City Goal #1 Find Place (LASL)

Hello readers. It has been awhile since I wrote, but I wanted to update you. 

Scrap that! What a cliche start! Haha. I’ll just get straight to the point.

When Joseph asked me out at my sister’s wedding, I wanted to say yes immediately, of course. All the feelings I had for him prior to Rob the-man-who-shall-not-be-mentioned flooded back, and I was happy again. I was happy on my own too, before, but I was especially happy when he asked me to his girlfriend.

But I wanted to be sure… really sure that this was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to hurt him again. I couldn’t do that to him again. So I did the only thing a girl can do…

I talked to everyone and asked for advice. Joseph said he’d patiently, but anxiously await my decision. I promised him I wouldn’t make him wait long. Mom was still mildly stressed about Lee’s wedding, even though the festivities went smoothly. She said she always liked Joseph… and his coffee-brewing skills. Dad was buzzed from the big event, and he burst into song, serenading me awkwardly. Oh Dad. [Insert eye roll here]. He did have one lucid moment telling me that he would support whatever decision I made. I didn’t want to bother Lee but we managed to catch each other in the kitchen.

Are you sure you don’t mind?” I asked, hesitantly. “It’s your wedding day. I don’t want to steal your thunder.”

Nonsense, little sister,” Lee hugged me. “He’s a good guy. I’d say go for it.”

And of course, Nora was over Luna. She was mostly there because of Julian, but even so, she was happy for me.

Finally coming around again?” she smirked. “You and I both snagged great guys!” she swooned as I got a glass of water from the kitchen sink.

We did…didn’t we?” I grinned.

When I called Cathy Tea, she reminded me to keep an open mind. Sugar Maple Bough said to feel the rhythms of life within me… sounded like her. I’m pretty sure the rhythms of life were saying yes, go for it!

It was our turn to be over Luna. Joseph was so excited, he began jumping up and down, startling me. I couldn’t help but share in his enthusiasm.

Lizzie, you have no idea how happy this makes me!”

I had no idea you still cared about me.”

Are you kidding? Lizzie… I always cared. I never stopped.” 

It warmed my heart so much that I instantly kissed him. Joseph, then told me, that he managed to finally sell his house. He would be moving to San Myshuno permanently… and would I move in with him? The publishing company was in San Myshuno and I could write from anywhere, and the thought of being separated from Joseph again was too much to bear.

Too fast?”

Joseph… I’ve done fast and I’ve done slow, but I think I like fast.

He swept me up into his arms as I squealed happily. “Then fast it is.”

We flew up to San Myshuno for a long weekend to look for apartments. Something in our price range. Something close to Joseph’s work. Something with an office space option. Something close to public transportation since I would be relying on it… at least initially, until I could buy a car. You wouldn’t believe the parking prices here in the City! I’m getting off track.

We looked at about a dozen little places before finally ending up in the Spice Quarter. It’s not the best part of town, but it’s right on the water, the Myshuno Harbor. Honestly the view took my breath away. The blue-green waters and the mountains in the distance, the way the sunlight filtered through the trees, and the way the buildings towered over our heads.

“What are you thinking?” Joseph asked.

“I’m thinking…” I stood perfectly still, admiring the incredible view. “I could get used to looking at this everyday.”

Joseph walked out to the railing. “I could get used to looking at you everyday.”

I giggled.

“I say we take it,” I decided. “It’s a little noisy here, and the apartment isn’t in the best shape,  but the place is in our budget, plus this is…”

“Homey…somehow,” he finished for me.

“Can’t beat that view either,” I grinned.

Sunday morning arrived in full bloom. Everything was alive with color and on the edge of summer. Joseph said he had a surprise for me. He said to wear something memorable. I decided it was as good a time as any to wear the little black dress Sage helped me select.

Ever the early bird, Joseph wanted to take me to the surprise at the crack of dawn. I was beginning to wish that I had worn a sweater to keep my arms warm. The early morning fog was accompanied by a light breeze.

We took the train over to Myshuno Meadows, a lovely little park on the edge of town, overlooking the Sound. I soon forgot how cold I felt when the sunshine broke through the clouds onto the pristine blue waters. Two white swans floated effortlessly across the surface. Joseph guided me to a beautiful little location in the middle of the gardens. I had no idea such natural beauty existed in the city.

“This is amazing,” I exclaimed.

He kept checking his phone for some reason, possibly wanting to keep track of time. We did have a flight this afternoon. I stepped forward and inhaled the scent of lavender, jasmine, and hyacinths as the sun drifted through the treeline. Butterflies danced among the flowers.

“Are you seeing this?” I inquired, watching the sun rise.

“Yeah…” Joseph seemed distracted as he cleared his throat. “Yes.”

“What’s wrong?” I turned and frowned.

Joseph had pulled a notebook from his pocket and seemed to be perusing the pages.

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m just trying to remember the lines.”

“What lines?”

“The lines where I profess my undying love and ask you to marry me.”

“Wait… what?” my heart caught in my chest.

Joseph shoved his book back in his pocket and pulled something else out as he knelt.

“It’s as simple as this. Lizzie Green?”

“Will you marry me…”

He held up the shiniest ring I had ever seen.


“Today?” I repeated, in surprise.

“I had this whole speech prepared and everything and I’m probably butchering it right now and this isn’t at all romantic. The truth is… I don’t want to wait to be with you, Lizzie. I don’t want to do that whole long engagement thing. I did that with Summer… shoot!” he dropped his gaze for a moment, like he briefly lost his nerve. “I said I wouldn’t mention her… this is the worst proposal ever, mentioning my ex-girlfriend like that…” he muttered.

“Are you… okay?” I tried to smother a laugh.

“No… no I am not okay…” Joseph stood up with the most serious look on his face.

“Joseph…” I began, but he cut me off by lifting his hand.

“…I can’t be eloquent so… marry me, Lizzie Green? Make me the happiest man…” he lifted his hands to his heart as his voice cracked with emotion. “…on Simterra?”

I leaned forward into him, stopping his words with a kiss. Joseph was right. It was that simple.

“Is that a yes?” he hesitated.

“Well, it sure isn’t a no,” I laughed. “Yes… yes… Joseph… I’ll marry you… today even.”

“Good, cuz I already talked the justice of the peace into meeting us here at the gazebo,” Joseph sighed.

“Then let’s not keep him waiting,” I grinned.

“Oh wait! I promised your folks a picture,” Joseph pulled out his phone.

“They know?”

“They know. I had a long chat with your parents before we left.”

“Oh you did, huh?”

“Yeah, your mom was way scarier.”

I laughed, and poked him in the ribs. “We’re doing this? We’re eloping?”

“Yeah, we’re doing this!”

We found our place in the city… and in more than one way. 🙂

What’s up, Internet? We’re getting married! 

Author Notes: Hey readers, welcome to the official start of Part Two: City Livin’. Thanks for reading. This wasn’t the plan, but when is it the plan ever with TS4 legacies? Both Lizzie and Joseph rolled whims to get engaged, and then to elope. Joseph proposed first, but due to some glitch, he had to ask her again. It was okay though. She said yes, of course. I got super lucky with all those amazing screenshots. I hope you enjoyed. This chapter featured Lizzie Green and LegacySims2017’s Joseph Simself

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