Side Tracks: For Better or For Worse, Part 1 (Lizzie & Joseph)

We tried to stick to our routines while on vacation.  The doctor recommended I try and keep as much normalcy as possible.  I was still experiencing unexplained dizzy spells. The best we could figure was the growing pressure on my insides and possibly high blood pressure. For this reason,  I was determined to eat healthy, stay hydrated,  get good sleep,  and relax as often as I could.

Joseph would still go on his morning runs while I slept in and took bubble baths. Sometimes I’d order room service.  Sometimes I ate breakfast in the lobby so I could listen to the sweet tickle of the ivories. The hotel employed a pianist. It was nice to sit and eat from the breakfast buffet and listen to relaxing music. Usually Joseph would join me after his shower and he always had tales of someone or something he saw while out and about.

“Cathy says hi,” he’d say… or… “Sage sends her love.”

Sage was bummed to be out of the country when we threw a Christmastime party.  She promised to catch the next one,  and if no one had arranged yet,  she wanted to throw me an epic baby shower in the new year.

Typically,  Joseph would stop at the coffee bar in the hotel restaurant in the AM. It was a good place to get strong coffee and mingle with festival and/or hotel guests.  Everyday he happened to run into a friend or two. On the second day of our stay, he met Courtney Neon on the steps in front of the hotel.

“Holy wow!” she exclaimed,  checking out Joseph’s glistening upper half.  “I bet you hear this a lot,” she grinned.  “But you must workout.”

Joseph chuckled. “I run everyday.  Keeps me in shape.”

“And looking like that,” she remarked,  distracted by his figure. “Makes me want to start running again.”

“You’re welcome to join me… if you can keep up,” Joseph winked. “I have yet to meet someone who can keep up.”

“Sounds like a challenge,” she grinned. “I used to run marathons.”

“Ladies and gentlemen,  we have a contender,” Joseph exclaimed.

The hotel lobby left their Christmas tree up. The air felt festive. While waiting for Joseph, I chatted with the pianist. His name was Don Baxter. He was from Oasis Springs, my hometown, but his cousin worked in San Myshuno so they were thinking about moving to the city. He had been a police detective, but he was taking some time off after a work injury and pursuing his hobby – playing the piano.

“You’re quite talented,” I remarked. “I wish I hadn’t given up piano.”

“You play?” Don arched a brow.

“I did,” I chuckled weakly. “I was horrible. I can’t coordinate my right and left hand for the life of me.”

“It’s not that hard with practice,” Don shrugged.

“True. I do have a fine appreciation for music of all kinds. I actually really like singing,” I replied.

“Ah…  très bon,” Don kissed his fingers. “You should sing with me.”

“What!?” I giggled awkwardly. “No, I can’t. Not here.”

“Why not? I would be happy to accompany a très beau femme.”

“I…don’t know…” I flushed.

“Don’t be shy,” he said.

“I think the likelihood of me singing in public other than karaoke with friends is right up there with playing the piano again,” I laughed.

“I’d be happy to give you some private lessons,” Don said, lowering his voice.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were flirting with me,” I joked.

“What if I am?” Don smiled charmingly, leaning across the piano.

I didn’t have time to respond because Joseph appeared suddenly, a grimace on his face.

“I’d have to say… back off, buddy! She’s my wife,” he snipped.

“Oh you are married!” Don exclaimed. “My apologies.”

“That’s right, walk away and leave her alone,” Joseph grunted as sat down on the couch with his breakfast and put his hand on my leg.

Pardon,” Don said, a bit of pink in his cheeks. “Enjoy your breakfast.”

“I will. I will enjoy my breakfast with my wife,” Joseph glared at the man.

As soon as Don turned, I scooted away from Joseph.

“The man apologized,” I protested.

“I don’t like men flirting with you.”

“He didn’t know I was married. He was very polite about it.”

“I don’t care. You’re my wife and he has no business flirting with you.”

“Joseph,” I huffed. “You don’t have to be so possessive.”

“But you are my wife.”

“And you’re my husband, but sheesh! I don’t tell everyone every five seconds.”

“Now you’re exaggerating.”

“And you’re getting on my nerves.”

Joseph glared in the direction of the piano. “Do you think he’s good looking?”

“What does that have to do with anything?” I threw my hands up in the air.

“Do you think he’s good looking?” he repeated.

“Joseph, I’m with you. It doesn’t matter what I think or don’t think about Don. I’d say you’re jealous for no reason.  Are you sure you aren’t suffering from pregnancy hormones?” I teased, trying to lighten the mood.

“Liz, be serious!” Joseph raised his voice.  “How do I know more guys aren’t flirting with you?  How do I know you’re not enjoying it too?”

“Now wait a minute,” I huffed. “This is supposed to be a romantic vacation and instead we’re spending all this time apart.”

“And whose fault is that?” he grumbled.

“I can’t believe you don’t trust me,” I exclaimed. “What about you?” I pointed a finger accusingly. “Should I start asking you what you’re doing on your runs in the morning? Oogling any hot women?”

“You’re not being fair!” Joseph snipped.

“Really? Really?  I’m not being fair? You’re… You’re. ..gah!” I sputtered. “You’re impossible! I’m going up to the room,” I shook my head and left in a huff, drawing the attention of several nearby individuals.

Joseph tried to follow me upstairs but I told him not to bother.  He stomped back down the stairs,  passing an eccentric looking gentleman in a red print jacket.

“Domestic troubles?” the man inquired in a low and edgy voice,  revealing his pointy incisors as he grinned.

A vampire?  Joseph was startled. In San Myshuno?

“You know what the solution is,” the man continued.  “Broader horizons.”

“Whatever,” Joseph didn’t want to deal with strange vampire suggestions.

“Just trying to help,” the man held Joseph’s wrist. “Can I give you some advice? Never commit to just one person.”

Joseph grabbed his arm back and continued down the stairs. “Excuse me.”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading everyone. The titles are getting difficult with the content of these chapters since I’ve been goal-oriented thus far. I decided to, at least temporarily, get rid of the goal related chapter titles. Some trouble in paradise for young lovers, Lizzie and LegacySims2017’s Joseph Simself. This chapter also featured SoulGal7‘s Courtney Neon and game-generated/edited townie, Don Lothario Baxter.


12 thoughts on “Side Tracks: For Better or For Worse, Part 1 (Lizzie & Joseph)

  1. Uh oh a lovers spat. Joe was a bitten by the green eyed monster it seems. These things happen in all marriages and I’m sure they will make up.

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