Side Tracks: Trouble Brewing on the Home Front

mia questions


“Yes, pumpkin?”

Riley had spent almost an hour potty-training his toddler. She was three-quarters confused, one-quarter giggly. He found today’s lesson most amusing. What is so funny about the bathroom?

“Dis good?”

dis good?

He made a face, and checked, for the sake of his little one. He would never get used to this. She was probably worse when she was first born. Such is life. She gave him such an earnest look like she wanted it to be good and to be done with the lesson. Riley obliged.

“It’s great!” he exclaimed dramatically.


The door swung open, and Oliver burst into the room, looking agitated.

“Ollie!” Mia waved and clapped her hands happily. “I poop good.”

“Hey, that’s great,” Oliver sounded less than convinced. “Do you want me to clean up in here, Dad?”

“No, that’s no problem. I’ll do it,” Riley reached over and picked up the toddler potty while Mia climbed on the stool to wash her hands. “With soap, young lady.”

Mia glanced precociously over her shoulder and stuck out her tongue in protest.

“I mean it,” Riley said firmly.

“Soap is good for you,” Oliver added, twisting the toe of his tennis shoe in the tile.

Mia finished washing her hands, using way too much soap.

“Okay, that’s enough. Let’s go find some snacks,” Riley plucked her from the stool.

“Oh thank God. I’ve had to go for like an hour,” Oliver sighed, as Riley ushered his little one from the bathroom.

Hamilton balances chips

Hamilton carefully balanced the bowl on his hand, wishing he could hone his levitation skills. Riley told him he would get it in time. Akira told him it was silly to indulge such frivolous and unnecessary powers. Hamilton wasn’t sure who to believe, but he did know he could impress Carrie if he could cause a cupcake to float in her direction. It was his deepest wish to catch her attention and capture her affection, but the Simself girl seemed as though she didn’t know he existed.

The bowl clattered to the floor after only levitating about a half inch. He grunted in frustration.

Stupid! he kicked the side of the refrigerator. Who puts chips in the icebox anyhow?

chips munching
Hamilton carried the remnants of his snack to the dinner table. The salt tasted good. He knew Akira preferred when he ate something of substance, but his Papa wasn’t home. Potato chips were a nice consolation prize after failing his magic trick.

magic trick smile

I know! he began grinning from ear to ear. He would ask Riley to take him to the cupcake stand in Uptown Square. Then he could pick out the perfect sweet confectionery for the sweetest girl in school.

Whatcha doing

“Whatcha doing, bro?”

Oliver walked into the dining room, interrupting Hamilton’s scheming.

“You aren’t still thinking of Carrie, are you?”

“Shut up!” Hamilton grimaced. “You’re just jealous.”

“Why? Because you have it bad for the ice queen?” Oliver quirked a brow, pouring himself a bowl of chips. “No thanks. She’s not my type.”

cool thoughts of Carrie

“She is not an ice queen!” Hamilton said defensively. “She’s just…” his face melted into a moony smile. “Cool…” he whispered excitedly.

Oliver rolled his eyes.

“You know she’s adopted too?” Hamilton added.

“And she’s older than we are,” Oliver said.

“So?” Hamilton narrowed his eyes. “Papa’s older than Daddy.”

“Yeah…” Oliver trailed off.

smells like heaven

“Besides she smells…” Hamilton wafted the air. “…like the salty wooden smell of boats on the docks.”

Oliver made a face. “What? How is that a good thing?”

“It’s a great thing!” Hamilton threw his hands up in the air. “Sometimes I think you’re high if you don’t notice the girls in school.”

Oliver laughed. “You wish I was high. Then I’d be the one in trouble with Papa for once.”

Hamilton grimaced. “Stop it. Why do you have to be so mean?”

Mia steals chips

“Chips!” Mia exclaimed, suddenly materializing next to the brothers.

Both boys jumped, and Hamilton smirked as Mia snatched the bowl from Oliver.

“Hey, that was mine!” Oliver protested.

“Chips, yum!” Mia smiled as she proudly carried the bowl over to the cushioned stool and plopped down to enjoy her stolen snack.

“Boys be nice to your sister,” Riley said as he walked up the stairs.

Oliver groaned.

Miko arrives

“Hey Miko!” Hamilton waved.

“Mi…ko!” Mia said escatatically, jumping off the cushioned stool and running to her friend and roommate.

“Hello little one,” Miko smiled. “How are you today, my darling?”

“Poop is good!” Mia declared.

Miko’s eyes widened in surprise.

“She learned potty training today,” Oliver interjected.

“Oh,” Miko covered her mouth and giggled. “Well, your dad is going to work on his novel, so do you think we can stay occupied downstairs this evening?”

“Sure,” Hamilton shrugged.

“Where’s Papa?” Oliver asked.

“Working late as usual,” Miko said, distracted as she walked into the kitchen. “Boys did you finish your homework?”

“Yes,” they said in unison.

“Then you may watch TV.”

Hamilton and Oliver ran into the other room, scrambling for the remote, arguing over whether to watch Mr. Clean’s Fun Machine or Music TV.

Miko makes corndogs

“You don’t mind staying with me, little one?” Miko asked.

Mia smiled happily while Miko went to make batter for corndogs – a little corn flour, salt, sugar, honey, and a pinch of baking powder. She whipped all the ingredients together in a large white mixing bowl.

Mia whips a frenzy of her own

Mia set about whipping her own frenzy… a cloud of gray dust that smelled like burning electricity. Until she could hone her powers better, she wouldn’t be able to make stars or fairy wings like her Dada.

papa is home

“Papa!” she exclaimed, when she realized she was in the hallway.

Her cloud was effective. She made it far on wishes and hopes and what little skill she had. This is why everyone thought she was an escape artist.

akira hugs Mia

hugging Mia

“Hello Mia!” Akira smiled, and reached for his youngest. “How did you get out here?”

He frowned. She winked mischievously.

Akira you're home!

“Akira, my love, you’re home!” Riley declared.

“Papa, I did my homework,” Hamilton interjected. “Can I go to the cupcake stand tonight?”

“Riley, has Mia been using her…” Akira lowered his voice. “…magic again?”

“It’s powers, and she’s got a natural talent for the ways of the fae,” Riley winked.

“But our daughter can morph through walls!” Akira protested. “That isn’t normal.”

Riley protests

“You didn’t seem to mind when I could pluck flowers from the balcony and bring them through the wall in my old apartment,” Riley said.

“That was different,” Akira hissed.

“Papa! Did you hear me?” Hamilton exclaimed. “I want to go to the cupcake stand. Dad will you take me?” he implored Riley.

“Akira, you’re home!” Miko joined the party in the hallway. “I made dinner.”

“Oh yeah!” Hamilton exclaimed, running back into the house and coming back with a plate that he handed his father. “Here Dad. Have a corndog.”

Akira’s face reddened. “Riley! I thought we agreed that the boys should only eat healthy foods. And meat doesn’t seem to agree with Hamilton’s stomach. Hamilton, go throw this in the trash.”

“But Papa!” Hamilton protested.

“Well, that was a letdown,” Miko’s shoulders slumped. “I was just trying to help.”

“No buts. You’ll thank me later,” Akira addressed his oldest son. “You won’t feel so sick in the morning and miss school again.”

Hamilton looked so dejected as he walked back into the house. “I guess this means no cupcakes either,” he grumbled as he kicked the doorframe. “Too sugary.”

“Hamilton, go to your room. No talking back!” Akira snipped. “And Miko, please don’t feed my children llama crap. And Riley!”

Miko huffed, sticking her nose in the air, as she sailed through the double doors of the apartment.

Riley's in trouble

“What?” Riley exclaimed, defensively, biting his knuckles.

“We need to talk.”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. So much drama. And naturally generated. It’s an ISBI. I promise. I’ve been hands off. This chapter featured simscognito’s Riley Cognito. 


6 thoughts on “Side Tracks: Trouble Brewing on the Home Front

        • Huh… I don’t seem to get notified when you comment anymore. Maybe you’re just one with my stories. XD

          Thanks for always taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me, and always brightens my day. 🙂

          Yes, I think Akira and Riley would’ve enjoyed time together as a couple. My spouse and I have been married over eight years and are still childless. We like it that way.

          Riley, of course, has a huge heart and wanted kids and so like always, Akira went along to please his partner, and now maybe it’s coming back to bite them. Eek… I hope their drama settles down.


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