Welcome to the LASL Neighborhood

Hey readers, some final updates for Livin’ A Simmin’ Life before I post the first chapter tomorrow. I wanted to make mention of the newly added households. I rolled at random with the remaining unoccupied apartments I had left so I could place the new households.

Welcome to the neighborhood – Munter Bacon and his old boy, Dash, submitted by Munterbacon. Munter is the head mixologist at the Waterside Warbler, though he dreams of being a bestselling author… because where else should aspiring authors move than the exciting city of San Myshuno? 🙂 He’s a fledge linguist with an interest in cooking, gardening, fitness, and comedy.

As I already said, I rolled at random to place these newest Sims. So guess who Munter’s next door neighbor is? I guess it’s so he can keep an eye on LegacySims2017‘s Goober. 😉

More pictures of Munter and Dash. I just love this one. They autonomously decided to go to Myshuno Meadows park together. Isn’t this the sweetest? 

As I leave Munter on the end of his first day, he’s enjoying a bowl of salted peas and his amazing view of Uptown while Dash rests his head after an active afternoon in the park.

Welcome Annie Rock and her adorable cat, Ollie. I just love that little top hat, don’t you? Annie was submitted by Rockannie, and I took the liberty of naming her Annie Rock in game. I can’t have too many Simselves running around. 😉 Lol. Annie is a genius, domestic, cat lover who dreams of having one big happy family. Maybe she can find love and happiness in the city.

I rolled at random for Annie’s skills and career. Annie is a charismatic paralegal who enjoys unwinding with some karaoke, and she has an interest in logic.

Lizzie even met up with Annie for a girls night. The two sung a duet ballad while MINEZ‘ Aria watched and cheered them on.

And finally, weclome Bugsie Sims (a variation of the name) and her sweet dog, Millie. They just moved in to Medina Suites next door to the Stuck in the 80’s household. Bugsie wants to be a painter extraordinaire so I gave her an easel.

It was late when I checked in with Bugsie so she pretty much went to sleep right away, and Millie crawled up and under the bed. Shy, maybe? Bugsie is a canvas creator, rolling the highest out of five possible options for her career as a painter. She also has recently taken up an interest in baking.

That’s all for now folks. Check back tomorrow for the first official chapter of Part Two. 🙂


24 thoughts on “Welcome to the LASL Neighborhood

    • Ah… I see why you’re confused. So this is a last minute update before my first official chapter of Part Two. You may totally still submit Sims or hold off for future arcs. You can submit a Simself or a Sim creation or creations. I am not picky and I certainly don’t want to hamper anyone’s creative expression. I’ll take them all. 🙂

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