LASL Update/ Episode 3.9 Triplet Trials

Author Notes: Here’s the deal… I’m feeling a bit uninspired to continue this story. Not because I don’t love the characters, but because I’m struggling to come up with accompanying chapter content for in-game play. It is an ISBI so I can’t really plan out my story. I’m a planner and a plot-driven gamer by nature, and this is a challenge for me. Rather than completely quit, I think I’ll finish out the remainder of Season 3 with picture updates and commentary. That way, you get the updates, and I don’t have to bang my head into my desk or the wall to craft something inspiring in story format. I hope you don’t mind. You might see another chapter from me for this season. You might not. Either way… more Lizzie Green-Simself and her family coming your way! 

playing in the elevator
Lizzie tried to work from home. The neighbors complained about the noise. Joey Jr. and Nate were playing in the elevator. Carrie arrived home from school, still clad in her bear costume. Poor kid!

“You look bear-y good!” Nate said to his sister.

Carrie waved her arms angrily. “Stop it! I hate you!”

Of course, Lizzie had to calm down a crying, confused Nate, and then proceeded to scold Carrie. Joey Jr. just appeared sad and gave his brother a hug.

stinky Parker
Parker refused to eat her Fruity-O’s for dinner. Lizzie made her sit in her high chair until she conceded while she went to put Joey Jr. and Nate to bed. Parker fussed and made a mess.


I gasped. “Parker, where did you learn that word?

“Car-wie! Hmphf!” Parker crossed her arms.

Joseph arrives home from swimming
Joseph arrived home from his swim with the guys at the gym. Joey Jr. kept hopping out of the bed and Nate had locked himself in the bathroom. (because apparently the door got locked in game and Nate was “trapped” in there)

“What’s for dinner?” Joseph asked.

I grunted. “Seriously? I’m a little busy! Will you handle the boys?”

Joey climbs into bedJoseph turned to his son. “Joey, in bed! Now!”

Joey complied, offering a charming smile.

Joseph kissed my cheek. “I got this, beautiful!”

I blushed. “Thank you!”

Joseph knocked on the bathroom door. “Nate, come out here, right now!”

Lizzie gives Parker a bath
Lizzie gives a fussy and stinky Parker a bath.

Parker wailed and flailed.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” I asked, and changed my pitch to baby-talk. “Don’t you like Freezer Bunny Sponge!”

“O-py!” Parker winced.


Marshall barked. Parker grabbed the sponge and squeezed over her face, crying harder as she slapped the water.

“Soapy? Like soap? In your eyes,” I sighed. “Park, you splashed the soap in your own eyes.”

running away
A freshly bathed Parker runs from the apartment in only her socks and diaper.
Joey tries to read
Joey tries to read picture books… but on Nate’s bed.

“Your brother would like to sleep,” Joseph said. “Joey, you need to go to your own bed.”

Parker gets bowl of chips
A captured Parker gets dressed for bed, but somehow squirms her way out in the chaos when her brothers start crying and fighting, and manages to obtain a bowl of chips.
Lizzie reads to Parker
Joey decided he would sleep in Parker’s bed, and Nate calmed down and fell asleep in his own bed. Parker demanded her mommy read to her.

“Nooooooo!” Parker shook her head.

I had just returned from my own shower and was ready for bed. Parker still hadn’t managed to sleep. “What? Not this story?”

“Nooooo! I hate dis book!” Parker kicked her mother.

I grabbed Parker’s leg gently. “No, Parker, we don’t use those words. Shh! You need to sleep. Maybe we’ll skip reading time tonight.”

Parker continued to howl, waking her brothers again. I sighed heavily.

Parker crashes on parents' floor.
After all was said and done, the boys fell back asleep. Lizzie and Joseph snacked and crashed in the master bedroom, exhausted. Parker redressed herself and plopped on the floor in her parents bedroom to sleep. Sometime during the night Dulcie let the little girl cuddle on her cat bed. (Of course, I didn’t manage to capture it in game). xD

Author Note: Thanks for reading. This chapter featured the following submitted Sims:  InfraGreen‘s Carrie and Marshall, and LegacySims2017‘s Joseph.


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