Goal #21: Make Future Plans (LASL)

Lizzie slides off the table
“So what’s the verdict?”

I asked the doctor as I slid off the exam room table. Finally, I managed to make it to my appointment. The doctor asked me a multitude of questions, the same ones the nurse asked, and the same ones the paperwork I filled out asked. I was beginning to wonder why they needed so many checks and balances as it was growing tiresome to answer everything multiple times. She seemed polite enough, but I missed my normal doctor. Even so, I patiently succumbed to questions and tests. Always more tests. They could charge me a fortune with tests.

“Wait here,” the doctor requested. “I’m going to get a second opinion.”

A second opinion? I gasped. As the medical professional left the room, my brain went to all sorts of terrifying places. Oh dear! What if I was sick? What if I didn’t fully recover? What if I was slipping back into ghost mode? I just felt happy again. I couldn’t let that happen. I called Joseph last night and left him a message. Actually I called three times. He didn’t answer, but I left him a voicemail each time telling him how sorry I was and begged him for a second chance. I told him I was coming home if he still wanted me. I frowned. I couldn’t lose that opportunity. Not yet. Did I have cancer? Or worse? EXCES?

new doctor
A new doctor appeared, this one much older than the last, but wearing the same attire as the first. I wondered if this hospital had some sort of uniform. I also wondered about the white coats. Then again, Caelen didn’t practice in a white coat.

“Just give it to me straight, doc,” I said, gritting my teeth and bracing for impact.

“Congratulations, Mrs. Green,” he smiled. “You are expecting.”

“Expecting what?” I frowned.

“Babies,” he announced.

I nearly fell back into the table. “That’s impossible. Wait? Did you say babies?”

“Yes, as in more than one,” he replied. “I think it would be best if you take it easy, but I wouldn’t worry if I were you. You’re perfectly healthy.”

“More than… one…” I laid my hand across my stomach in total shock. “How long?”

“You’re about…” the doctor checked my chart. “…two months along. I’m writing you a prescription for prenatals…” he scribbled on apiece of paper.

The night of Cathy and Amy’s wedding! The timing dawned on me. I twisted my lower lip wistfully. What a happy blessing to come out of such a horrible night!

“Babies,” I slipped back into my pants. “I’m going to be a mom.”

“Yes you are,” the doctor winked at me as he tore off the prescription and handed it in my direction. “Of three.”

Joseph jogging

The earliest flight he could get on left at two-thirty. It would have to do. In the meantime, he jogged around the park, thinking through everything he wanted to tell Lizzie. Something poetic would be nice, but he wasn’t sure he could come up with something in time. It would need to be from his heart. That wasn’t hard. The hard part would be waiting for her answer. His cell phone jingled. Plucking it from his pocket, he answered.

Joseph answers the phone
“Mr. Simself?”


“Joseph Simself? Hi my name is Justin Delgado. I am the president of Sims.tv.”

“Hello Mr. Delgado, it’s great to hear from you. Although I was expecting to hear from your sales manager.”

“Well, let me tell you something. The reason I’m calling Joseph is I would like to interview you for the position of senior vice president of digital advertising and sales management for our company. My hiring manager was so impressed with your interview that he sent me your information and after reviewing it, I wanted to call you. When would you be available to interview?”

“Oh wow! Thank you. Um… thank you!” Joseph exclaimed. “I would be available at your earliest convenience… uh…” he glanced at his watch. “…I’m flying back East to meet my wife tonight, in Wintonborough, sir. So perhaps after the weekend?”

“Well, let me tell you something. I live in Brindleton Bay when I’m not traveling to San Myshuno for work, and it just so happens that I’m in Brindleton this weekend. It may be a little unorthodox, but would you like to come interview in my home? Brindleton is only about a day’s drive from Wintonborough, but I don’t want to intrude on weekend plans.”

“No definitely. I mean. Yes, I can come interview with you. I actually fly into Olde Towne for my layover, but I could arrange my flight to end there. I’d rent a car to drive Wintonborough but stop in Brindleton. What’s your address?”

When he hung up the phone, he did a little happy dance. Things were looking up.

Lizzie fishing

I cast my line for the second time out into the water. There was something very down-to-earth about catching one’s supper. I would truly miss Wintonborough and all its beauty, but the city was tugging on my heart again. I was ready to go home. Tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

Tonight, I would be having my last dinner with Lee and Sammy and baby Presley. My mother and Nora were coming too, both in town for a food expo, Mom as a food critic, and Nora as a chef. I felt incredibly peaceful. I was going to be a mom.

And not just any mom. A mom of triplets. My heart leaped for joy. It more than made up for everything that happened. I wondered what Joseph would say when I told him. He still hadn’t answered his phone.

Mom hugs lizzie

“Lizzie, my daughter, you’re beautiful,” Mom said as she wrapped me in a hug.

“Mom, hi… thank you,” I embraced her. “How’s the food expo?”

“Delicious, though not as good as these fish for dinner are going to be,” Mom smiled. “Where does Sammy keep the spare poles?”

“Up by the porch,” I nodded. “I’m glad you’re here, Mom.”

“Me too, Lizzie,” Mom smiled. “I think all my daughters will have babies by the middle of next year.”

“Mom!” I exclaimed. “Who told you?”

“Lee had her suspicions and just look at you,” Mom squeezed my hands, her eyes moistening with tears. “You’re radiant. Such a healthy pregnancy glow.”

Lizzie fishes with family

All four Green women fished for their dinner. Mom and I had more luck than Nora, who was still acting a bit prissy about the worm on her hook.

“It’s alive,” she wrinkled her nose.

“It’s the cycle of life,” Lee replied.

“Grow up,” I teased.

“Don’t…I… like being the baby,” Nora pouted.

“You can’t be the baby and have a baby,” I rolled my eyes.

“Right… babies are messy and dirty and motherhood could be slimy,” Lee teased.

“Ugh! Not unless I’m having an alien,” Nora wailed.

“Oh my daughters, just enjoy the moment,” Mom cut in.

The horizon was breathtaking. Gold hues sparkled against the blue waters. There was something very grounding about watching the sun set and fishing for one’s meal. I made a point to include something similar in my next story.

“So do I get to be the fun aunt?” Nora asked.

“To whom?” Lee asked.

“Lizzie’s kids!”

“Sheesh! Cat outta the bag, much, mom?”I rolled my eyes.

“Hey what about Presley?” Lee protested.

“Well, do I?” Nora asked.

We all laughed.

Lizzie and Mom chat

“I’m thinking of changing my name to Simself,” I said.

It was after supper. Mom and I lay in the grass, gazing up at the clouds and watching the sunset over the Simsapeake Bay.

“It’s your choice, daughter,” Mom replied.

“Really?” I leaned over on my elbow so I could see my mother’s face. “You don’t think it’s weird for a legacy? My legacy?”

“That’s just it,” Mom said. “It’s not just your legacy. It’s Joseph’s too.”

“Yeah, but Green-Simself is so weird,” I sighed. “That’s why I thought it might be a nice gesture to change my name to his.”

“It’s whatever makes you happy,” Mom said. “He doesn’t know yet? About his children to be?”

“Well, that’s why I’d do it. For our kids. A hyphenated name might be difficult for the little ones,” I said. “And no…” I frowned. “He’s not picking up his phone. I mean, I did almost divorce him. What if…” I paled. “What if I have to do this alone?”

“Lizzie, you won’t be alone,” Mom squeezed my hand. “You have your sisters and brother-in-law, and if Julian ever gets his act together, another brother-in-law. And you have your father and me. And something tells me that Joseph won’t abandon your side.”

I sighed and rolled over onto my back, holding my stomach. “I hope so.”

Joseph and his new boss

Joseph eased into a blue and white plaid highback chair in the living room of his potential future boss. He tried not to feel too nervous.

“So you’re Elizabeth Green’s husband aren’t you?” Justin said.

“Yes?” Joseph squeaked, feeling uncomfortable.

“I love her novels. I have almost every single one,” Justin admitted.

Joseph puckered his brow. “Um… forgive me, Mr. Delgado…”

“Please, call me Justin.”

“Okay, Justin,” Joseph began, straightening so as to appear taller. “I prefer that I get this job on my own merits. I love my wife, but I’m not her, and if that’s the only reason you called me here today then I’m afraid I can’t do business with you.”

Justin seemed to ponder his response for a moment. “I can appreciate that you want to be your own man. My wife is Aphrodite Smith.”

“Whoa!” Joseph exclaimed. “The pro tennis player?”

“Yes, and she traveled all over the world before turning eighteen and she’s had fame ever since,” Justin explained. “I know what it’s like to feel left out or left behind.”

Joseph coughed nervously, a hint of pink breaching his cheeks.

“I’ll admit I met your wife and tried to tempt her to join Sim.tv when we were recruiting for a music program,” Justin said. “But it was before she reached her own level of fame as an author. And the truth is, I didn’t call you here today because of her. I called you here because I was impressed by your work and your resume.”

“Thank you, sir,” Joseph replied, feeling both humbled and proud simultaneously. “What in particular did you like?”

“Well, why don’t you tell me about yourself and your career goals and we’ll go from there, okay?”

Joseph is hired

Two hours later, Justin and Joseph talked much longer than planned, but Joseph had a new job.

“Welcome to the team, Joseph,” Justin shook his hand.

“Thank you,” Joseph said. “I’m looking forward to working with you and this company. I really appreciate the opportunity.”

“You don’t have to sell it, Joseph, you already have the job,” Justin teased.

“I’m just being polite.”

“Stay for dinner. Aphrodite’s cooking grilling on the barbecue out back.”

“As tempting as that is, I’d like to get on the road.”

“Yes, go see your wife. And I’ll see you in a week,” Justin said, shaking Joseph’s hand again.

“Thank you,” Joseph did another happy dance on his way out to his rental car.

He was so excited that he tried calling Lizzie as he pulled out onto the two lane highway. She didn’t answer. He drove for about an hour and tried again.

“Lizzie! I’m in Massimchusetts. Driving to Wintonborough now. I wanted to tell you… why I was back East in the first place. I got a…” he didn’t have the opportunity to finish his sentence as a loud bang disrupted his stream of thought, bringing the vehicle to a careening halt.

The following morning, I was on my way to the airport when my cell phone rang. I glanced down, not recognizing the number, but after four calls from the same number I figured I should answer.

“Sounds urgent,” the taxi driver quipped.

“What!” I exclaimed, nearly dropping the phone when I heard the news. “Driver, turn around. Take me to the hospital.”

Author’s Note: Thanks for reading.  There is no hospital or doctor’s office, at least not one that I placed, and I probably should have so I just ran with the spa because that’s where Lizzie traveled to autonomously.This chapter featured  LegacySims2017‘s Joseph. 


15 thoughts on “Goal #21: Make Future Plans (LASL)

  1. What? I’m up to date? And no wedding for Rikira? Lol! Sorry. XD
    Now back to the story. Joseph! Why are you so careless? Getting yourself into a car accident just when things were looking good.

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  2. I was thinking it was going to be a classic case of romantic missing each other as they flew across the Sim country to be with each other. But no darn cars!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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  3. Everything seems to be coming together just at the right time. Joe is getting a great job that sounds so perfect for him. Lizzie is pregnant and with triplets! What a surprise triplets! I thought in a couple of the past few chapters that she might be pregnant but I wasn’t sure when the last time she was with Joe was.

    However there is the little thing of that cliffhanger, wondering what that is all about. I’m praying it is nothing serious. It’s time for something goes their way for a change.

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