Life inside the LASL World

Hey everyone, I thought I’d give you an update on what’s all going on with all the LASL Sims. I’ve been going around and checking in on all the houses (as some families have moved) to see what’s been happening before I officially start season/arc/part two.

For the record, regarding outfit changes, they were selected at random (and for the most part, I didn’t change what the game generated). Also, in terms of careers, either they joined a career autonomously, or I rolled the dice to select a career for them (and I have a few career mods). I also based some of the following info on their skills, traits, aspirations, and personalities.

Warning: Pic Spam. 😛

pammiechick‘s City Family still lives in Oasis Springs.

Holland Chambers is a busy mom between her painting, juggling family life, and serving as Lizzie’s agent. Dallas is a stay-at-home dad and he quite enjoys his “job,” but he also likes getting quality time with his wife.

Teenage Paris aged up and she is studying to get her PI’s license. In the meantime, she likes watching horror films and crime shows in the evenings.

Brooklyn aged up to a teenager and isn’t she’s gorgeous? She now has the traits “loves the outdoors,” “collector,” and “self-assured,” though I’d swear she is a bookworm. I love her bohemian look.

Young Houston was sleeping when I snapped a picture of him, but he was dreaming about making new friends. And Austin is off belting it out in the hallway. A budding singer, perhaps?

skcaga6‘s The Spinks family is living well. Larry Spinks is a justice of the peace/judge (I have a mod) for Oasis Springs, and Madeline is a legal secretary.

I think the parents just got back from a fancy event (I’m going to go with the ballet because Mrs. Spinks seems to love dancing. I seriously catch her dancing at all random hours of the day). Here’s the whole family watching news.

Teenage Danny isn’t doing great in school. He’s a C student, which is odd given he is supposedly a “nerd brain.” Maybe he just isn’t applying himself? Or he’s bored with school?

Young Teresa also aged up to a teenager. She’s got such a beautiful smile and a big heart. She wants to be a friend to the world. She’s also creative, cheerful, and gregarious, much like her child self. I love it!

And toddler John aged up also. He’s now a whiz kid, but a bit of a loner. He was feeling pretty comfortable with his whole family watching the evening news though.

@lilypadmeulin‘s Lizette Lopez is still not having any luck on the dating frontier, but she was recently promoted to press agent for a celebrity client. I’m guessing, she cleaned up her attitude for a public relations career?!?

And Tabatha aged up. The kiddo is now a rambunctious little scamp with the hot-headed trait. And still spoiled… she gets to nap on mommy’s bed, even after she threw a fit. But isn’t that outfit precious?

skcaga6‘s The Wymers… we’ve only seen Mr. Edwin Wymer and his daughter, Sharon show up in Part One. Now to see them all.

Edwin runs the local community center, volunteers at the library, and he got his minister’s license to boot (I needed a shepherd in the Springs, and I picked Edwin at random). Here he’s making sandwiches for the local homeless shelter. And son, Darryl is a chef and a bodybuilder, with his own catering company. Still trying to wrap my head around this one.

Bonnie, his wife, is a talented computer programmer and works as a developer from home, but she still enjoys catching a game of Blicblock or two when the kids are all in bed.

Dayle works as a curator at the museum, The Future’s Past, plays video games with his mom when he’s not working, and appreciates the arts.

Mary Jo works at the library, her favorite book is The Princess Bride, and she dreams of “twue luv.”

And teens, Sharon, Brenda, and Steve are the best of friends.

Sharon is pretty good at video gaming, like her mom, but she’s recently taken an interest in painting, chess club, and writing funny scripts for the school play.

Brenda is second violinist in the school orchestra, but also enjoys gourmet cooking shows, particularly ones with chocolate, and she’s taken up fishing on the weekends with her dad.

Steve is acting in the plays Sharon writes, and like his dad, he has taken a kind interest in friends and neighbors who are displaced, actively volunteering at the soup kitchen.

skcaga6‘s Brighton Biggs is now an orderly at Oasis Springs General Hospital, and he’s still looking for his soul mate, so he’s flirting with all those nurses. Plus he’s reading romances at home to try and beef up his game. He enjoys pranking his fellow colleagues at work, and recently has tried his hand at baking. Maybe he can win over the ladies with his sweets.

And Kendyl has aged up to a teenager, and she’s a beautiful young woman no less. She rolled computer whiz aspiration, and she’s quite smart and technical.

CathyTea‘s Sugar Maple Bough has the moulah! But she’s not advertising it since she’s super humble. She is a concert virtuoso, traveling the world. To be honest, she probably has a house in every town. I recently got to check out her penthouse, and I was particularly impressed by her swimming pool and her indoor basketball court.

“It’s just stuff,” she shrugged. “Some place to have fun with my friends.”

I hope CT and Sugar Maple will visit Lizzie more often.

Speaking of CT, it’s the talk of the town, or maybe it’s not… lol… but she’s taken in a new roommate. A townie generated from my library, my altered Don Lothario, because I can’t have two Don Lotharios running around in my SimVerse. 😉

So this is Don Baxter, who previously appeared in my Life of Whimsy tale with Jenara Yearling. Yay for Sim autonomy.

Cathy is a bestselling author, and she travels regularly for work, so she needs someone to take care of the house – Raffia Quinta – when she’s away. Don is perfect for that as he is detective with the local Springs PD.

Karilan‘s Sage Reed has moved in to Sugar Maple’s penthouse in the city, renting, of course, and living the life she’s always wanted… wait for it… party stylist for the stars! Woot! This girl’s got skills with a cosmetics brush and picking out the dream dress. And she stays fit by swimming laps in the balcony pool. *sigh* I wish.

MINEZ‘s Ameera Laghari still resides in Oasis Springs and works as a room attendant at the Burners and Builders Gym, mostly replenishing magazines and schmoozing with clients.

MINEZ‘ Aria Rhys is still singing to her heart’s content in the Springs, but she gets gigs all over and travels a bit. Lately, she’s been closer to home, working for the local symphony.

friendsfan367‘s Ali Morrison works as the team mascot for the Oasis Acres, women’s basketball team. She has a lot of fun with her job, and she’s still looking to adopt some cute critters.

MINEZ‘ Siri Beaumont is an artist en residence. She has leveled her painting abilities to 8. She’s hoping some of the local galleries might display her work.

My Simself’s kid sister, Nora Green is working as a line cook at the local Pizza Planet. Gotta start somewhere. Mmm… now I want the cheese. All the cheese pizza. 🙂 It helps that her boyfriend, MINEZ‘ Julian DeBateau is the senior manager of the business.

Over in San Myshuno… I’m getting the families settled in.

simcognito‘s Riley Cognito landed a job as a writing assistant. He’s chatting it up with some of the female tenants (one named Rebecca and the other named Aanya), pitching story ideas.

MadameLee‘s Anne Charming is sharing a pad with Shadami‘s Amy Cat. Anne started a blog, and gets paid as a freelancer to write articles. Amy isn’t quite sure what she wants to do yet, but to pay the rent, she’s working as an office assistant at Planet Honey Pop.

Zurka‘s Angela Smith works in the science department as a UFOlogist at The University of San Myshuno. Her husband Jon is working on the next big thing… trying to create a start-up with his entrepreneurial ideas.

I went to check in on LegacySims2017‘s Goober Nerdstrom and discovered one of the weirdest things to happen in my game. Somehow there was more than one Goober Nerdstrom and well, this happened when I loaded up. Jasmine Holiday was in the hallway, and here comes Grim. Goober killed his doppelganger perhaps? Though he looks a bit shocked here. And that’s pretty heavy for a petty thief.

The Reaper, in my Simworld, is actually many reapers, part of a race known as the Kr’v. Shameless plug for my Darkness May Dream story.

Checking in with the “Stuck in the 80s” Household… submitted by SoulGal7.

Courtney is now an intelligence researcher. She’s still looking for her soul mate, and has picked up the skill of video gaming. Maybe a date night at the arcade?

Lewis is a page two journalist. Lewis also enjoys video gaming, but he’s also beefing up on fitness for an article for the San Myshuno Daily Message.

Leon is a stylist consultant. Hmm… for the 80s hairdo? I’m loving it! Leon’s gained the most skills in charisma, DJ-ing, and logic.

Now introducing TheYayToast’s Carter family. I was forced to change the hair on the two ladies and an outfit piece or two because I don’t have the stuff packs the original stuff came in.

Here’s the bio YayToast provided: Cedric and Marie met in the lab. Sparks flew and it wasn’t just from a misaligned Tesla coil. The two have been inseparable ever since and strive to outdo each other as scientists. Will they be able to raise their family or will their competitive spirits keep them in the lab? 

Marie and Cedric are both junior tinkerers. Cedric wants to be a renaissance Sim. And his genius, perfectionist, quick learner traits might just help him get there. Plus he’s self-assured.

Also a genius and quick learner, Marie is ambitious and a bookworm, and she wants to be the ultimate nerd brain.

Eleanor is a genius whiz kid… and no doubt, she’s her parents’ daughter.

Only toddler Crispin is a bit on the wild side, spirited and full of energy, but that could change as he ages. We’ll see. This lovely family resides in the Hakim House Apartments.

TheYayToast also submitted her Simself, Ash Toast. This geeky girl is just looking for a place to write and find love in the city of San Myshuno. Her traits of geeky, creative, romantic might just help her out there. She’s also angling to be a bestselling author.

Unfortunately, I had to change a bit of her outfits around, but I’m already loving the hair, and can’t wait for Lizzie to interact with her. Ash is employed as an advice columnist (because I rolled at random).

On Friday evening, I hung out with one of my closest friends and we got talking about the Sims. She doesn’t play the game, but by the time I described all the fun I’m having writing this story, she insisted I create a character for her. Karleen Corey (name changed for privacy) is based on my real-life friend and with her permission, I’m adding her to this ISBI story. I moved her in with Ash because I love the look of the apartment, and it’s fitting for my friend.

Karleen is geeky, a goofball, and self-assured (because is she ever confident in real life! I’m actually super jealous!). I hope you grow to love her as I have, but we’ll see if Karleen is like her real-life counterpart. Of course, the first thing she did was sit down to research pick-up lines. Typical. Ha! Karleen’s aspiration in game is to be the chief of mischief, all in good fun.

John Schooner has come to the city to break into the tech field. He wants to create the next great video game. A geek at heart, John also enjoys dabbling in art, reading, and knowing lots of random facts. He’s great at trivia nights. Oh and he’s Lizzie’s cousin!

So John is based on another good friend of mine, with his permission, similar to Karleen. People often mistake us for siblings or cousins so we joked around on Friday night that we should be related in game, especially if Karleen is going to be a character. 😉

So John is now Lizzie’s cousin, and his dad, Jude, is Essie’s brother (based on a combination of two uncles of mine). You can download John over at my gallery page. John’s aspiration is nerd brain because he wants to know all the stuffs.

Here’s his dad. Jude Schooner. And he’s no slouch either. He lives in an adorable yellow house in Newcrest, about an hour and a half away from Lizzie’s parents. Jude is divorced, and now that his son’s moved to San Myshuno, he’s open to dating again. Jude was a dot-com pioneer and wants to be a computer whiz. His traits are genius, ambitious, active, and quick learner. You can download Jude over at my gallery page.

John’s got some roomies, submitted by MINEZ/writerboy08. I found it funny once I typed the names, Schooner, Marks, and Fernandez. It sounds like a law firm. Anyhoo, they live at 701 Zen View.

Here’s their backstory: Lauryn and Izzie (Issador) are a city couple through and through. Izzie is loves his morning jogs through the city and is the life of any party. He works in Public Relations with hopes of earning a promotion soon to prepare for his upcoming nuptials. His fiance, Lauryn is an aspiring writer who is currently working at firm as an editor to make ends meet. She loves helping writers complete their story even though she hasn’t finished hers.

I’ve added the new households to the character page. I’m still looking to fill up some more spots so if anyone has Sims they’d still like to submit, I’d appreciate it. And you have time. Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to starting chapters for you soon.


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