The Prologue for Crescent Moon Conspiracy is Here!

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Here’s a bit of a sneak peak!

Morgyn arriving

For a Monday morning, Morgyn was in a particularly good mood. His mouth still tingled with the sensation of a seventh stolen kiss from last night’s dinner companion as he reluctantly parted from his side… or was it eight? He lifted his fingers to his lips in an attempt to wipe away the smirk of satisfaction.

His mother despaired that he couldn’t find someone to his liking. He would prove her wrong when he brought Antoine to the family gala on Friday. The man was everything he was looking for – thriving career as a security futures trader, moneyed family of a certain pedigree, a taste for thrilling and daring adventures, and exceptionally good kisser… among other things.

These past two weeks with the fairy had been a whirlwind. From skydiving in the Sulanian islands to white water rafting in the Belomisian rainforest to backpacking through the haunted Marzannan Mountain range in Scythia, they hardly paused for a moment’s rest. Life with Antoine would be far from boring.

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