Episode 3.27 Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice (LASL)

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Time for another play date! The Green-Simself kiddos travel to the Smith residence. Both Joey Jr. and Nate are happy to see Auntie Tea! Cathy is taking out the trash in a wild outfit. These Sims and the choices they make autonomously. It’s such a fun splash of color. And look at Lizzie. She’s got a little sass in that walk. 😏 You go girl!

Summer arrived. Some people still wanted cooler weather. Cathy wasn’t all that thrilled about the heat, but she complained about her air conditioning.

“I have to wear a winter coat inside to keep from freezing,” she muttered in annoyance as she carried a trash bag to the compactor.

“Mom, can we go inside?” Parker asked, practicing her ballet step.

“Sure,” Lizzie smiled and waved to John.

The kids had a scheduled play date with the Smith children.

“Ms. Tea, what’s in the bag?” Joey asked.

“Why?” Cathy wrinkled her nose. “Do you believe I am carrying a treasure of immense worth?”

Nate’s eyes widened. “Like Montana Miller and the Quest for the Holy Grail?”

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” Lizzie quipped.

John sighs
Cathy is beyond happy to see Lizzie. She seems to be in a flirty mood, and is in general around Lizzie. Uh oh, guys! Do I smell trouble? Eek… this is an ISBI. John sighs as his kids make screaming noises from the apartment. Sorry for the up close and personal, you guys. It’s mostly because this hallway is so narrow on this lot.

“You’re funny,” Cathy snickered. “You should open at the comedy club.”

“I don’t know about that,” Lizzie shrugged.

“No, you really are incredible. A breath of fresh air. Fresh…beautiful air!” Cathy grinned.

“Uh… thanks,” Lizzie winced, wondering why Cathy seemed so exuberant.

“DAAAAAD!” one of John’s kids yelled from the apartment. “DAAADDDY! Bobby knocked over my homework assignment again.

kids amiright?
She is rocking the makeup again. Better than I do.  I love her freckled skin, the dark smoky eye, raspberry lips, and the peachy rouge. Is it vain to say that as she is a Sim based on me? 😁 She does totally hold her own and makes the character true to herself. Less to me. She also rocks the green. I’m liking John’s neon top. Reminds me of one my bro-in-law has. We call it his highlighter shirt.

“Kids amiright?” Lizzie shared a knowing look with John.

“Oh hilarious!” Cathy slapped her knee and laughed hysterically. “Kids… you really have a sense of humor, Lizzie.”

“Uh huh,” she bobbed her head. “Say Cathy. Have you been sipping the juice a bit today?”

John asks if Lizzie is ready to go inside. Cathy and Amy live across the hall, FYI, and Cathy is not ready to let them leave. She keeps chatting and sharing funny stories.

“Wait…have you heard the joke about the priest, a rabbi, and a duck?” Cathy asked. “Or is it the monk, the policeman, and the duck?”

“Is this another duck joke?” John groaned. “Angela tells those too. I never understand it. What’s so funny about ducks?”

“Ducks? Ducks?” Cathy repeated and flapped her wings.

“They’re kinda ugly birds,” John made a face. “Maybe that’s why they are the butt of so many jokes these days.”

“I don’t know, John. Even ugly ducklings can turn into swans,” Lizzie shrugged.

wild eyes
I love it! Here’s she’s got wild eyes while Lizzie tells them a ghost story. Really? Now, Liz? John isn’t impressed, but Cathy is hanging on every word.

“That’s right!” Cathy declared. “Do not judge a duck by its feathers…say Lizzie, how are you progressing on your latest novel?”

“It’s a ghost love story,” Lizzie grinned. “I pulled experience from my high school days at a supernatural academy.”

“What?” Cathy’s eyes grew big. “Do tell. I want to know the plot. Don’t leave a single detail to imagination!”

“Now?” Lizzie asked.

“Why not?” Cathy swept her arm almost hitting John. “I am desperate for solid entertainment and poignant literature.”

Lizzie began to outline her latest story, giving just enough detail to satisfy Cathy and not so much as to bore John.

icy look
Cathy gives John an icy stare for dissing Lizzie’s ghost story. Hmmf!

“I don’t know,” John said skeptically. “Something’s missing.”

“How dare you!” Cathy said, glaring at her neighbor. “Lizzie is an accomplished author and her experiences are valuable.”

Lizzie is only one bestseller away from completing her aspiration.

“Really, what do you think is off about it?” Lizzie asked, feeling self-conscious.

Cathy sighed loudly and happily. “I smell a bestseller in your future, Liz.”

“Eh… it’s okay, it needs more pizzazz!” John declared.

needs more tragedy

“More tragedy,” he said, making an exaggerated sad face. “Or comedy.”

Cathy sniffed. “I think it’s perfect.”

wait i've got it!

“Great! I’ve got it! More slapstick,” John exclaimed. “Because clumsy ghosts! Genius!”

“Uhhh…” Cathy trailed off. “No… how about no clumsy ghosts? What about a tragic love triangle.”

“What about AI ghosts? Or a battle between robots and ghosts?” John suggested,  excitedly.

you two“You… two…” was all Lizzie could manage to say, chuckling weakly.

And being the kind friend she is, she offered to take all ideas under advisement.

Nate has been learning about wellness in school. He’s been practicing his breathing and gratitude list. Bobby, the youngest blonde little munchkin of John and Angela, joins in happily. Davey, the older of the two Smith children, begs off preferring to eat his bowl of salted peas.

“Breathe in,” Nate said, happily. “And out.”

“In… out!” Bobby said, quickly.

“No, like this,” Nate smiled and lifted his arms. “In slowly. One…two… three… four… five… and out slowly… five…four…three…two…one…”

“Nate, honey? Have you and your siblings had dinner yet?” Angela inquired.

sad tv
Whatever’s on the tv must be sad. Lizzie finally arrives and makes sad faces with Bobby. I just realized how plain and uninspiring the Smith apartment is. I think it needs a makeover.
sharing is caring
Bobby passes gas. Lizzie chuckles a bit. Davey, being a kind and caring friend, offers peas to Nate. Uh, maybe if those were edamame or something. Not sure Nate wants to “share” peas.
Joey chats
Meanwhile Joey Jr. coaxes the “friendly” monster under the bed. Ever since his dad made him watch The Kraken movie, Joey has this urge to speak to supernatural creatures.
sure Cathy
Sure, Cathy. Come on in and crash the kids play date with the Smith children. Nate is wondering where Davey went.

hey CT

“Oooh…” Angela groaned and cracked her back. “Say it’s getting late. I’ve had a long day. Sure you have too, Cathy.”

“Hmm… wait… it’s getting ot the good part,” Cathy said, from the couch, rubbing her chin thoughtfully as she turned to Joey. “Look, they’re just about to apprehend the villain.”

“That’s the bad guy, right?” Joey said.

“No, he may be a villain but that doesn’t make him inherently bad,” Cathy disagreed.

“You use big words, Auntie Tea!” Joey wrinkled his nose.

“And big words go great with conversations…” Angela grimaced. “…in your own apartment.”

can I ask you a question?

A month or so later, Lizzie met up with friends for the evening at the Spice Festival.

“Hey, good to see you’re back in town, Amy,” Lizzie greeted.

“Yeah, thanks, I enjoyed my trip to Brindleton Bay,” Amy replied. “I love writing scripts for Sim.tv.”

“We’ve missed you.  I’m glad you’re back,” Lizzie said.

“We’re thinking of leaving the City. I have an opportunity to write full time for Sims.tv out of their Sulani office.”

“That’s great,” Lizzie said,  half-heartedly.

She would dearly miss her friends.

what are you talking about? “Hi ladies, what’s happening?” Miko greeted cheerfully as she arrived.

“How’s the new place?” Lizzie asked.

“Great,  my new roomies are fun,” Miko replied.  “Sugar and Sage are getting me in shape with five am workouts.”

“That sounds fun,” Amy rolled her eyes.

give me a hug
I’m loving Nora’s new hair after she aged up!

Ace joined the group, arriving straight from work. Sugar brought Nora.

“Look who I found,” Sugar smiled.

“Nora!” Lizzie exclaimed.  “Come get a hug.”

“Surprise!” Nora grinned. “Joseph’s with the kids. I hope you don’t mind your nephews crashing your kids movie night.”

“My kids crashed too,” Riley said,  joining the group.

“No worries.  The kids always love spending time with both of your kids,” Lizzie said.

“Oh good,” Riley breathed a sigh of relief, eyeing Miko as she walked off with Amy.

sugar plays violinSugar pulled out her violin to play a beautiful concerto. Friends and family observed and listened in awe to the down -to-earth, yet highly accomplished Sugar. Sugar played a self-composed piece titled “Symphony of the City.”

ordering food
Why do they sell chicken and breakfast tees at the Spice Festival? Maybe if the egg was served huevos rancheros?

Lizzie didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to order delicious food from the vendor.

“Come one, come all, get your tee shirts here!” shouted a nearby vendor as Lizzie ordered a plate of taquitos.

“Hello,” Lizzie waved in response. “Why are you selling chicken tee shirts at the Spice Festival?”

“Um…” the other vendor shrugged awkwardly. “Spicy… chicken?”

“Sure,” Lizzie agreed. “I’ll buy a spicy chicken tee… in green please.”

that's my bro in law
I forgot I loaded custom colored skins. I’m liking this minty green tone on the bartender with the blonde dreds.

Everyone gathered to order their favorite drinks. Ace offered some pleasant tips to the overwhelmed bartender.

heat contest
Nora, Lizzie, and Riley decided to test out the Spice Festival.
can't do it
Lizzie did not succeed. Her tongue was on fire. Ace gathered to watch the friends try. Riley was the only one left standing… barely… bracing their knees.
festival swag
Lizzie went to purchase a second festival tee shirt with Riley.
it'll be great!
Lizzie asked Riley for an update on his life. Riley moved to the old apartment. Oliver was sharing the space too, though it made much more sense to stay with Akira. Lizzie wished there was something she could do for the Cognito-Kibo family.
playing ball
Some of the group changed to shoot hoops at Thyme Square.
riley's face
Riley perked up. Basketball with friends was fun.
Ace wished Lizzie a good night while Sugar stayed behind to keep playing basketball. She changed her outfit because someone spilled hot coffee all over her last one. Lizzie smiled. This was a pleasant evening at the festival with friends, but she was looking forward to her warm bed.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. I’m interspersing commentary-style with prose-style chapters. This was one strange play date, but that’s what I get for playing ISBI style. This chapter featured CathyTeas Cathy Tea and Sugar Maple Bough and Zurka’s John and Angela Smith, plus Shadami’s Amy, and simscognito’s Riley. It’s fun to see the Smith kids grown up a bit. Cathy was a bit of a wild card in this chapter, but I love her character. Never know what she’s going to bring to the table. Joey chatting with the monster under the bed was probably my favorite part of the whole chapter. Hope you enjoyed. 

After playing, I gave the Smiths an upgrade to their home with more personality. This lot is created by DameAngelick and I made a few tweaks and modifications for this family, but here’s what it turned out as. 

smith living room

smith living room

smith hall

smith kitchen

the boys room

the boys room

master bedroom

sleep well Smiths
Sleep well, Smith family!

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    Shadami said:
    November 20, 2019 at 6:24 am

    Amy wouldn’t happen to be the writer for a certain Sulani bachelor tv show would she? :3 Love this story though in all of its isbi glory.

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      livinasimminlife responded:
      November 20, 2019 at 7:39 am

      B&B takes place 11 years in the future so not right away at least. Thanks for reading.


        Shadami said:
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        Happy to read. I love it. 😀 and I just had to ask because she’s working in Sulani tv. (I haven’t had a chance to actually read that story yet. But I will be!)

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    cathytea said:
    July 27, 2019 at 10:32 am

    My Simself really is kind of a social rebel who loves to stir things up! I think it’s, in part, that goofball trait. My versions without that trait are much more self-contained. They do all seem to be polyromantic, though, and love the old enchanted introduction!

    I’m a huge fan of interspersing commentary style with narrative! DeiraShadeweaver uses this style, too, also to great effect!

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      livinasimminlife responded:
      August 1, 2019 at 8:08 am

      She is a social rebel, and she lights up every time around Lizzie. I’m a little concerned given she’s married to Amy, but we’ll see. I’m trying some new things with gameplay and commentary to help move the story along. It’s an experiment but hopefully a fun one.


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