Day 1, Pt. 1: I Shall Name You… (TC2CW)

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A new home. A fresh start. Winds of change. Whatever you want to call it, Azure has thrown caution to the ‘whim’ and has moved to a secluded island at the base of Mua Pel’am. A once mighty and fierce volcano, now days Mua is a little sickly, spewing yellowish flames and burning a little less angry hot. Azure, with her interest in nature and degree in biology, moved to this cozy home and struggling pineapple plantation in hopes of making a better future for herself and for the world. She is interested in sustainability and healthy ecosystems and looks forward to the challenge of restoring the island to its glory. Maybe it’s cliché, because everyone was moving to Sulani these days to “fix” the planet, but Azure doesn’t care… and neither does her “Watcher.” I’ve never completed the eco sustainability goals of cleaning up the island in Sulani and I look forward to seeing Azure try… or fail… depending on her whims.
The first two whims out of the gate: Light a Campfire and Collect a New Frog. I decided to save the “campfire” for the evening. I’ll admit. I had to look up ‘WCIF frogs’ in Sulani. I guess showing you the inside of Azure’s home will have to wait. We’re off to the waterfall.
Azure is feeling productive and confident as she changes into her swimwear.
Now she whims to make a new friend as she’s sauntering down the beach confidently. We’ll have to get off the secluded island later to achieve this whim, I believe.
I see you, side-eyeing that beach trash. No new whims though. For now, we pass you by.
I love the waterfall!! In my Sim lore, it is named Gemini Falls (as revealed in my Stardew Remixed story).
You know… if I was in sketchy waters, I’d wear sandals too. Where did you get that frog food from, Azure? I love how the Sims pull things out of thin air… not even from their inventories. Haha.
Azure is ready to catch frogs.
I’ll admit. I was way too excited about this frog. 😀
Azure was too. But she was confident in her abilities to catch a frog. On try 2, she captured a little surfer eggplant frog.
I have never been happier to hear the little jingle in game indicating she completed/fulfilled her first whim. Now she whims to eat a wild plant.
Azure passed a wild plant on her way over to the waterfall. This one isn’t ready for harvest though.
Neither is this one.
Or this one. Azure ponders hard about this kava shrub though. I love her long fingers here and her beautiful nail polish. I’ll have to try and fulfill your “wild plant” desire later, Azure. Let’s make a new home for our frog.
On the coffee table! What a beautiful frog! Oh, yes! Azure found spoiled chips on her first attempt to catch a frog. Who dumps chips in a waterfall? And why can’t this item be sold or deleted? I don’t really care about cash flow, though Azure only has §1879 in her wallet, but shouldn’t you be able to delete an item like this? I guess in real life, you can’t just “delete” items you don’t want. *sigh*
Frog seems right at home on the coffee table. This is Azure’s living room. I love it! I would live there, even if it’s small. She still has a few boxes to unpack. This lot is off-the-grid, btw.
Here’s a first look at her kitchen. I spent soooo much time setting up this kitchen and making it feel cluttered and real. Azure dumps those good-for-nothing spoiled chips in the trash bin.
While I’m at it, I’ll show you the lot traits. Good soil. Island Spirits. Great acoustics. Plus two challenges – off-the-grid and volcanic activity. The Bread Box of Holding (functional) in the background is included in the Mega Storage Mod by SrslySims.
Azure is apparently uncomfortable about the “Brackish Water” and washing dishes off the grid. “The special tangy flavor…” Wait! Hmm… you didn’t actually drink the soapy dish water when I wasn’t looking, did you, Azure? 😬
Azure is ready to view and feed her new frog friend. Azure goes to feed and name her frog… oh wait! What? You can’t name pet frogs? What? Why? I want to name my frog!! Azure decides since this frog is of the Surfer Eggplant variety to give the frog a “surfer name.” I shall name you… *Google-ates surfers.* I shall name you… Slater… after a famous surfer, Kelly Slater. Slater… that’s a cute name. Do you like it, little frog? 🐸

Author Notes: And there you have it! Day 1, Pt. 1 of Throw Caution to the Whim. This is the narrative style I’m planning to use for this story. Again, this is very different from my usual stories, but it’s part of the challenge for me. Are you like me? Do you enjoyed cluttered homes or do you like a simpler look? Should we be able to name collected frogs (and for that matter collected anything in Sims 4? Justice for your live space alien and pet geode!! Hope you enjoyed and thank you for reading.

3 thoughts on “Day 1, Pt. 1: I Shall Name You… (TC2CW)

    Shadami said:
    March 13, 2022 at 8:50 pm

    Yes I think we should be able to name stuff xD I completely agree. It’s fun to be able to name everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    cathytea said:
    January 28, 2022 at 10:19 am

    Yay! Great start!

    Liked by 1 person

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