t help but tease my readers a bit. :pThis chapter featured LegacySims2017’s Joseph Simself and  MINEZ‘ Julian DeBateau.