Day 1, Pt. 4: Afu & Andy Meet Breanna (SIS)

Neal: While Afu gets ready for his meet and greet, he asks Hunter if he has any tips with Breanna. Hunter smirks. Hunter: Just be yourself, man.
Neal: …and himself he is. He opts for a suave introduction.

Ciao, Breanna, I am Afu,” he greets flirtatiously. “You are…” he eyes her up and down. “…ragazza molto bella.”

“Oh my!” Breanna gasps and fans herself. “Aren’t you a tall glass of lemonade on a hot day?”

Breanna’s Confessional: Or maybe he’s just the hot day… (covers mouth, scrunches shoulders, and giggles)

“Whatever you need during your island stay in my beautiful country,” he continues. “You let me know. I’m your guy.”

“Well, aren’t you accommodating,” she remarks. “You’re an island native too.”

“Born and raised,” he pulls on his pink tuxedo lapels. “Sulani is my home. And can be your home too, if you want,” he winks.

“My my, my, we’re gettin’ ahead of ourselves,” Breanna clicks her tongue. “Tell me about yourself, Afu.”

“Oh no, no, no, my lady, I want to hear all about you,” he replies. “…for a beautiful, intelligent woman like yourself is far more interesting than an island plum like me.”

Breanna giggles lightly. “You’re too kind, sir. Shall we sit?”

“I’m from Willow Creek,” she replies. “My family has lived their for generations on a lavender plantation. We sell items in a little store, and I’m considering opening a restaurant.”

“Lavender?” he replies. “No wonder you smell sweet.”

Breanna blushes. “You smell pretty good yourself.”

“Thank you,” he sits back and straightens his heart vest. “It looks like we thought to dress alike today.”

“What a coincidence!” Breanna exclaims. “It looks nice on you.”

“No, what fate!” Afu corrects. “If four plus four equals eight, than you plus me equals fate.”

Breanna laughs. “Tell me all about yourself, Afu. What kind of name is that? Afu…”

“Afu… it means ‘hot,'” he grins.

Breanna giggles nervously.

“I was born on a hot day, the hottest ever in Sulani. Right at noon, the time of day when the sun reaches its peak and beats down on the sands. My mother nearly had to waddle out into the ocean to birth me because of the intense heat,” he begins telling a story. “…you see… our volcano Mua Pel’am exploded that day, raining fire down on our islands.”

“Oh my!” Breanna exclaims.

“I don’t know what happened to my parents, be they died saving me from the volcano or that they left to cross the treacherous seas to escape and never returned, perishing among the waves,” Afu continues.

“Oh, you don’t know your parents?” she asks. “That’s so sad.”

“I think their spirits remain,” he remarks. “But we islanders, we’re like one big family. We take care of each other.”

“That’s beautiful,” Breanna brought her hands to her chest. “Treasure that forever. I lost my own parents too… my dad to cancer, and my mom to the sea as well.”

Afu gasps. “That’s tragic. I’m sorry for your loss…”

“It’s okay,” Breanna replies. “It’s not your fault.”

“As long as we’re together, you’ll be even stronger,” Afu says.

“Uh…” Breanna trails off. “Are you implying I can’t take care of myself?”

“Oh… uh… no,” Afu fumbles.

“Right, just because as a Southern lady doesn’t mean I need coddled or a man to make me stronger,” Breanna retorts.

“That’s not what I meant,” Afu winces. “I meant… you and I together could be a strong team. Of course,” he chuckles smugly. “…I can do the heavy lifting for you. You wouldn’t have to lift a finger anymore. And whatever work you did do would be appreciated. I’d appreciate you all night long with my magic hands. I am told I give the best massages.”

“Ugh! Wow… fifty to zero, just like that,” Breanna waves her hands. “I can lift things by myself, thank you very much. I’ve been doing it for years. I am looking for a partner, not a…a…a…” she sputters, flustered.

Andy saunters up and stops right in front of the bench in his pink athletic workout outfit. “Hey buddy, I think your time is up.”

“What?” Afu exclaims, and narrows his eyes. “No… and you really thought wearing that… would be a good idea?”

“Rude!” Breanna snips. “You can go… Afu.”

“What?” his eyes widen in surprise. “Really? I didn’t even get to give you a back massage yet.”

“Not like I want one now,” she sniffs.

Afu’s Confessional: I don’t know what I did wrong, man. I was myself, just like Hunter suggested. I even made up some incredibly engaging story about my parents… I don’t actually know anything about them, but I figured that’s the kind of stuff chicks wanna hear. I went back and chatted with Hunter and went over word for word what I said. He thought maybe I came on a little strong. What? I thought it was sweet to offer to do some heavy lifting. I mean, she hasn’t had a man around. Maybe she doesn’t know how great I’d be. And it would be nice to take a load off, right? And that Andy… wow! Could he have any worse timing? Interrupting my meet and greet! (narrows eyes) Ha! The guy doesn’t stand a chance.
Breanna’s Confessional: Wow! That Afu! I mean… he’s a dish. A pretty hot dish, if you ask me. Okay, a very hot dish. I think he’s probably the best looking guy I’ve met. But that ego! Ugh! I dislike men with egos! It’s such a turn off. Sure, I’d like some help around the farm, and I need a strong guy to do that, but I am a strong independent woman and I can take care of myself, thank you very much.
Andy’s Confessional: Before heading over to meet Breanna, I’m going to make her a strong cup of organic coffee. I hope she likes it. (claps with delight) She looks like such an interesting woman, and so pretty too. I love that hair! And she works out! Even better… I like a woman with confidence. (winks at camera) Nothing hotter than a lady who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it (coffee finishes brewing) Okay… and now… look out world, here comes Andy Maynard!

“Sorry about that jerk,” he lifts his hand and waves at Breanna. “Some guys don’t know how to treat a lady. And hello to you, Breanna. I am so happy to be here.”

“Well,” she says, as if unsure what to make of his interruption. “…and you are?”

“Andy Maynard, and that dress is the most fabulous thing I have ever seen!” he exclaims. “You wear it so well!”

“Why thank you, Andy,” she replies. “And your outfit… uh… choice… is interesting.”

“Oh thanks,” he grins. “…they said dress to impress and here I am.”

“Wow,” is all Breanna can manage to say.

“Tell me about yourself, Andy,” Breanna says.

“Sure,” he replies. “I like women’s clothes, but I promise I’m straight. Let’s get that out of the way right away. I really like women, and I’d welcome the opportunity to get to know you.”

“I’m looking forward to getting to know people too,” Breanna replies, hesitantly.

“I guarantee there isn’t another contestant like me,” Andy continues. “But if you give me a chance, I promise I’m a good listener, I’ll take you shopping to all the best places, and I won’t lie to you if you ask if a dress makes you look fat.”

“Well,” she relaxes into a smile. “That’s good to hear. Honesty is a good policy.”

“I hope to get to know you,” he says. “…and I hope, if nothing else, we become good friends.”

“That’s a good place to start,” she agrees.

“And if you’ll come this way,” he continues. “I have something for you.”

“Oh we’re walking, are we?” she asks and laughs daintily.

“You have the best laugh,” he replies, lifting his hand. “Has anyone ever told you that?”

“No, but thank you,” she laughs again with ease.

“So I want to hear all about you,” Andy takes her arm as they stroll into the house. “What you like. Dislike. Hopes. Dreams. Work.”

“I can talk about work all day,” she replies. “I work on a lavender plantation. It’s been in my family for generations.”

“Lavender,” Andy exhales happily. “I bet the color would look fabulous on you too!”

“Thanks, it probably does, my favorite colors are actually blue and red though,” she responds.

He helps her into her chair. “Colors of confidence,” he declares. “And you, Breanna, are a very confident lady, are you not?”

She giggles and crinkles her nose. “Yeah, I guess. I know what I’m doing on the farm.”

“In life,” he replies. “I bet you know more than you think,” he reaches for a cup of coffee. “It’s not a Simsmapolitan, but I made this for you. I didn’t know how you’d like it…”

“Black,” she declares. “I like my coffee strong.”

“I made a good call,” he grins.

“Ehh… it’s okay,” she replies.

Andy swallows hard and decides to plunge forward. “I like you Breanna. And I hope you grow to like…maybe even love me,” he shrugs his shoulder nervously. “But I’m happy we’re doing this.”

“You know what?” she sets down her cup. “Me too.”

Andy’s Confessional: (as he cleans up) I think that went really well. She knows who I am. I laid my cards on the table. We’ll see if she reciprocates. I hope to build a deep friendship with Breanna. If it leads to something more, wonderful. I just needed to put my heart out there, and try. You can always try. I just hope my fashion statement was enough to make her notice me.
Breanna’s Confessional: Andy isn’t like the other candidates. I’m not sure what to make from him. First impression? Unusual and bold. I mean, he did interrupt my meet-and-greet with Afu. I don’t know whether I’d call that rude, or fortuitous timing. Afu is still way hotter, I’ll admit. Probably than any other candidate, but Andy seems so genuine. A little quirky. Different. But genuine. I think his outfit choice was… er… off? (winces) He seems like someone who would be a very good friend.

Author Notes: Uh oh… Andy might be getting friend-zoned, but Afu isn’t off to the best start either. Thanks for reading. 


Day 1, Pt. 3: Griffin & Mort Meet Breanna (SIS)

Neal’s Voiceover: While Kaha and Breanna meet, Griffin works on a flower arrangement for the bachelorette. Griffin’s Voiceover: Bluebells for Breanna, he smiles softly. Neal: Now these flowers don’t grow natively in Sulani so where did you find them? Griffin: Oh I found them… he says mischievously.
Neal’s Voiceover: Griffin has just enough time to change to a tux while Breanna slips off to the restroom between takes. He is waiting for her on the pink bench with a plate full of pasta. He happened to swipe it from the kitchen while Merry was cooking dinner for the household. Griffin: No one will miss one plate, right? he smiles( sweat drips from his forehead).

“You brought me dinner?” Breanna exclaims.

Griffin begins. “Uh… I know how you like to be spoiled with food… or at least that’s what you said in your interview… oh gawd! You aren’t gluten free or anything, are ya?” he gasps.

Breanna laughs lightly. “No, I love my pasta…”

“Sorry, I ate some of it already,” Griffin gulps. “I was…er… hungry… but here… I brought two forks.”

“I’m Breanna,” she says.

“I’m Griffin… er… uh… call me Griff,” he stumbles awkwardly as she takes a bite of food.

“This is delicious,” her eyes widen. “Did you make this?”

“Naw…” he starts to relax. “I got it from the kitchen staff. I’m happy you like it though. Pasta’s pretty romantic, right?” he chokes on his dinner as he realizes that sounded pretty silly.

“If we added meatballs,” Breanna grins. “…it’d be like that cute movie…” she continues. “… with them two dogs chewing on the same piece of spaghetti noodle.”

“Last bit. I…could…uh… feed you…” he stammers.

“Please,” she welcomes as he nervously hands her a bite, hoping she doesn’t notice how badly his hand is shaking as he lifts the fork.

“It’s so hot today,” she sighs.

He waves his hands, bumping her arm with his elbow. “Opps… sorry… I’d be happy to fan you, Breanna… if you’d want.”

“Uh, wow, thank you, what a kind… offer,” she replies hesitantly. “I’m awright.”

“If you change your mind, I’m your guy,” Griffin points to himself proudly.

“I heard a good joke the other day,” Griffin continues. “Do you want to hear it?”

“Sure,” Breanna nods.

Two fish swim into a wall. One turns to the other and says, ‘Dam,'” he starts laughing hysterically. “Get it. Dam.”

“Heh…heh…” Breanna laughs half-heartedly.

“I’m sorry, you’re a proper Southern woman and all, but that’s hilarious,” Griffin guffaws.

“I suppose it’s funny,” Breanna agrees. “Tell me about yourself, Griffin in three words.”

Friendly. Resourceful,” he closes his eyes and smiles as he says the last word. “Outdoor Lover…opps, that’s two. Do you enjoy being out of doors?” he asks.

“Yes, I do,” she beams. “I like working in the lavender fields,” she replies.

“Oh really?” he interjects.”Do you like camping?”

“Only if I prepare everything in advance,” she says, sheepishly. “I like to plan, but sleeping under the stars and cozying up near a campfire is fun.”

“Let me be your guide,” he says, tilting his head back proudly. “To the great outdoors. I’d plan everything for us and you wouldn’t need to worry about a thing.”

“That sounds… delightful,” she sighs happily.

“Do you like working on the farm?” he inquires.

“We’re about to start experimenting with other crops like bluebells and…”

Oh wait…” Griffin stands up and runs over to the bushes. “Close your eyes. I have something for you.”

“Flowers!” she exclaims. “You’re sweet! Thank you, Griffin.”

“I’m so happy to meet you,” Griffin replies as he makes direct eye contact. “Actually I have one more thing for you…”

He asks her to close her eyes once more and hands her a blue star-studded box with a gold bow printed on the top.

“Another present?” she opens her eyes, her face lighting up. “You are too kind…”

“Tada!” he declares.

“Where were you hiding this?”

“Magic,” he smirks. “I know you like nice things… and I thought you could use a fancy hot cocoa kit.”

“Yes, I do love my hot cocoa,” she concurs, accepting the offer.

“A sweet gal like yourself deserves the best after a hard day’s work,” he replies.

“How thoughtful,” she purrs. “Thank you, Griff…”

“You’re welcome,” he squeezes her hands. “”Hot cocoa is good for a cool night on the bluffs,” he remarks. “Miss…Breanna. I’d be honored to bring you home, just so you know.”

“Why thank you, Griff,” she says.

Neal’s Voiceover: Alright, Breanna. First impressions? Breanna: Sweet and thoughtful! And I like his clean-cut look. That curly red hair is mmmmm… and just the right amount of flattery. Oh and those flowers were so pretty! I like a guy who can make me feel good, and I feel good around Griff…(blushes as she uses his nickname). …I’m open to exploring more with him.
Griffin: She’s a breath of fresh air! So many girls I meet aren’t into doing stuff outdoors, and Breanna… left that wide open for me. We’re gonna have so much fun. And watching sunrises on the beach? Mmm… I just hope she doesn’t figure out I stole the idea for hot chocolate from Mort. Stealing ideas from others is a great way to get a leg up on the competition. Uh… did I say that aloud?
Neal’s Voiceover: To prepare for his introduction, Mort whips up brownies with the help of Merry Bright in the kitchen. Breanna likes chocolate, he remembers as he adds another egg for a cakey consistency.

“Oh my stars! You are more…” Mort gulps as he waves his hands to regain his confidence. “…radiant than Luna herself.”

“Why thank you, kind sir,” Breanna fans herself. “I’m Breanna.”

“Mort,” he replies.

“Mort,” she replies. “That’s a cute name,” she scrunches her nose.

“Really?” he replies. “Most people think grim and death and all when they hear Mort.”

“Not me,” she shakes her head. “Tell me about yourself Mort.”

“I’m from Del… Del Sol Valley,” he swallows hard. “I do odd jobs right now, but I want to be a treasure hunter. Is that too moony?”

“Oh no,” she disagrees. “It is a perfectly respectable trade. So Mort…” she seems to enjoy saying his name. “…describe yourself in three words.”

Cheerful. Geeky. Comedic,” he replies quickly, the words rolling off his tongue awkwardly. “And you, Breanna?”

“What about me?” she replies, frowning at the dimmed lighting. “Oh!” she laughs and touches her face. “Why thank you for askin’. Um… let’s see… I’m a hopeless romantic, I think,” she flushes. “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t, I guess. I just haven’t found my soulmate yet. I’m most at home in the garden. I love my farm.”

“I have a gift for you,” he interjects.

“You do?” her cheeks turn nearly as pink as her dress, pleased at the prospect.

“I made them myself,” he replies. “I hope you don’t mind. The other guys must’ve bought you stuff,” he supposes.

“I don’t mind at all,” she says softly, opening the box and quickly closes the lid after seeing what is inside. “Brownies!” she exclaims, her eyes growing wide.

“I hope you like them,” he says, shyly.

“Yes,” Breanna gasps.

“That’s great to hear,” he closes his eyes. “I want…wanted…to…make you happy.”

“You have,” she replies softly. “Homemade things made with love are always nice.”

At the word love, a pinch of red appears in his darkened cheeks.

“L…lo…love…” he stutters.

“Can I be honest with you?” she asks.

“Su…sure…” he stammers.

“How’s a good looking guy like yourself still single?” she inquires, swinging her arms in a flirtatious manner.

Mort takes her hands and drops his eyes. “Uh… because I have not found my one true person yet. I am a…uh…a…uh…little awk…ward…you can tell, I think…” he focuses on her hands. “…but I would be hon…hon…honored if you’d choose me…”

“Aww…thank you, Mort,” Breanna says, squeezing his hands.

Neal’s Voiceover: Well, that went very well, Breanna. Breanna: Oh…(stares off into space). Sorry… I’m a little dazed… he was…easy on the eyes and endearing.
Neal’s Voiceover: Mort and Miguel are roomies. They get upgraded to the slightly nicer room. Miguel is happy because he has access to the computer. Mort is just glad he won’t have to share a room with three other guys, but I think there’s something more pressing on his mind. Mort: First impressions? (gulps) Breanna is… well…(grips his shirt and then drops arms at side) my heart is pounding.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. I seriously can’t decide between these two. I love them both already. 

Day 1, Pt. 2: Hunter & Kaha Meet Breanna (SIS)

Neal’s Voiceover: And we’re off! Breanna Gaines is about to meet the bachelor contestants… and possibly her soulmate! And what is she doing? Sit-ups. Maybe to soothe her nerves? We don’t know, but no mind. She is looking all ready to go in her cute heart-print dress and her wreath of flowers.
Neal: Hunter is the first to arrive. The bachelors were told to dress in style. Hunter seems a bit overdressed for the weather. He is grumbling about his stomach. Well, Hunter… did you not eat enough pizza at lunch time? Breanna: Uh… (eyes the camera) Are we rolling already?
“Hi, I’m Breanna,” she says cheerily as Hunter sits next to her on the pink loveseat.

“Hello, aren’t you a ray of sunshine!” Hunter flatters smoothly.

When she doesn’t reply, he adds, “Hey there darling.”

“Darling?” Breanna repeats as if offended he would already use a pet name.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Too informal?” Hunter jokes. “Hey, I’m Hunter… Hunter Hale… the movie actor. What do you do, Breanna?”

“Uh, I’m a farmer by trade, I guess,” she says, lifting her hand to her mouth hesitantly. “I grow lavender… among other things.”

“Lavender, no wonder you are so fragrant,” Hunter flirts.

Breanna just stares.

Neal: Strike 2 Hunter! Or are we at 3 already?

“We got off on the wrong foot here,” he recovers smoothly. “And the last thing I want to do is trample those dainty feet of yours. I like your flower crown.”

“Really?” she exclaims. “Thanks! I made it myself. They are purple lotus blossoms.”

“You’re very talented,” Hunter continues. “I understand you’ve made wreaths for our rooms too. That’s so sweet. Thank you.”

“I love crafting things… especially with flowers… and especially…” she turns pink. “…with love.”

“The best gifts are in love!” Hunter replies. “Tell me about yourself in three words, Breanna.”

“Three?” she repeats. “Okay…” and she counts off on her fingers. “I am a morning person. I like to think I’m romantic. And I have a super green thumb. Do you have a favorite plant, Hunter?”

“Probably palm trees,” he replies. “They line all the roads in Del Sol Valley.”

“Is that where you’re from?” she asks.

“Actually…” he laughs half-heartedly. “I was born in Willow Creek. I haven’t been back in years.”

“Really?” her eyes light up. “Maybe I’ll be taking you home again.”

He chuckles. “I love your enthusiasm.”

“Tell me about yourself, Hunter,” she continues. “In three words, like you said.”

“Single dad. Gregarious. Confident.”

“Single dad, huh?” she replies and sticks her nose in the air.

“Widower. Not divorced,” he clarifies.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” she softens. “How old are your kids?”

“Two. Twins,” he replies.

Neal: Time to move along? Hunter decides to send Breanna his phone number.
“I am confident we will get along so well!” his text sends. Breanna: Awwww!!!
Breanna: Thank you, Hunter. It’s so nice to meet you!
Neal: First impressions? Breanna: Smooth talker. And too soon to tell. She puts her hands in the air. But he’s from Willow Creek? Intriguing.
Neal: First impressions, Hunter? Hunter: We’re going to have great conversations! She’s a little shy, but I’ve got this in the bag!
Neal: Next up is Kaha.

“Hello, I’m Breanna.”

“You have such beautiful hair,” Kaha replies quickly, in awe. “Um… I’m sorry. My name is Kaha.”

“Welcome to the island, Kaha,” she says. “And thank you…” she absently twists her hair around a finger.

“I live here. I am a native,” Kaha responds abruptly.

“Really? That’s wonderful,” she exclaims. “You have a beautiful country.”

“Thank you, it is beautiful for you,” he tries to flatter. “It is… uh…” he waves his hands. “…all the more beautiful now that you… you are here.”

“That’s so sweet,” she grins.

“Tell me about yourself,” she asks. “What is this skirt you are wearing?”

“It is known as a sulu,” he explains. “…but it does not have the colors your dress does. Do you like dresses?” his cheeks turn pink as he waves his hands in her directions. “…that are shorter than your knees?”

“I do,” she smiles. “When I’m not working in the fields that is…”

“A woman who works hard is a blessing,” he interrupts and nods.

“What do you do here on the island, Kaha?” she inquires.

“I am a fisherman by trade. I can show you all the best fishing spots on the islands,” he replies.

“I’ve never caught anything but tadpoles,” Breanna laughs lightly.

“I can show you,” he replies. “How to fish… but first, I should like to fry you a fish feast. Do you have a favorite, Breanna?”

She laughs and waves her hand. “Would it be silly to say tunafish sandwiches? I like to eat them with celery sticks and pickles.”

“It is not silly. It is a serious question,” he says defensively.

“Oh no, I’m sorry, we are miscommunicating,” she sighs. “I like tuna with pickles.”

He relaxes. “I am good with opening a pickle jar,” Kaha says. “If you like vegetables, I heard a line the other day.”

“A line?” Breanna repeats.

“Yes…uh…” he scratches his head. “…a joke?”

“Tell me more,” Breanna leans forward.

“If… if…you wer…were a veg…vegetable, you would….would be a cute-cum…ber!” he says, stuttering as he delivers.

Breanna laughs dainty as he hangs his head and looks away embarrassed.

“Oh, that’s a good one,” she replies. “Thank you…” she beams.

“Really? It was not too… terrible?” Kaha asks. “You were not laughing at me?”

“No, no,” she waves her hands. “Oh don’t misunderstand. I found it cute. Thank you.”

“That is good to hear,” Kaha lifts his hands in the air.

Neal: Alright first impressions, you two! Breanna: Kaha is cute but shy. I should like to get to know him better. Kaha: I hope I did not mess up with my pathetic pick-up line attempts. She is a nicely decorated woman… er… uh…that flower…flower crown was cute.

Author’s Notes: Thanks everyone for reading.

Day 1, Pt. 1: Healthy Competition (SIS)

Day 1 is underway. The contestants will meet Breanna tonight, but first, let’s check in and see how they’re spending their first day. We asked each of them how they thought they fared against the other candidates.

Afu and Andy enjoy a game of foosball. Kaha practices darts. Afu brags about his relationships. Andy doesn’t really care as he’s focused on winning.
Andy’s Confessional: Does this guy think that telling me he’s been with a lotta women that it’s going to improve his chances?
Afu’s Confessional: So this guy is out on the first day for sure! He’s wearing a skirt? I mean… what? It’s not even an island sulu or something.
Kaha uses his spear-throwing skills from fishing to hit center… every… time! Kaha’s Confessional: I’m just so happy to be here. It’s fun to get to know the guys.
Hunter and Mort dive right into the hotel pool and get to know one another.
Kaha decides to join the guys for foosball. I’ve never played, he admits. Afu, with all his connections, calls and orders a pizza for the guys at lunch.
Miguel spends time working on his program in his room.
Miguel’s Confessional: I get the jungle. I don’t get people. I spend a lot of time on my own. I’m content to be here doing my own thing. These other dudes… they’re competition anyhow.
Surprise! Neal, our own host, splashes Griffin with a water balloon on the way to the beach.
Oh it’s so on! Griffin accepts the challenge.
Hunter decides to call his kids and say hi, and then watch a little World Culture Network in his hotel room.
Hunter’s Confessional: I’ll admit. Outta all the guys here, I stand a pretty good chance. I think that Mort guy might too. Don’t know about Miguel. He’s been in his room all day. And I definitely have a leg up on Kaha, Afu, and Andy. Kaha’s a little too shy I think, and Afu, is way too much a playa! Andy is… well, Andy.
Griffin’s Confessional: I’m already having so much fun. This is a breathtaking hotel. I can’t wait to meet Breanna.
Afu meets the pizza delivery girl… whom he knows. Kitty Mrreow! I didn’t know you applied to be a contestant on Bachelor and Bachelorette: Sulani Style, she giggles.
Hey Kitty, Afu flashes his signature smile, and offers an insanely inappropriate tip.
Afu calls Hunter first to pizza. Gotta scope out the competition, he decides, and the pretty boy actor, he figures, is his biggest competition.
Andy and Griffin join next. Andy’s Confessional: (eyeing Hunter)Now that guy… he’s pretty… well, pretty. I might be in trouble with him.
Miguel joins next, grateful for the opportunity to chow down on pizza.

Afu’s Confessional: (sadly) That guy is a specimen of a man. Look at those biceps.

Andy’s Confessional: (eyeing Griffin) He’s got that cute redhead thing going on.

Griffin’s Confessional: (looking up at the sky) Are these guys checking me out? Am I actually a threat? (he laughs). Woot!

Miguel’s Confessional: (chewing pizza) Yum! These dudes have nothing on me.

Mort is thrilled to find someone in the sea while swimming.
I shall consume your plasma for dinner! he declares.
I vant… to… suck… your… blood!
No thanks!

Author Notes: Thanks for reading! Who are your favorites so far? This chapter featured VanPelt81‘s Andy, MaggieMarley‘s Mort, afai1261‘s Griffin, Munterbacon’s Miguel, TheYayToast’sHunter, nerdfashion’s Kaha, and divanthesimmer ‘s Afu. 

Meet the Contestants, Pt. 6: Afu (SIS)

Welcome back to Sweethearts in Sulani. Last episode, we met the astonishing Andy Maynard. Can he capture the attention of the lovely Breanna? Today we meet our final primary contestant directly on the beach, Afu Akau.

Neal’s voiceover: Meet Afu Akau, a twenty-five year-old native Sulanian. A fisherman by trade, Afu is a true Child of the Islands. He is very proud of his Sulanian traditions and his culture. This fun-loving Aquarius already has quite the reputation as the island bad boy. Can Breanna tame his wild ways and convince him to settle down?

“Hello Afu, welcome!”

“Good to be here,” the seventh contestant smiles, his tropical shirt hanging open to reveal amazing abs.

“Tell us what it’s like to live on the islands,” Neal prompts.

“It’s great living here. The Sims of Sulani are like a big, close-knit family who all take care of each other,” Afu explains.

“Of course, it is not without it’s dangers. The sea can be dangerous. Not to mention the volcano that can erupt at any given moment I spend a lot of time on a boat catching fish. In fact, that’s where I was last night. Way out to sea,” he continues.

“What do you like to do when you’re not fishing?” Neal inquires.

“I like to dance… the island dances,” Afu says, waving his hands. “…there’s something so sensual and down-to-earth about our island music.”

“Sounds like it,” Neal nods.

“I also like comedy. Sometimes I do stand-up at the Ohan’ali Bar,” Afu continues. “It is good to make people laugh.”

“Yes indeed,” Neal agrees.

“You mentioned in your bio that you’re not looking to have kids,” Neal continues. “Do you care to explain? That can be a dealbreaker for some ladies.”

Afu thinks for a moment. “I was abandoned as a baby.”

“Oh I’m sorry,” Neal murmurs.

“Don’t be. I don’t really know who my parents are, but I was raised by a fellow islander. He did his best and raised me how he could. I don’t feel like I need to bring a child into this world, mostly because we’re one big family in Sulani. There’s plenty of kids always around. And my line of work, deep sea fishing can sometimes be dangerous as I already mentioned. I see sharks near daily, and there’s whispers of the Kraken. I just don’t know if I’d be a good dad when I’m gone half the month, sometimes longer.”

 “Breanna,” he looks at the camera. “I hope that’s not a deal breaker. But in your interview, you seemed a bit hesitant about kids too. I would be open to talking about it… with the right woman.”

Neal points in the air. “Ah yes, the right woman. Isn’t that what you’re all here to discover?” he says, more as a rhetorical question than anything else. “Tell us what you’d do to put Breanna at ease when you meet her.”

Afu grins. “I am told I have magic hands. I think I’d give her a massage. She’s a Virgo, right?”

“Yes,” Neal confirms.

“She works hard on her farm. I bet she would appreciate a mid back massage from tending to her fields,” Afu remarks.

“What lady doesn’t like massage?” Neal leans forward and winks. “Okay,” he straightens. “Last question… what kind of honeymoon do you envision?”

“My ideal honeymoon would be something romantic; candle-lit dinners, a bed topped with a massive heart of roses, me and my lady walking hand-in-hand on the beach and watching the sunset. You know, all that cheesy stuff,” Afu replies.

“Sounds perfect,” Neal says. “Well there you have it – the daring deep sea fisherman, Afu Akau. Thanks everyone for watching the interviews portion of Sweethearts in Sulani. Good luck to you, Afu.”

“I don’t need it,” Afu waves his hand. “Not me. I’m full of luck already.”

“Enjoy the rest of your day, folks, and stay tuned for more after our commercial break… first day in Sulani for the gentlemen contestants!”

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. Thank you to divanthesimmer for submitting bad boy, Afu Akau. I am looking forward to seeing how all the gentlemen contestants fare in this competition. Afu is a Child of the Islands, Noncommital, and Hates Children. I had some issues getting his traits attached to him properly so I gave him “Player,” which is surprisingly useful as this prevents other Sims nearby from getting jealous. He also is Beguiling, in lieu of Romantic. Try as I might, I couldn’t equip “Outgoing” so I gave him the “Legendary” trait… as he is well known around the islands. 😉 He also has skills in Fishing, Comedy, Dancing, Fitness, and Charisma. 

Meet the Contestants, Pt. 5: Andy (SIS)

Welcome back to Sweethearts in Sulani! We’re about to meet our sixth and final bachelor of the night. We just met the son of Death himself, the magnificent Mort and a recent island transplant, the great Griffin, or Griff to his friends. Can Mort charm Lady Breanna early on in the competition or will their relationship be the death of him? Will Griffin find the woman of his dreams in Breanna and whisk her off to meet his family?

Let’s check in with our next primary contestant, Andy.

“Oh my plumbobs! I’m so happy to be here, Neal!” the fashion-forward gentleman with the fancy hair scarf grins happily. “I’m ecstatic! I’m over Luna.”

“Welcome, Andy. Tell us about yourself,” Neal urges.

“I’m Andy Maynard. I am a Capricorn. Go sexy sea goats!”

“Wow… don’t know if I’ve ever heard that.”

“Oh yes,” Andy waves his hands. “We Capricorns get better over time, if you know what I mean,” he winks.

“What do you do for work and where are you from?” Neal asks.

“I’m a twenty-three year-old makeup artist from San Myshuno. Greatest city on the planet!”

“I’m from San Myshuno too!” Neal says, excitedly. “Well, I live in Oasis Springs now, but I’m originally from San Myshuno.”

“Oh my freezer bunnies! All the festivals. Aren’t they magical? I mean, it’s magical here too. It’s pure paradise, but San Myshuno is where it’s happening,” Andy bobs his head.

“I’ve loved fashion, especially women’s fashion since… ever since I can remember. I will def give Breanna fashion tips. I’m so into her whole wardrobe already. She’s got such an awesome style,” Andy giggles excitedly. “Oh what am I sayin’? I will probably want tips from her, that sexy little beast!”

“Well, it’s great to see your enthusiasm!” Neal smiles. “Tell us about your hobbies and interests.”

“In addition to fashion, make-up, & shopping, I enjoy art, music, especially EDM. Can’t wait for the dance parties on this show!” Andy replies. “I like yoga. Cat yoga for the win, photography, & board games.”

“Oh we should so talk,” Holly pops her head from behind the camera.

“You’ve so got that whole thing going on!” Andy bobs his head, pointing to Holly’s outfit. “It really works for you.”

“Thank you,” she flushes and continues filming.

“You mentioned in your bio that you’ve had a problem with bullying before,” Neal probes. “Tell us about that if you don’t mind.”

Andy pushes out his lower lip. “I wasn’t like other boys growing up. As a little boy, I played with Barbies instead of the typical boys toys. This led to lots of teasing and bullying from the other boys. I didn’t really care that the other boys hated me because I always preferred the company of girls anyways.

“But then puberty hit, and the bullying got worse. Like I said, I love fashion. I love women’s clothes. I sometimes enjoy cross dressing. But… I love women. I only like women. It’s hard for some people to understand that. I’m just a special snowflake.”

“How do you stay positive?” Neal inquires.

Andy shrugs. “I just embrace who I am. I’m looking for someone to do the same. I want someone who doesn’t find me strange and just accepts me. I’m looking for love, and there’s no way anyone’s gonna get me down. I know who I am.”

“That’s wonderful to be so upbeat,” Neal smiles. “We are glad you’re here, Andy.”

“Thanks Neal,” Andy smiles, and then nudges Neal lightly. “Hey, I hear you’re looking for love too… I mean ladies…” he glances around the bar, pointing at the host, and raises his voice. “…this guy’s got it going on, amiright?”

This led to some whoops, whistles, and claps from the extras wandering around the bar. Neal sticks his chin in the air and smiles politely, feeling a bit embarrassed but also pleased.

“Hang in there, brother,” Andy encourages. “You’ll find your love soon. I’m sure. I can sense these kinds of things.”

“Thank you,” Neal replies. “Hey, Breanna has some questions for you that I’d like to ask before we close out for the night.”

“Absolutely, hit me,” Andy says.

“What’s one thing you’d do to put Breanna at ease when you meet?”

“I would get to know Breanna as a person over some coffee or Apple Martinis depending on day or night. Afterwards we would go shopping and then dancing just the two of us,” he replies.

“And what kind of honeymoon do you envision? Someplace fashion forward?” Neal guesses.

“Olé,” Andy claps his hands. “Of course. A trip to New Paris. La Ville Lumière. Between the art, the culture, the food, and of course the fashion, there would be many things for us to enjoy together. We would partake in the beautiful sights of Paris made even better with her beauty there.” He blushes happily.

“Sounds great,” Neal replies. “Well, that’s Andy Maynard, folks. Good luck to you, Andy.”

“Thanks, you too,” Andy smiles sweetly and looks up at the camera.

“Thanks for watching tonight. See you next time!”

Author NotesThanks for reading, and thanks to VanPelt81 for submitting Andy. I love this unique Sim already. What a great guy! They’re all great guys. Oooff! This is going to be tough. Go afai1261‘s Griffin dancing his heart out in the background. It became Alien Night at the bar so people came in costume, or possibly real aliens. 😉 nerdfashion‘s Kaha… we see you too! 🙂

Andy’s traits are Creative, Dance Machine, Neat, and Alluring. I added Creative Visionary and Carefree. He has skills in Wellness, Dancing, and DJ Mixing, and I gave him skills in Charisma and Fitness. 

FYI, New Paris is also called La Ville Lumière in my Simworld. Luna is also the name of the moon and there are moon colonies. 

Just for fun…

TheYayToast’s Hunter Hale was the last to leave the bar. He just didn’t want the party to end. Poor guy dozed off on a lounge chair.
MaggieMarley‘s Mort is enthusiastic about playing pool. Or… he was really locked and loaded and ready to compete for the heart of our bachelorette. 😛
Mort also stayed a bit to chat to two ladies who showed up for alien night. Including SoulGal7‘s Aliena Sixam.
Neal finished out the evening by unwinding in the hotel pool.
Well, almost… he was pretty hungry and grabbed a fruit salad from the Grab’N’Go kitchen at the hotel. Uh… think he fell asleep. Hunter enjoyed some chips in his flirty heart boxer shorts. We can see why he models underwear. xD

Meet the Contestants, Pt. 4: Griffin & Mort (SIS)

“And we’re back… what a beautiful night in paradise! We just met the terrific treasure hunter, Miguel Vallejo from Selvadorada. Will he find his true treasure in Breanna? Now let’s meet more contestants.”

“Congratulations, Griffin! You are the lucky winner of the bachelor suite, one of the perks of the Sweethearts in Sulani competition.”

“Uh… wow!” the redhaired gentleman gaped in surprise, a lemon wrench poised in his hand as rose petals fall from above. “That’s an honor. Thanks.”

“You’ll receive your own private space and the bachelorette has a special gift awaiting the lucky bachelor contestant you… in the room also,” Neal explains.

“Cool,” Griffin says, and then grimaces as flowers continue to descend. “Uhhhhh…”

“Holly!” Neal says through gritted teeth. “That’s enough petals.”

“Oh, sorry,” she steps down from the ladder.

“It’s okay,” Griffin laughs. “I must be really special.”

“Let me introduce you all to Griffin,” Neal continues.

Griffin Calhoun-Fyres is a twenty-six-year-old Leo who has spent much of his life moving around. While born in Strangerville, Griffin, or Griff, as his friends call him, grew up in Windenburg. When he was seventeen, he left home and never looked back, traveling from city to city, eventually returning to the SimNation, before settling in the island country of Sulani most recently. He goes where the wind takes him, doing odd jobs to get by, but he never complains. ‘I like that I don’t have to answer to anyone, really,’ he explains. He enjoys the freedom of not having a schedule, and he loves living under the stars. Griffin hopes to find someone who can help him grow as a person, and who enjoys getting out and about in the Great Outdoors. Will Breanna be the one?

The other man closed his eyes and smiled, pink popping into his cheeks. “It’s weird to hear someone talk about me like that,” he chuckles, a little embarrassed from the attention.

“You get used to it once you’ve been around reality tv long enough,” Neal explains. “So describe yourself in a few words.”

“Well, that’s new,” Griffin rubs the back of his head. “I don’t think you’ve asked the other contestants that.”

“You’ve been watching,” Neal smiles, as he liked to catch his subjects off-guard sometimes.

“A few words… I am… a redhead,” Griffin starts, stumbling over the words as he looks as if he will burst into laughter. “Obv’s…heh…so I guess, all the stereotypical redhead traits… kinda… fit me… like the fire… and the hot-headedness…” he blanches and swallows. “…but uh, only because I’m really passionate about things that matter to me.”

“Have you ever snapped at someone?” Neal asked, snapping his fingers. “On live television?”

“What!” Hunter exclaims. “No… this is my first time… and no… I would never…”

“Dude, I’m just messing with you,” Neal relaxes into a bemused smile.

“Uh… okay…” Griffin flexes his fingers against his jean shorts.

“I didn’t have the greatest relationship with my family. I had a pretty good family, I guess. Lots of aunts and uncles and cousins around, but my Ma and I didn’t always see eye to eye,” Griffin explains. “My dad was pretty distant and was pretty scarred by the war, I think… with the Xenos… and uh, I learned pretty early on to be self-sufficient and look after myself.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Neal replies, tilting his head, feeling a little guilty for teasing a contestant.

“…so yeah, you learn to be a bit tough and to have a bit of fire in ya because you never know how you’re gonna need to stand up for yourself when you’re out on your own as young as I was,” Griffin says, a deep sadness filling his vibrant blue eyes. “But no matter… I’ve made a great life for myself…” he shifts his tone and smiles. “…and I’ve seen a lot of things and been a lot of places. It’s a great big world out there, and I’m just lucky to be in it.”

“Sounds like a positive attitude,” Neal remarks. “So tell us what you’re looking for in a partner?”

“Would it be cheesy to say a soulmate?” Griffin waves his hands. “I would love to find someone to place roots with, and to build a home with. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of those and I miss it. Even if I’m estranged with my family, I still think about them. I think it would be great to bring someone like Breanna back with me. It would help after all these years.”

“It’s not cheesy,” Neal affirms. “It’s romantic. And that’s why we’re here. Romance!”

“Thanks,” Griffin replies.

“So what’s one thing you’d do to put Breanna at ease when you meet her?” Neal inquires.

Griffin swings his arm casually and swipes at the air. “Although I should think that it is rather cliche at this point, I would love to give Breanna flowers. I never thought I could have such an appreciation for them…actually, in my years here I’ve picked up quite a few tricks. Nothing to do with my klepto tendencies, of course,” he laughs awkwardly, and kicks himself mentally… Shouldn’t have said that…

“Klepto…” Neal repeats, bewildered.

“I’m a maniac for magic… it’s all magic tricks,” Griffin recovers quickly and licks his lips before continuing as he waves his hands. “Yep, definitely magic tricks. No flowers. Making things appear out of thin air and potentially disappear from nearby stores at the same time…” he flushes. “You didn’t hear that. Yeah, that’s what I’d do.”

“Riiight…” Neal continues, waving his hands and chortling. “Uh, and what kind of honeymoon… do you envision?”

Griffin tilts his head, trying to interpret Neal’s sudden forced laughter. “Well, first on the agenda would obviously be a trip back home, to the place I left 9 years ago thinking I’d never return. I would have felt much too nervous to go back to Windenburg alone, and perhaps returning with the love of my life at my side would ensure that my mother would not be so angry.”

“Although I could be wrong on that,” he smirks. “We redheads are famous for our fiery tempers. Although, we could always go to the Island first…or the ruins – I used to love exploring them as a little kid with my cousins Cecelia and Matt. Or, even before all that, camping in Granite Falls! Just me, her and the great outdoors. Wouldn’t that be lovely…” he sighs dreamily and picks up his drink again.

“That… sounds… great…” Neal puffs, trying to catch his breath. “Thank you… Griff… for…and…uh… good luck to you.”

“Thanks,” he smiles genuinely, dropping his gaze shyly into his drink.

“That’s our kind klepto… I mean… er… happy hobo… uh… no, that’s not it… the great Griffin, folks…” he claps his hands. “And onto our next candidate…” Neal says, his eyes growing wide.

Meet Mort Reaper-Straud. This cheerful Cancerian calls Del Sol Valley his home. Currently between jobs, the ageless… did I read that right? Ageless Mort hopes to find the love of his life and trek off to the jungles of Selvadorada to explore the ruins. A self-proclaimed expert in vampire lore, Mort enjoys being outdoors, especially at night, or if he must venture outside otherwise, on cloudy days. Will he be able to charm his way into Breanna’s heart and life?

“Hello Mort,” Neal began, slipping into a seat at the table across the deck. “Tell us about yourself and your family.”

“Hi, I’m Mort, Mort Reaper-Straud. You’ve probably heard of my Mum, Amelia Straud, since she’s a mega-famous actress,” the dark-haired, dark-skinned man in a white tee shirt says begins. “…she’s a vampire, but unsurprisingly that’s not general public knowledge – until now I guess. Oops,” he covers his mouth and winces.

He continues way too cheerily. “You’ll have heard of my great great great great grandfather, Vlad, who’s this big Vampire King. Actually I’m fourth in line to the throne, which sounds impressive…”

“Whoa! You’re royalty?” Neal gasps, and Holly shakes the camera.

“…but when you think about it that means I’m practically guaranteed never to rule because, y’know, three immortal sims stand between me and that crown,” Mort continues. “You’ll definitely have heard of my father – he’s Death.”

“He died?” Neal puzzles, wondering how these contestants got selected and on the air.

The network sure liked to send him challenges.

“No, he’s not dead,” Mort shakes his head. “He’s Death with a capital D. You know: big scythe, dark hood, reaper of souls,” he waves his hands. “Yeah, that Death. But I doubt you’ve ever heard of me; I’m only a nobody, which is just the way I like it.”

“Until now…” Holly remarks, swallowing a smirk off camera.

“Riiight…” Neal sighs, skeptically. “Uh, pretty sure there’s no actual Death.”

“Yeah, well, that’s my dad… we don’t actually know really who he is. Dad doesn’t live with us, of course, he’s a busy guy, all that soul reapin’ to do. The first time I met my father was the day my grandmother died, so that sucked. Then again, I never do see my dad under good circumstances. It kinda goes with his job,” Mort explains.

“What are some of your hobbies?” Neal inquires, desperately hoping to change the subject, and wonders why Mort appears to be glowing.

“This is a bit morbid,” Mort says sheepishly. “… but I have to admit that when I was a teenager, I was so desperate for my father’s attention that I spent a lot of time hanging out around hospitals, old folks’ homes and other likely spots hoping to catch a glimpse of him.”

“Hospitals and old folks homes…” Neal repeats in total shock, closing his eyes, praying a commercial break was coming soon.

“I still volunteer there regularly. I believe in giving back,” Mort grins. “But the hanging around just for fun… I’m past all that now and I have big plans for the rest of eternity. I’ve seen the huge collection of Omniscan treasures and relics that my great grandparents brought back from Selvadorada. They never did find all of the lost golden relics, though, and I’m hoping that I will be the one to recover them. I just need to find someone willing to come with me.”

“Anything else?” Neal squeaks.

“I’m a geek who loves video games and science fiction, especially curled up inside under a blanket fort on a rainy day. Because clouds… rain… indoors… it’s all perfect to me,” Mort replies, closing his eyes and curling his hands toward himself in glee.

“That’s cute,” Holly coos. “What is one thing you’d bring Breanna to put her at ease?”

“Hmm I think I’d bring her a small gift to break the ice – maybe a box of chocolates, since it sounds as though chocolate is a particular favorite of hers,” Mort replies thoughtfully.

“And uh…” Neal gasps, his throat feeling dry.

Merry quickly brought him a bottle of water.

“…the honeymoon. How do you envision… a honeymoon?” he takes a swig and manages.

“Did you see Breanna yet?” Holly smiles.

“Isn’t she lovely?” Merry follows.

“Here’s her picture if you haven’t,” Holly offers a photograph to Mort and then steps back behind the camera.

Mort gulps. “Breanna is even more beautiful than I was expecting. Wow, I don’t usually get nervous but I’m a little nervous now. I hope she likes me.”

Later during Mort’s confessional: Shoot! She isn’t keen on vampires? Ah it might be better if she didn’t know that about me right away or at least until she knows me better – although I’ll have you know that I get all my plasma strictly from plasma packs. Not sure how I’ll explain away not eating in front of her and I will have to remember to walk at the pace of a normal mortal sim and of course never to fly around as a bat. Also the whole ‘the-Grim-Reaper-is-my-father’ thing might be best kept under wraps for a while. That tends to weird people out too. But at least the ‘Amelia-Straud-the-World-Famous-actress- is-my-Mother’ thing will detract away from the uh… stranger things* about my family and I. Don’t get me wrong, I would want her to know those other things eventually – you can’t build a relationship on lies and half-truths – or not a healthy one, anyway.

Mort laughs. “Anyway, I should probably answer her question now. Well, as I’ve said already I have big ambitions to explore the jungles in Selvadorada. My great grandparents spent almost 80 years in those jungles, investigating tombs and building up a huge collection of ancient artifacts, Omniscan treasures and relics.”

“I think it’s pretty romantic that they could be together for so long, just the two of them, in such extreme conditions. I’d love to take my future wife to the waterfall where my great grandmother proposed to my great grandfather. I hear it’s the most beautiful place.”

“So my ideal honeymoon would be a holiday to Selvadorada where we’d visit the places I’ve heard about from the memoirs of my great grandparents and hopefully experience some of the romance that they found there. Who knows, maybe we’d even find some treasures of our own?”

“Alright, thanks folks, er… Mort… and uh, everyone…” Neal waves. “Have a good night.”

“Uh, Neal…” Merry interjects. “We’re only just going to commercial.”

“We are?” Neal sighs, and feels about ready to faint.

“Yeah, we’ve got one more interview tonight,” Holly reminds him.

“Just let me grab a quick drink first,” Neal heads into the bar.

Insulting a guest contestant? Jungle exploring body-builders? A vampire of noble blood who thinks he’s related to Death? And a kleptomaniac who might just be a runaway thief? Oh gawd… what is going to happen here? Get a grip, Neal!

“Say, want another match?” Miguel offers.

Author NotesSo, Neal is getting pretty flustered here. It is the end of the night… and maybe he’s been drinking a little too much. In case you’re wondering, the seventh and final contestant will be joining us the following morning. Thank you to afai1261 for submitting Griffin and MaggieMarley for submitting Mort, plus writing such great backstories here and here

In my Simworld, Strangerville is set in New Azteca, and is just outside Strangetown. Windenburg is set in Albergia, which is my Simworld version of Germany and Switzerland. The war Griffin mentions would be the ongoing cold war with the Xekzois, known as Xenosi or Xenos to the Sims, the green-skinned xenophobic aliens (that are a bit akin to the Star Trek Borg).

BTW, also in my Simworld, Death/the Reapers are a vampiric alien race known as the Kr’v (or sometimes referred to as the Titans). Krv is the Serbian word for ‘blood.’ Fitting, right? Anyhoo, without going into a lot of detail, I imagine Mort is the son of the current ruler of the Kr’v homeworld, also called Kr’v (or Titanav by Sims). You can read more about the Kr’v here.

Back to Mort, yes, he’s a vampire. In my Simworld, vamps have all sorts of lore and culture, and I won’t get into all of it. They are the most well known supernaturals, and the most restricted in terms of what they can and can’t do. By this time in the Simterran history, vampires have more freedoms to move outside their hollows (communities), but are still feared, which is probably why Neal reacted so badly. Poor Mort. I love his cheeriness.

Mort is physically, mentally, and socially gifted, and loves the outdoors, is a geek, and is cheerful. He has skills in charisma, comedy, and vampire lore, and I added video gaming. Griffin has the klepto trait, plus loves the outdoors, and hotheaded. I also added ‘Incredibly Friendly,’ ‘Free Services,’ as I feel he could charm his way into ‘great’ discounts, and Frugal, as I feel he would be living off the land and he has to be resourceful 😉 He has skills in Charisma, Mischief, Fitness, and Fishing.

Hope you enjoyed. Did you see SoulGal7‘s Aliena Sixam made an appearance in the background of Mort’s interview? Also Munterbacon ‘s Miguel, nerdfashion’s Kaha, and TheYayToast’s Hunter also appear in the background. Thanks for reading. 

Meet the Contestants, Pt. 3: Miguel (SIS)

Welcome to Sweethearts in Sulani. All the contestants are gearing up for competitions with a little liquid courage. Tomorrow they meet the bachelorette herself, Miss Breanna Gaines. We just met the astonishing actor, Hunter Hale. Could he be the man to sweep Breanna off her feet?

Now we go to meet bachelor contestant #3. Speaking of competitions, he’s playing the iconic Sim National game Don’t Wake the Llama. Let’s check in.

“Hola!” the curly-haired man with immense muscles looks right at the camera. “I am Miguel Vallejo, a twenty-six-year-old Scorpio from Puerto Llamante, Selvadorada,” he speaks in a deep voice with a heavy Aztecan accent. “…and I am a treasure hunter,” he declares proudly. “I have traveled into the depths of the Belomisia Jungle and back many times, and have yet to find the best treasure of all, the treasure of a good woman like you Breanna,” he points at the camera. “And I would treat you like a queen.”

“Welcome Miguel,” Neal says. “I see you are playing a game.”

“Ah, yes, games that require concentration like this one, and finesse, are my specialty!” Miguel declares. “Would you like to join me?”

“We could play and talk,” Neal decides. “Excellent idea. So tell us about yourself. You must spend a lot of time body building,” he chuckles weakly, in awe of the man, and also intimidated by him. “It’s an incredible feat. It must be all you can think about.”

“What are you saying?” Miguel gasps and puts his hands on his hips. “That I spend too much time on my physique and not enough time on my mind?” he narrows his eyes. “Evidently, you have no imagination.”

“Excuse me!” Neal exclaims, mimicking Miguel’s move by placing his hands on his hips. “I do have imagination… and I wasn’t implying you were dumb.”

“The mind, my friend, is the sexiest muscle,” Miguel declares. “I believe in exercising as a whole… particularly my brain. This body…” he touches his enormous biceps. “…is just a vessel for my wealth of knowledge and experience.”

“I see,” Neal says. “I did not mean to offend. I happen to think your… er… the mind… is an attract…I mean, important part of… intelligence is an important trait in a woman.”

“In anyone,” Miguel says, passionately. “I definitely hope Breanna is a smart woman, as well as attractive. I like a person that can hold an intelligent conversation and isn’t afraid to show how smart they are.”

“I apologize again, if I offended you,” Neal says, meekly. “I meant the discipline it takes to stay so muscular… er… we can start over. Please let me introduce you properly… er… Holly, we might want to cut this.”

“Are you kidding?” she pokes her head out from behind the camera. “This is gold…” she says, her eyes sparkling.

Neal sighs.

“I will forgive you… if you will play a game with me,” Miguel offers.

“Deal,” Neal says, relieved. “But first.”

Meet Miguel Vallejo. Growing up in the jungles of Selvadorada, he spent his youth running through the Omiscan ruins. Miguel is a survivalist, and he knows his homeland like the back of his hand. When you live among the bush, you never know what you’ll find, he says. That’s why Miguel dedicates two hours daily to staying fit. However, he explains the most important muscle you need to exercise daily in the jungle (or anywhere) is the mind. Miguel has always wanted to be an adventurer and find fortune. He is looking for someone who encourages his adventurous lifestyle and can lose track of time talking about all things intellectual. Will he be fortunate enough to find the next big adventure with Breanna?

“So Miguel, what are some of your hobbies?” Neal inquires.

“I enjoy reading and collecting maps,” Miguel begins with a suave smile at the camera. “A map can tell you a lot about the mapmaker actually, like their preference for measurement, and what is important to them. Will they focus on topography or will they primarily show you the trail they think is best?”

“That’s an intriguing hobby,” Neal replies.

“I enjoy reading history books and watching the history channel,” Miguel continues. “Ancient history of Simterra is my favorite. I double majored in paleontology and history in college. I almost completed a masters in anthropology.”

“Impressive,” Neal nods. “And I understand you have one more hobby.”

“Yes, programming,” Miguel points to his temple. “Must keep the mind sharp. There is no reason the material and virtual worlds cannot be of interest to me. I am designing a mind maze game to help fund my expeditions.”

“And your work?” Neal asks. “I understand it is interesting.”

Miguel grins. “I would say more than interesting. It is not one specific job, but many. I like the thrill of the adventure. A few years ago, I was a bush pilot helping bring supplies to the tiny villages deep in the jungle. My plane is an antique, but she gets the job done.”

“I understand you had a bit of a bad experience and a major setback during your last trip into the jungle,” Neal probes.

A dark look flits across Miguel’s face as he contemplates his next move. “I fell into a poisoned artifact while investigating Omiscan ruins. I was life-flighted to São Paten and spent the next six months of my life in a coma in a hospital.”

“In the past year and a half, I spent time training my body and my mind to return,”  Miguel continues. “As you said in my intro, I am a survivor. I will beat this challenge just like every other one I have faced. The jungle calls me, bro. There is an energy there unlike any other. You cannot imagine if you have not been.”

“Sounds like an awesome place to be,” Neal affirms and grumbles as soon as the tower collapses.

“Better luck next time,” Miguel shrugs.

“Plum!” Neal exclaims, and then smacks his forehead. “Holly… opps… please strike that from the record.”

“Too late Neal,” Holly pokes her head around the camera. “We’re live.”

“Live?” Neal gulps, and pales.

“So… Mister Miguel Vvvaaallejo,” Holly drags out the ‘v’ in an almost purring sound. “Breanna has some questions for our bachelors.”

“I should like to hear them,” Miguel frowns. “But first…” he rubs his chin thoughtfully before proceeding to tell Neal how he could have amended his decisions in order to have secured a victory.

“Uh… thanks…” Neal grimaces at the unsolicited advice.

“What is one thing you would do to put Breanna at ease when you meet?” Holly inquires from out-of-view.

Neal begrudgingly resets the tower of sticks while Miguel replies.

Miguel turns to look at Holly. “I would take Breanna on a treasure hunt. I would tell her about some of the sunken treasure that could possibly be found by either beachcombing or free-diving, and then I’d let her make all the decisions. I’d turn it into a competition, to see who can find the most interesting things, and the winner can claim an item off the loser. I always find that a little bit of friendly, healthy competition helps to ease any tension.”

“That sounds dreamy…” Holly swoons. “An item from the loser?” she repeats, fantasizing about asking for Miguel’s shirt, should she be competing.

Neal clears his throat loudly.  “And what kind of honeymoon…” he begins and adjusts the collar of his jacket as he reclaims the interview. “…do you envision for yourself?”

Miguel pulls the first piece with vigor as he begins a new game and waves the stick around in the air triumphantly. “That’s an easy one… I’d love to go back home to Selvadorada to show Breanna my roots. There’s a really amazing place out in the jungle with a panoramic view of the jungle, its various ruins, and even a romantic waterfall… It is truly a magical place, full of wonder, and I’m sure my parents would spoil her like the queen she is.”

“Is it true it’s called Flirty Falls?” Holly squeals and claps her hands. “I have been all over the world myself, but I have yet to venture into the jungle.”

“You should go someday,” Miguel smiles, charmingly. “It is a magical place.”

“And we’re out of time. Commercial break,” Neal declares, slapping the table. “I need some air…” he coughs.

“You don’t need to be a poor sport about it,” Miguel replies.

Author Notes: I hope you enjoyed. Thank you to Munterbacon for submitting Miguel Vallejo. Miguel and Neal did not hit it off well. They are the first to not get along. I found it funny that Miguel thought Neal was insulting his intelligence. Neal did genuinely insult a guest on the show… bad Neal! Holly helped rescue the scene yet again. He kept looking over at her anyhow. This scene took place immediately following Hunter’s interview and I figured they could chat during the game, which did not turn out well for Neal.

FYI, Azteca is my Simworld version of Central and South America. São Paten is a custom world made by Potato Ballad Sims for TS3.

I had a problem in my game equipping the extra traits of ‘Loves the Outdoors’ and ‘Romantic’ so I had to tweak a few things. Miguel’s traits are Geeky, Genius, Active, and Quick Learner. I equipped Survivalist and Great Kisser in lieu of the other traits. I hope you don’t mind, Munterbacon. He is skilled in Fitness, Archaeology, Selvadoradian culture, and has skills in Logic, Charisma, and Handiness also. 

I also plopped him in the “Xtreme” Career by TwilightSims to test out why I was having issues with his Sim and sent him off to the jungle once in another save, which is why he talks about being a bush pilot at one point during this interview. 

We also see nerdfashion’s Kaha, VanPelt81′s Andy, MaggieMarley‘s Mort, TheYayToast’s Hunter, and afai1261‘s Hunter in the background on set. Thanks for reading everyone! 

Meet the Contestants, Pt. 2: Hunter (SIS)

“Welcome back. And a special thank you to our sponsor, The New Bland. We’ll have you smelling freshly blah in no time!” Neal grins.

“Tonight we’re meeting seven lucky bachelors who will attempt to win the heart of the lovely Miss Breanna Gaines. We just met Kaha, our fabulous fisherman. Now let’s meet Hunter.”

Neal’s voiceover: Hunter Hale hails from Del Sol Valley. His friends describe him as the “life of the party.” When he’s not acting in the latest romantic comedy (or that fun kids movie with the dogs), Hunter loves spending time with his kids, Christian and Chloe. A single dad, Hunter is looking for a partner that shares his passion for life, but also has a deep-rooted love of family, and someone that can love his children as their own. Will he be a good match for Breanna?

“Hey, Hunter Hale here,” the man with classic pretty boy looks, a cool leather jacket, and slightly ripped jeans says with a soft smile spreading across his face.

He effortlessly takes a sip of his drink before continuing. “I am a thirty-two year-old Leo who knows how to have a good time, looking for that sweet… fit… charming woman who loves life and enjoys time with her family.”

“It’s good to be a man who knows what he wants,” Neal replies. “How’d you get into acting?”

“Great question, Neal,” Hunter tilts his head to the side. “I left home at a young age and moved to the greatest city in the world to pursue acting. I was ‘found’ on my first day in town while buying groceries at the Shop’N’Save by a woman who had an eye for talent. I happened to be contemplating oranges and apples in the produce section and she said I had that pensive look that was just perfect for one of the doctors on Specific Hospital.”

“I know a lot of actors get their start on Specific Hospital,” Neal smiles. “I myself had a small role during season eleven, episode arc twenty-two through twenty-six. Of course, my character was killed off when an ex-army nurse with homicidal tendencies decided I needed to croak…” he reached for his throat instinctively.

“Riiight…” Hunter replies. “I played the handsome hospital administrator, Jake Jackson for three seasons, but then my character moved on around the time I needed more time in my personal life for my family.”

“Yes, I remember Jake Jackson. He played guitar right?” Neal exclaims.

“He found his true calling and left to pursue a career in music,” Hunter proclaims, proudly.

 “Do you actually play guitar?”

“Of course,” Hunter gasps, as if offended. “I didn’t have a double for those scenes.”

“We hope to hear some tunes while you’re here then,” Neal smooths things over quickly. “You also had a roll on Roaring Vice.”

“Yes,” Hunter grins. “As the motorcycle-riding lieutenant from the early twenties…”

“…who got all the ladies, if I recall,” Neal interjects.

“They can’t help but be attracted to this face,” Hunter quips. “No seriously, riding my bike around Sultona was probably one of the best parts of that experience. And I met some really great people during my time there. It’s a fun town – vintage meets vampy.”

“I’ll bet,” Neal grins. “So tell us about your kids.”

“Christian and Chloe. They’re twins, cute as buttons,” Hunter says. “I adore spending time with them, and throwing the best birthday parties. I want them to have everything I didn’t as a child.”

“Yes, we’ve heard you are the perfect party host,” Neal says. “Throwing the best parties this side of the Simisouri River.”

“This side?” Hunter looks down, his eyes narrowing. “Just this side? I thought personally paper-mâché-ing a superhero pinata filled with all the candy jewelry they could want was enough to put me over the Simisouri.”

“Okay then…” Neal continues. “…do you find it hard to be an actor and a single dad?”

“Not really,” Hunter shakes his head. “I enjoy the underwear commercials. It makes me some good money, and enough that I don’t need to work all the time and can be home for my kids. I currently have a superb nanny that would put Molly Pippins herself to shame.”

“She’s a wonder with the children. But I am sad they don’t get to be around their mom,” he tenses, flexing his hand, his gaze seeming to linger a few seconds on his left ring finger. “My wife passed two years ago in childbirth.”

“I’m so sorry for your loss,” Neal replies, recalling Hunter’s abrupt exit from the movie screens.

“Thank you,” Hunter’s eyes darken momentarily as he shifts in his seat. “I do miss Mia. We had some fun times together, but I’m ready to move on… get back out there. See what life has to offer me now.”

“We had something beautiful, and I I think she’d want me to try and get out, not sit in my underwear and eat cereal in the apartment and mope all the time. I want to be a good father to my kids and I can’t if I’m doing that. They need me, and Mia would want me to be happy. That’s why I’m here… hoping for even the tiniest chance at romance…” he cracked a grin.

“That’s a good way to look at life,” Neal replies. “We do have a question or two from the bachelorette if you’re ready to answer.”

“Shoot,” Hunter says.

“What is one thing you’d do to put Breanna at ease when you meet her?” Neal inquires.

“Why wouldn’t she be at ease?” Hunter said with a playful grin. “Am I really that scary?” He laughs and winks at the camera. “No, no. Seriously, I’ve given this some thought and I know she’s probably terrified. Hell, I know I am. I’ve only got to meet one woman and see if she’s right for me. She’s got to meet seven strangers and see if any of them pan out. Scary stuff.”

He’s quiet for a minute, but then turns his gaze back to the camera. “I’d start off the right way,” Hunter said and ran a hand through his hair. A stray sparkle of glitter glimmered in the lights as it drifted away from him. “Simple helloHey there, Darling. Then just talk with her. Get to know her. Let her know me. Conversation is key to relationships.”

A moody seriousness darkened Hunter’s eyes. “Woohoo and roses are great, but believe me, Darling, you just can’t drift along with pillow talk,” he said and then forced himself to smile. “And if all that fails, I can make one heck of a good cocktail.”

“Thank you,” Neal says. “Do you have a favorite cocktail?”

“Hot and smoky,” the words roll off Hunter’s tongue. “But I’ll take a little love potion…” he smiles slowly and adds a little pep to his tone. “…number four…” he lifts his arms. “And if not, the Silent Film is a good drink too, if made with the right amount of white rum and grenadine. The secret is the pineapple.”

“Sounds delicious,” Neal smacks his lips and sighs… looking over his shoulder. “Holly, we’re filming…”

“I know,” she squeaks. “But it’s Hunter Hale… the Hunter Hale…” she waves and then fans herself when Hunter winks at her.

“Who’s that?” Hunter inquires.

“Uh… the camera crew,” Neal replies, narrowing his eyes. “Holly… you’re filming the wrong way.”

“I know, can I read the next question?” she asks eagerly.


“Can I read the next question?” she repeats a little louder.

“Sure,” Neal allows.

“So next question…” Holly begins, fluffing her hair. “… what kind of honeymoon do you envision, Mister Hale?”

Hunter chokes on his drink. His jaw slack and his eyes wide. “Honeymoon?” he says. “Aren’t we putting the carriage before the horse with that one?”

An ice cube melted in his cup as he thought the question through. “I’ll admit it, Darling,” he says and raises his palms. “I haven’t thought about things like that. All I’ve thought about is whether we could make each other happy. Places are just places. People make memories. So for fudge’s sake, we could go to the moon if it made you happy. As long as we’re there together, it’d be perfect.”

Hunter takes a drink, shrugs and says, “So if you just wanted to go home for a while after all this. I’d follow you. A quiet honeymoon in your hometown. Let you unravel and I’ll explore the town while we plan the best life for us.”

“Well if that isn’t romantic,” Holly swoons.

“Okay… okay… Holly…” Neal says between his teeth.

“Opps… sorry,” she returns to her job.

“Good luck to you, Hunter,” Neal lifts his hands and waves. “I wish you the best.”

“Thank you, Neal,” Hunter nods graciously.

“Thank you for tuning in. We’ll be back right after these messages for more Sweethearts in Sulani,” Neal concludes.

As the camera stops rolling, Hunter finishes up his drink and walks over to the bar to order another. He starts chatting with the bartender.

“So where’s Breanna from anyway?”

“Oh I can tell you that,” Holly leans against the bar from the other side, helping herself to the mango rum slushie. “She’s from Willow Creek. Did you not read the bio?”

Hunter’s eyebrow twitches as he fights to hide his shock. He smiles, a forced gesture, and excuses himself from the bar.

Author Notes: Thanks for reading. Oh do we have trouble in paradise? What’s Hunter’s concern with Willow Creek? Thank you to TheYayToast for submitting Hunter Hale. I’m having fun with Hunter. His traits are Romantic, Jealous, Outgoing, and Gregarious. I also added Perfect Party Host and Connections. I also gave him skills in Comedy and (Edit: Guitar, not Fitness)  in addition to Mixology, Charisma, and Parenting. If you’ve read any of my other stories, Specific Hospital makes an appearance a couple times, as a play on General Hospital. Also Roaring Vice is a TS4 movie thing. Sultona is my Sims world version of Florida (where Roaring Heights is). Simisouri is a state in the SimNation based on Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee in my Simworld. Molly Pippins is a celebrity nanny in my Sims world, and she’s an obvious pun for Mary Poppins. I don’t have Get Famous… yet… so I don’t have the Hot and Smoky. I think Hunter ordered a Sweet and Spicy here. I can’t remember what the drinks are. I figured Silent Film is a good fall back too. 😉 Hope you enjoyed! We also saw a brief appearance at the end bar scene with VanPelt81‘s Andy, MaggieMarley‘s Mort, afai1261‘s Griffin, and Munterbacon’s Miguel, and of course,  can’t forget Kaha by nerdfashion. 

Meet the Contestants, Pt. 1: Meet Kaha (SIS)

Aloha ahiahi ia oukou! I learned that phrase today. I am your host, Neal ‘the Dealin’ Wheeler and welcome to Sweethearts in Sulani! Tonight we meet our primary bachelor contestants, and I can tell you, I’m so excited to introduce all these awesome guys to you.

Tonight we’re headed to the Ohan’ali Beach Bar…where the hippest parties happen, and the alcohol flows freely like the waterfall behind my right shoulder. Let your inhibitions go and jive with the music as we meet our seven lucky bachelors competing for the heart of our one bachelorette, a Southern belle, Miss Breanna Gaines.

Neal’s voiceover: Let’s jump right in. Welcome to bachelor contestant #1: a native islander, Kaha Na Mokupuni, is a proud fisherman in a long line of fisherfolk. He is most at home with a fishing pole in hand on his boat, or perhaps reeling those fishies in from the shore. His favorite activity is frying fish over a sand pit on the beach at sunset, probably with his twin sisters. While he may be a self-proclaimed unflirty bro, this honorable Leo is looking for his soulmate. Could Breanna be the one?

The young man with a shy smile on his face and a big pouf of hair atop his head, bows respectfully, and says, “Aloha ahiahi ia oukou!

“Hello, introduce yourself to us, Kaha,” Neal says.

“I am Kaha of the Na Mokupuni tribe,” the other man continues. “It is a great pleasure to welcome you to my island kindgom of Su-lan-i.”

“Please tell me, what was that phrase you said just now?” Neal asks.

“Yes,” Kaha replies. “Aloha ahiahi ia oukou! It means ‘Good evening to you.'”

“What a beautiful phrase,” Neal remarks.

“I am told you are a master fisherman, and that your family profession is fishing,” Neal says.

Kaha nods humbly. “I am honored to descend from some of the greatest fisherfolk in the history of our tribe. Both my parents were experts of fishing traps – my mother would weave the traps from the palms on our land, and my dad would stand out in the waves before dawn to catch the best of the best.”

“That is awesome,” Neal exclaims. “Do you have a favorite fish?”

Kaha chuckles half-heartedly and lifts his hands. “Eh? It would be like asking me to pick my favorite sister.”

“Yes, you have twin sisters?” Neal probes.

“Yes, Mahina and Kau, I am their guardian since my parents joined the island spirits many moons ago,” Kaha says, a sad look flickering across his face momentarily.

“I’m sorry,” Neal gulps down a sip of his beverage. Ugh! What is this? “…for your loss.”

“It is okay. Our home was lost to a volcano. The Great Fire Spirit wished my father and mother to be with it. We should feel honored,” Kaha replies.

“It’s still a loss,” Neal says, surprised.

“Yes, but we live. We move along with our lives. We have to. My sisters. They needed me and I was there. I am there. I rebuilt our family home from the ground up, and now I am looking for love to fill the rooms…” he blushes. “…and Mahina and Kau say…” he points to himself. “…my heart…” he manages to squeak out.

Neal resisted the urge to “awww…”

“We islanders are a strong people. We survive what nature gives us, and thrive with the island spirits in our presence. I know my mother and father are thinking of me, and wishing me strength and courage,” Kaha continues.

“That is beautiful. What a wonderful testament to your parents that you care for your sisters and rebuilt the family home,” Neal affirms. “And you continue their legacy of work.”

“Yes,” Kaha says with animated expression and pure joy in his eyes. “…all my troubles seem to melt away when I am fishing.”

“As we move along with our questions, I have two for you from our bachelorette,” Neal continues.

“Please…” Kaha nods.

“What do you envision as a honeymoon?” Neal asks.

Kaha leans back, apprehensively, a look of shock crossing his tanned face. He gulps down a sip of his water, and lays his drink on the table. “Honeymoon?” he shakes his head. “I don’t want a honeymoon. It’s all too… romantic. It’s not something I’ll be comfortable with doing.”

“Okay…” Neal wasn’t sure what else to say. “Perhaps just bringing her to your house would be satisfactory.”

“Let us hope so,” Kaha grimaces.

“How about an easier question… we should’ve started with this one… What would you do to put Breanna at ease when you meet her?” Neal inquires.

“I…” he lifts a finger. “…should ask her what her favorite fish is. And I would promise to prepare it for her.”

“A fish dinner,” Neal smiles. “Interesting strategy.”

“Fish is life here,” Kaha says. “Fishing is a deep sitting in life.”

“Sitting?” Neal repeats.

“Yes… how would you say it?” Kaha scratches his head. “…fishing is a way of life? We sit… deeply into the rhythms of the ocean and it directs us in its path to life.”

“Well, there you have it, folks, Kaha, thank you so much for meeting with us today,” Neal smiles.

“Thank you for allowing me to participate on your show,” Kaha nods.

“Tune in next time as we meet more contestants, and as they say here on the island, Aloha ahiahi ia oukou!” 

Author Notes: Thanks for reading everyone. Today we meet nerdfashion’s Kaha Na Mokupuni. I gave him the additional skills in cooking as I figured he’d know how to cook since he mentioned making Breanna a fish dinner. His traits are: Child of the Islands, Bro, and Unflirty. I added Angler’s Tranquility as he is a fisherman and Home Turf as I figured he is a traditionalist and probably most at home in his own backyard. I also used a remake of the Beach Bar by Terrorschoki. I hope you enjoyed!