Episode 3.11 Workout Interrupted (LASL)

Lizzie and Joseph workout
Lizzie and Joseph head to the gym for some quality time together. An active workout date!

“Do you remember our first date?” Lizzie asked.

“Of course, I do,” Joseph grinned. “It’s when you first called me hot!”

Lizzie laughed. “We should get… breakfast burgers after this if it isn’t too late.”

“It’s almost nighttime,” Joseph replied.

“So? Breakfast is good anytime of the day,” Lizzie replied.

Sage works out
Sage Reed joined the workout. Of course, she set her treadmill to a higher speed. Show-off!
Lizzie wondered how Sage managed to make sweat look like glistening paste diamonds on her skin when her own sweat just made her look gross.

“Sul sul,” Sage said as if she had just stepped from a steaming sauna, not run her own personal marathon confined to the gym. “You look exhausted.”

“You think?” Lizzie sighed.

“You should come by my apartment. Sugar and I are hosting a juicing party,” Sage invited.

“As in ‘juice?'”

If she wasn’t so tired, her eyes would bug. She couldn’t remember the last time she enjoyed nectar or anything else for that matter.

“No juice… as in cleanse… fruit… you know, it’s the latest fad for staying fit,” Sage replied, grabbing a cotton towel.

“I’ll see,” Lizzie glanced back at Joseph who was chatting on the phone with someone in an animated fashion while continuing his run.

A breakfast burger sounded better than the kale smoothie Sage described. That’s probably why I kept my baby fat. 

Lizzie receives tips
Lizzie receives unwanted tips from Izzie as she continues her run.
Lizzie tries boxing
A workout isn’t complete with a little boxing. That running was just the warm-up.
Lizzie hops in shower
Lizzie hopped in the shower for a quick rinse. She passed by Darling Walsh, Akira’s old roommate. The girl wore her signature purple backwards baseball cap and dog tags. The striped tights were an odd choice beneath the towel.
Joseph shower
Joseph nabbed his own shower time.
exhausted parents
Breakfast burgers would have to wait. Both Lizzie and Joseph’s cells rang while they were showering. They quickly ran out of the gym, wrapped in towels.

“What could the kids have possibly done this time to tick off Bugsie?” Joseph groaned.

“We forgot our shoes!” Lizzie gasped. “That woman is a saint for watching all our kids.”

“I know,” Joseph rubbed the back of his neck. “I’ll go back for the shoes. You go get the car.”

“And our clothes?” Lizzie said. “What’s wrong with us?”

Joseph planted a kiss on his wife’s cheek. “We’re parents. That’s what.”

Carrie cries
Not a moment after they stepped off the elevator (still shoeless and wrapped in towels) did they get ambushed by both Bugsie and Carrie. Their adoptee was crying hysterically and Marshall barked while Bugsie tried to explain how she asked Carrie to get ready for bed.

“All I did was ask her to change into her pajamas,” Bugsie rolled her eyes. “I don’t understand.”

Joseph grimaced. “It’s okay, Bugs, we’ll take it from here.”

Joey Jr. runs into the hall

“Carrie, you could’ve been better for the babysitter,” Lizzie sighed.

“Bbuh…buh…but,” Carrie blubbered.

“You can sleep in your costume. Just go to bed,” Lizzie said.

Joey Jr. rushed out into the hallway wanting his dad.

“Daddy! Car-rie is loud!” Joey screeched at his own loud volume.

“Shut it,” Carrie yelled, running inside sniffling.

“The door?” Joey cocked his head.

Joseph and I shared a knowing smile.

“Sure, buddy, the door,” Joseph said.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. Oh the joys of parenthood! So they were going to run around in the park, but it got really cloudy outside with a chance of meatballs… or just thunderstorms. Totally called it. The minute they were inside the gym. Raining cats and dogs outside.So many thunderstorms in San Myshuno. This chapter featured InfraGreen‘s Carrie and Marshall, Karilan‘s Sage, MINEZ‘ Issador, Bugsie2016‘s Bugsie, and LegacySims2017‘s Joseph.


4 thoughts on “Episode 3.11 Workout Interrupted (LASL)

  1. Well, good writing shines through every approach! And I feel it takes incredible talent, skill, observation, and interpretation to write this style of SimLit well. I think it’s actually harder. You’re succeeding!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the story the way you’re telling it! I know you mentioned not feeling inspired by having to figure out how to make sense or coherence of all the ISBI stuff that happens , but you’re doing a great job of it, and I absolutely love reading it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. It is hard for me sometimes because I want to write on the same level as my other stories, but then I just roll with it and there’s something special and profound in the simplicity.


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