Goal #9 : Throw an Epic House Party (LASL)

Simcember arrived moderately cooler than the preceding months. We decorated the apartment with lights, garland, and a tree we picked out at the Thyme Square tree lot. I made paper snowflakes, and Joseph hung red and gold ornaments handed down for several generations in his family. We wore our ugly Christmas sweaters and played silly holiday tunes like Frosty the Snowman and Santa Claus is Coming to Town to bring about the festive spirit. I tried my hand at baking a fruitcake, and a good one at that, though I can’t be blamed if it tastes too sweet because of the pregnancy hormones. Shh! Don’t tell anyone. I love that excuse!

Currently, Joseph was working on a major ad campaign for the Myshuno Metropolitan Ballet. He was pretty humble about it, but the campaign was big stuff. I was so proud of him. His boss was so impressed that Joseph scored tickets to see the Nutcracker. It makes me so happy to see his pieces around town. Sometimes, I even stand in the pouring rain to admire his work when I’m returning from morning errands or an afternoon walk.

There’s something about winter rains that make everything more beautiful, adding a dreamy quality. Passerbyers and city dwellers rush to and fro, popping up umbrellas and cursing beneath their breath, but I just stand there, soaking it all in. Joseph says I need to be careful with the baby. When I arrive home dripping wet, he worries. Me? Not so much. The falling droplets of water warm my soul.

Joseph and I celebrated our first Christmastide together as a married couple. It was fairly uneventful… No more flames. Thank the Maker! With the help of John, my cousin, I was able to get Blicblock, Hillock II, and MySims Go! posters signed by the creators for Joseph. John even helped me hang the frames on the wall above Joseph’s desk as a surprise on the eve of Christmastide.

My surprise was a all-black cat. Oh I was so happy! We even found the perfect name for our precious kitty – Dulcinea… or Dulcie for short. She already has warmed our hearts. She loves to be petted and brushed, and she enjoys sleeping beneath the Christmas tree at night. We set up the camera tripod and this was the best picture we could get. Happy Holidays from the Green-Simselves. 🙂

On the afternoon of Christmastide, we decided to throw a party. More surprises awaited me, but first, before our guests arrived, Joseph stole a kiss beneath the mistletoe.

“You look radiant,” he smiled.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I replied, plucking a piece of Dulcie’s cat hair from his sweater.

“No really… these candles have nothing on you,” he said.

“Must be pregnancy glow,” I sighed, and fanned myself, “If it gets any hotter in here, I’ll have to blow out all the candles… or you’ll have to take off your sweater, hot stuff… one or the other,” I winked. “I can’t decide.”

Karleen arrived first. She picked some fun Christmas tunes and began dancing by herself by the coffee table. Nora and Julian arrived next, Nora bragging about how she still fit into her bridesmaids’ gown from Lee’s wedding. She looked great, but there was no way I’d fit into that dress again. I opted for a simple black blouse and evergreen skirt for the evening, but I was beginning to regret my choice of shoes – high heels. Lee surprised us by flying in all the way from Deutchsimland and with big news of her own! She was expecting also. I was so overcome, I jumped up and down and hugged her dramatically.

“We can raise our babies together!” I exclaimed.

“I know,” Lee smiled. “We’re thinking of moving back to the SimNation. I got a job at the national office so we can visit more often. That’s why Sammy isn’t here tonight. He’s busy making all the arrangements.”

“Oh,” I beamed. “This is a great Christmas present. You’re only three time zones away instead of six. We can talk on the phone more often.”

“Definitely, I need all the help I can get with this little one on the way,” Lee patted her stomach.

“I feel left out,” Nora said loudly.

Julian looked uncomfortable. I wasn’t sure where they were at in their relationship.

Lee and I chatted for awhile, and I shared some of my tips for curing nausea and dizziness, and staying healthy. My editor, Lauryn kept Joseph entertained at the table with stories about the publishing world. Angela Smith made an appearance in a knockout red dress, bringing a plate of peppermint canes, though she was upset because she was allergic to cats, and Dulcie seemed to like her. Munter showed up and threw shy, but flirtatious glances in the direction of Karleen, which she, of course, relished. Cathy also managed to stop by in between galas. The woman was so busy with all her writing these days that it was a wonder I saw her at all.

Angela seemed more herself after sipping on her Star Nut coffee. Our Cafe Immodere was on the fritz so Joseph picked up three dozen coffees from a street vendor because what’s a party without coffee. 😉 Julian kept Angela occupied until her husband, John arrived, asking about her important scientific work. Karleen managed to convince Munter to dance, just not with her. They weren’t in the holding hands stage of their relationship yet, I guess.

“Are you okay?” Ali inquired when Riley dropped to the ground almost immediately after arriving at the party.

“Cute shoes!” he remarked. “White is an angelic choice.”

Ali was thoroughly confused as he continued to do push-ups.

Ali and Riley wandered to the main gathering area where everyone seemed to be dancing. Even Anne busted a few moves.

“No no no,” Siri clicked her tongue and shook her head. “This is how it’s done.”

“Are you a sister too?” Angela asked of Karleen.

“Oh no,” Karleen responded. “I wish. Lizzie and I are close enough to be like sisters though.”

“Isn’t it nice to have the Green sisters all back together again?” Lee remarked.

“Do you have siblings, Angela?” I inquired right as Julian decided to walk in front of me.

“We all know who the most important Green sister is Nora,” Julian smirked.

“Aren’t they romantic!” Anne cooed. “I wish it would happen to me.” She glanced over at Riley. “Are you single?”

“Uh…” was all Riley could manage to say.

“Really?” Siri said sarcastically. “You just ask someone if they’re single just like that?”

“Why not?” Anne shrugged. “No reason to waste time.”

“Uh… hey… ladies?” Riley rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

“Shush! I saw you first,” Siri remarked boldly. “You should come over here so we can dance.” She swayed her hips.

“Hey, hey, no arguments at the party,” Joseph grinned. “Anne, you’re looking great in that dress tonight. And oh, you should meet someone. Do you know Munter?” he waved his hand in the direction of Mr. Bacon. “And Riley… I think Sugar is looking for you,” he bobbed his head toward the table.

“She is?” Riley squeaked and walked off.

“Say Ali, when was the last time you and Siri caught up?” Joseph inquired.

“Uh… we’re roommates,” Ali giggled. “Siri, what do reindeer hang on their Christmas trees? Horn-a-ments!”

Both Siri and Ali snickered.

I mouthed a ‘thank you’ in the direction of my husband. John and I chatted on the couch about his entrepreneurial pursuits. These days he was working as an independent consultant, coaching up and coming programmers and video game designers. I wished my cousin John was here. He would love to chat with John. Unfortunately tonight, my cousin was in Newcrest visiting his dad. Even so, I got a card from John to give to John. The two might be able to work on some sort of project together.

“That Munter says he’s seeing someone,” Anne said in a huff collapsing on the couch next to John. “This is why I am queen of the single ladies club. Are you seeing anyone these days, Aria? You should join.”

“No thank you,” Aria said. “I’m pretty busy with my musical pursuits these days.”

“I’d join the Single Ladies Club,” Riley smirked with his hand on his hip.

I think he had one too many hard eggnogs.

“What are you doing later tonight?” Karleen inquired of Munter.

“I don’t have any plans,” Munter shrugged. “Gotta run home and feed Dash.”

“Do you need any help with that?” Karleen inquired, her tone, coy.

“Uh… well… sure… I guess,” he said, sheepishly. “If it’s not out of your way to go by Uptown.”

“It’s never out of my way,” she beamed, her cheeks flushed.

“How are you ladies doing? Can I get you anything?” Joseph inquired.

“Such the perfect host!” Lauryn purred. “Lizzie is so lucky.”

“Did you see my man?” Nora exclaimed. “He gives me foot rubs and lavender bubble baths every night,” she bragged.

“Lavender makes me sneeze,” Sugar sniffled. “I would appreciate another glass of water, Joseph.”

“Sure thing,” he said.

“I brought you a muffin,” Munter said, offering the snack to Lee. “I heard you were hungry.”

“Oh thank you,” she smiled. “What a gentleman!”

“It’s blueberry oatmeal,” he added.

“I wish my husband would bring me muffins,” Angela sighed, looking over to where John was deep in conversation with Aria.

“Oh we’re not married,” Lee protested. “My husband Sammy is over in the Sim Union. He’ll be back for the New Year.”

“What are you up to these days, Cathy?” Joseph asked.

“Oh! I am completely aghase,” Cathy said, laying her hand across her heart. “I flew to Simoula last weekend for research for my Simoulan boy band story. I met the most incredible manager. She was so wonderful we talked for hours and hours. Somehow I still managed to have time to sleep and eat. I hope you’ll read it when I publish.”

“Of course,” Joseph replied.

You better watch out!” Nora sang loudly and off-key.

You better not cry!” Karleen responded.

“Uh oh!” Lauryn grimaced.

“Someone’s had too much nog,” Siri smirked.

You better not shout I’m telling you why!” Nora screeched.

“It’s pout,” Angela interjected. “Pout.”

Santa Claus is coming to town!” Karleen was practically screaming with delight.

I was suddenly questioning the merits of serving spiked eggnog. Then again, I didn’t bring the beverage. Julian did.

“When in Rome,” Lauryn said, loosening her arms and cracking her neck.

“I can dig this beat,” Sugar smiled, snapping her fingers. “Sugar Plum fairies… that violin is wicked sweet.”

“Oh how appropriate!” I gushed.

“I wanted to see the Nutcracker!” Ali exclaimed. “All the little mice are adorable. And the Mouse King!” she sighed. “How do you get tickets?”

“How do you get tickets!” I threw my hands up in the air. “Let me tell you about Joseph’s current ad campaign.”

My husband just grinned as he helped himself to a cup of coffee.

“Sing, Lizzie, sing!” Lauryn exclaimed.

“Oh no! No no no… no singing at my own Christmas party,” I shook my head.

“Why not?” Aria inquired. “You have a lovely voice.”

“You’re one to talk,” I replied. “You should sing, Aria.”

Aria flushed, but we encouraged her to try.

The hills are alive! With the sound of music!” Aria burst into song.

“That’s not a Christmas song,” Ali made a face.

“Oh please, more!” Riley encouraged, clapping his hands.

“Dulcie! Off!” Joseph said sternly.

“Aww… it’s a party,” Karleen cooed. “Let her have her fun.”

“I’m allergic… to… kitties…” Nora said through gritted teeth.

“When did you get a cat?” Julian inquired.

“I’ve never been to a party like this,” Munter said. “It’s really nice to be with friends.”

“We’re glad you came,” Karleen answered for my husband and I as she grinned sweetly in Munter’s direction.

“Happy Christmas everyone!” Lee pumped her fist in the air, startling Dulcie.

“That’s the holiday spirit!” Joseph said, enthusiastically. “Happy Christmas!” he repeated.

“Happy Christmas!” everyone exclaimed in unison.

“How can you not like Fiddler on the Roof?” Riley grumbled in the background as Aria listed off her least-favorite musicals.

“You better be the best man at Julian’s and my wedding,” Nora insisted. “And you better throw Julian an epic bachelor party.”

“Uh hon? He’s having a kid soon. Probably doesn’t want to think about bachelor parties,” Julian said awkwardly.

“Shouldn’t you let the groom pick his best man?” Siri interjected.

“I was thinking that too,” Munter remarked. “But Joseph would look great in a tux. I’d ask him to be best mate at my wedding too.”

“Oh you’re getting married?” Nora said, her eyes widening, sounding slightly annoyed someone was stealing her thunder.

“I do look great in a tux,” Joseph said, confidently.

“So do I,” Sugar smirked.

“Sugar! You didn’t have to get us anything!” I exclaimed.

“Oh but I wanted to. It’s called a baby-moon,” Sugar explained, sliding the papers in my pocket. “You and Joseph deserve one last vacation before you blow up like a balloon.”

“Seriously,” I clicked my tongue. “You’re amazing, Sugar! Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, honey,” Sugar replied as we embraced.

“I’m ready to head out if you are,” Munter said.

“Oh, right,” Karleen winked dramatically. “I’m right behind you.”

“Hey, where are we going?” Riley inquired, inserting himself between the two.

“Good night, every…one…” I waved between yawns. “Oo…I’m tired, but I don’t know if I can sleep.”

“Some peppermint schnapps should help,” Julian joked.

Angela gasped. “She’s pregnant! She can’t! Aren’t you practically her brother in law? You should know better.”

Julian chuckled awkwardly.

Curious Dulcie. What are the shinies? 

“Time for the after party!” Julian exclaimed.

“You do realize your girlfriend left already, right?” Angela huffed.

“This has been a wonderful party, Joseph, thanks for inviting me,” Lee smiled.

“It was a great surprise for Lizzie,” Joseph replied. “And congratulations again!”

“Let me know if you need some help babysitting the little one when he or she arrives,” Anne offered graciously.

“Maybe I should reconsider Sim City and move here,” Lee teased. “If you’re offering free babysitting.”

“Oh, I’d be happy to watch the kiddos,” Sugar interjected. “The little ones would have such fun in my home. I’m sure Cathy would offer some help too.”

“Count me out,” Siri wrinkled her nose. “Can’t have diapers stinking up my art studio.”

John graciously stayed and did the dishes.

Bye bye, Dulcie. Dad and Mom need to unwrap their last gift… alone…

Author Note: Okay long chapter, but thanks for reading. I enjoyed following everyone around at the party and watching their moods and creating their dialogue. This was a fun chapter. Thanks LegacySims2017 for letting me use his Sim-cat, Dulcie. She’s precious. I love her!

This chapter featured John Schooner, Karleen Corey, Nora Green, and Lee Green-Sarafin, my created Sims, LegacySims2017’s Joseph Simself and Dulcie, MINEZ’s Julian DeBateau, Siri Beaumont, Aria Rhys, Lauryn Marks, CathyTea‘s Cathy Tea and Sugar Maple Bough, Munter Bacon‘s Munter Bacon, Zurka’s John and Angela Smith, friendsfan367‘s Ali Morrison, simscognito’s Riley Cognito, and MadameLee‘s Anne Charming. What a great cast! Happy holidays… in May! 😛


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  1. I’m so happy that Lizzie finally got her kitty. Dulcie is such a beautiful black cat. Perfect Christmas gift. What an awesome party! Everyone looked like they were filled with holiday spirit and had so much fun.


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