Berry Bountiful Harvest – a Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy

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A Stream-of-Consciousness Intro to My New Challenge

There is such an energy in SimLit now. I feel excited by all the new stories, revamped stories, and continuing stories. CathyTea really inspired me with her thought-provoking Evergreen Harbor story, her newest legacy, to write again, even if I’m busy. I did just reboot one story and start another, but those are going to be quite long.

What am I saying? All my stories are long. 😬 I’ve had so many ideas rolling around in my head recently, and this one wouldn’t stay quiet. Fair warning: this is a long post with lots of rambling because I’m in an ambling-through-writing-stream-of-consciousness-kind-of mood.

Blanche and Avalanche Winterhold

I created a brother and sister who are Fae Ministers in my Crescent Moon Conspiracy story. They turned out beautifully as snow fairies. Blanche and Avalanche Winterhold, the leaders of the Winterhold Clan, originally from the Cyclamen District in the country of Highland. The fae twins are active in the Encantar, the Alliance of Magic.

Unlike many of their peers, they spend most of their time in the overseas Fae territory of Snowdrop Shelter on the continent of Arctica. This is so they can continue their work as climatologists and snow hydrologists. Did you know that was a thing? Yes, it is. The study of snow! So cool! And yes, pun intended. That’s not a career in Sims 4. I don’t care. The fae are really into science in my world.

Blanche and Avalanche are the children of Father Winter in my game. I haven’t played them too much, but I did enjoy the hours (eek! yes hours) I spent creating them in CAS.  Then I rolled for random genetics and ended up with a third sibling.

I considered setting this third child aside for another time. I also half considered starting a Pastel Rainbowcy challenge with her character. But then my imagination ran rampant and here we are hours later with another protagonist, another story, another challenge, and another legacy. This one I’d like to actually finish. I do want to finish them all, I promise.

Berry Bountiful Harvest – A Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy

I’ve always wanted to do a Berry Sim challenge. I also like the idea of taking advantage of items/ activities/ features I haven’t tried in the Sims 4. (I am working on that with my I Have Never… story with a super Sim challenge, but this is a bit different). I have so many of the expansions, game packs, and stuff packs, but there’s a lot I haven’t tried. I had a thought about trying a “berry sim” legacy with a gardening/harvestables twist so I used the all-powerful Google to see if anyone else thought of that idea. Lo and behold there are several versions of this challenge out there.

There are probably others. These were the few I could find. I purposely didn’t read too closely before crafting my own. There’s nothing new under the sun. That’s okay. I’ll be adding my own twist to the challenge – a new world for each generation. Why?

  • I never like staying in one place. Haha. The restless Sagittarius in me.
  • In order to explore the features of all the expansions and game worlds, I would like my current heir/heiress to move to that world. Of course, there are packs without worlds so I won’t be fully exploring those features… yet. There’s a lot to work with in the available worlds.
  • Each world (or perhaps just a neighborhood) will be renamed by me and I’ll replace many of the lots. I didn’t want to risk contaminating creating too much crossover with other stories of mine, even though that’s inevitable based on my play style (and the fact that the fae twins above will appear in one of my other stories). This will free me up to rebuild/design the world and the Sims the way I want to fit the berrified challenge. If you want to do this challenge with me, and you would like to use the same names, you’re welcome to, or you can skip this portion and stick with the original names.

Gameplay Style and Mods

My Simselfie’s son, Joey Jr. playing video games. He’s so focused on leveling up in video gaming skills.

If this is your first time here on one of my blogs (or if it isn’t, this is a refresher), here’s a couple things you should know about me and the way I play the game.

  • Personally, I like the randomness of the game so I may jump around a lot. I want each generation to happen organically. I won’t pre-select a color for the generation’s spouse/partner, allowing my Sim to have the freedom to choose. However, because I do want some challenge, I will require each generation to marry/partner up with a different color “berry” than themselves (and no color repeats).
  • Like I said above, I really dislike staying in the same place for the duration of the challenge. A legacy takes a long time to complete, after all. Unlike other challenges, this one will require movement. However, like my other stories, I will restrict travel between worlds (staying in one world for the full immersive experience with a few exceptions as needed). I am considering creating a legacy lot for Sims to “retire” at once the next generation starts.
  • I take a long time to wander… more like meander at a snail’s pace… through stories. I hope you don’t mind. I eventually get around to finishing things, but I prefer the slow and steady approach.
  • I play with a lot of mods. And I mean, A LOT. It’s necessary… well, sort of, for my more fantastical stories and for a smoother, more enjoyable game. I’ll probably recommend some as I go along, but I’ll be sure to include an un-modded version of the rules for you if you choose to try this out.
  • To make the game more interesting and fun, I’m adding custom harvestables by icemumun and King Zace. I also recommend  SrslySims’ Complete Cooking Overhaul to add things like grocery shopping, more reasonable pricing for food and harvestables, cowplant milking, and more realistic recipe categorization (i.e. all baking items in the Baking category). I highly recommend LittleMsSam’s Transfer Inventory mod. This will allow you to transfer all harvestables and food in one click to the refrigerator (also books to the bookshelf, collectibles to chests, and flowers to flower arranging table or flower arrangements from the table to your inventory).
  • Also, I like some realism in my games. I’ll be instituting different rules to make gameplay more fun and challenging. You don’t need to by any means follow all the rules. Skip what you don’t want. Skip content you don’t have. This is meant to be fun. I’m not a stickler for following rules. Most of the time I throw them out the window for the sake of the story, but I do like to challenge myself and I like a place to start.
  • To try and move through the challenge quickly (ish), I’m going to try and complete each generation in a month’s time. Eeek! Let’s see if that actually happens. If I get done sooner, great! If it takes me longer, I think you’ll all be forgiving. At least, I hope you will. December/January will be my snow-berry generation. I can’t guarantee I’ll stick to this because… real life is complicated. *sigh* And oh did 2020 ever throw everyone a loop, amiright?


I think I’m an awful builder. Well, maybe not awful. I seem to do well with cluttering up premade lots and shells and tweaking to my liking, but I don’t like to craft from scratch. For this reason, there are no building restrictions. Download a pre-made lot, start with a shell, or build from scratch. I say this with a few caveats…

  1. I’m planning to build a specific type of lot (from scratch) to challenge myself with each new generation. Sort of like a Build-Newcrest but without the limit of a single world.
  2. I won’t use premade lots excessively to your advantage to complete a challenge/aspiration/level of an aspiration (i.e. you can’t collect all your harvestables from a farm lot or use a lot with a perfect example of a plant you need).
  3. If there is an exceptionally rare harvestable needed to complete a challenge for a generation and you’ve exhausted all other options, I may visit a premade lot or purchase the item from store/farmer’s market/vendor as long as I follow other rules. This should help balance gameplay with fun (because if you’re like me and you restrict travel to other worlds, this might be semi-impossible otherwise).


Generation 1: Bluebell Estates (blue-violet berry) 

Generation 2: Strawberry Springs (pink-red berry) 

Generation 3: Cowberry Creek (black-and-white berry) 

Generation 4: Elderberry Falls (purple berry) 

Generation 5: Quillfruit Outpost (hot pink/orange berry)

Gen 5 Bonus or Substitute: UFO (rainbow berry) 

I’m thinking twins for this generation perhaps! 

Generation 6: Blackberry Borough (black/dark purple berry)

(they seriously look more like blueberries here) 

Generation 7: Spice City (dark green berry) 

Generation 8: Plasmafruit Hollow (pink berry) 

Generation 9: Catnip Cove (grey-green berry) 

(Real catnip has greyish-green flowers so that’s why I picked this color.)

Generation 10: Ciudad de Gutsberrie (blue berry) 

 Generation 11: Citrus Heights  (orange berry) 

(with custom orange harvestable by icemumun AND/OR custom harvestable by pbox– but you could substitute lemons)

Generation 12: Bizarrefruit Station  (bold red berry) 

Generation 13: Pineapple Paradise (yellow berry) 

Generation 14: Valerian Village (sandy brown berry) 

Generation 15: Mushroom Meadows (off-white/brown hints berry) 

Generation 16: Fizzy Harbor (hot pink with polka dots berry) 

Dragonfruit can have hot pink or bright yellow skin and black seeds. 

Generation 17: Mt. Kamomīru (snowy whites/yellow hints berry) 

Kamomīru is the Japanese word for “chamomile.” This will be a teaberry generation. 

Future Ideas:

  • Maybe a “berry” generation for the Seasons expansion. It didn’t come with a world, but it did expand gardening for us. Perhaps apple, cherry, or pear.
  • I want to do a deathflower gen, but not sure where. I do know I want to name the place – Grim’s Isle.
  • Any ideas for Batuu? We didn’t get any custom harvestables and the world/mission is pretty limited and not really related to gardening. I don’t know if it’s worth it.

This would bring me up to a double length legacy (20 generations).

My Story

Vanilla “Nilla” Bliss Winterhold

If you’re interested and want to give this challenge a try with me, I’ll eventually have an official page with challenge rules. I’m finished through Gen 11 and I completed Gen 17 because, as you can see above, I’m starting with Mt. Komorebi… er… Mt. Kamomīru and a snow berry.

I don’t feel like going in any particular order so I think I may go in reverse. Start with the newest worlds released and work my way back through the others. Or I might jump around based on my Sim’s spouse’s/partner’s berry color and their child’s.

If you’ve followed this rambling until this point, cool. I may just be writing all this for my own sake, but I wanted to share with you in case you were interested. In my next post, I’ll reveal my first generation, but for now, you get a sneak peak at my protagonist above.

Casting Call… sort of!

Sweet little Dulce (submitted by LegacySims2017 for my LASL story) is chasing the sunlight. Adorbs! 💕LegacySims2017 is writing a new legacy you should definitely check out.

Oh and if you have berry Sims, you’d like to submit, please upload to the Gallery and use the hashtags #livinasimminlife, #Adamseve1231, and #berrybountifulharvest. I’d love to fill up my berrified world with your Sims. In my lore, the Fae are the berries of the SimVerse, but they’re not the only ones.

This is a low-key submission. No real restrictions or requirements. Your berry doesn’t need to be Fae, but I may weave it into their backstory. If you have a backstory for your character, cool. Create a new Sim or submit one you’ve already used elsewhere. If you have used your Sim elsewhere, let me know where and I’ll link to your story/ blog/ forums post, etc.

My first generation is in Mt. Kamomīru (a.k.a. Mt. Komorebi) and will be a snow-berry. If you want to be a potential contender for love interest, then your submitted Sim needs to be a different color than my founder above.

Let me know if you use custom skins, hair, other things, etc. and where to find them. I also may tweak a Sim just a teeny bit to add eyelashes or something like that. (It’s a pet peeve of mine in game). On that note… happy Simming!

3 thoughts on “Berry Bountiful Harvest – a Berry Sweet Harvestables Legacy

    1.2 New Waters (BBH) « Livin' A Simmin' Life said:
    January 10, 2021 at 12:11 am

    […] and in-depth gameplay and stories. This is a personal preference of mine. However, as I stated in my intro post to this challenge, if you’d like to do this challenge too, you don’t have to follow everything as stated. […]


    soulgal7 said:
    December 19, 2020 at 10:55 pm

    This sounds pretty exciting. So, I’d like to submit a sim for the generation, but not sure what color snowberry is. I know the old Not So Berry Challenge started with mint, so what color would I submit? Thanks. 🙂


      livinasimminlife responded:
      January 7, 2021 at 9:46 pm

      Hey soulgal7… I somehow missed this. Thank you for reading. I know you already submitted, but you can literally submit any color. Snowberry is white. Lol. I probably should’ve put something about that above.

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