Mod Recommendations

Everyone has their own way of playing The Sims 4. Personally, I DO NOT play without mods. I find mods greatly enhance my gameplay, give my Sims more personality and depth, and make the game more fun and challenging. I like autonomy mods below to help move gameplay along, or to disable annoying autonomous actions (i.e. why do adults wreck dollhouses? *face palm*). Of course, you can select what “flavors” you want or mix and match the above and below mod suggestions for your gameplay.

Quick Lengthy Disclaimer (if you want to know how I play or what I recommend): These mods are (generally) updated frequently, but…

  • I do not guarantee that I will update this page frequently and I am not responsible for gameplay issues. I will NOT respond to questions regarding modding issues because it’s best to contact the modder directly.
  • Always check to see if you have the latest version of the mod and that your game is patched.
  • If a game patch occurs and a mod hasn’t been updated yet, I always recommend waiting until it is updated before adding to your game.
  • Back up your saves any time you add new mods and delete the localthumbcache.package file in your Electronic Arts Sims 4 game folder before playing with new mods.
  • Always read the description of the mod, required supplemental mods, possible conflicts, etc. before downloading and installing a new mod.
  • Double check that you have all corresponding expansions, game packs, stuff packs, and/or kits.

Whims-based Mods Suggestions

  • bienchen’s Whims Overhaul – this is a must have mod for me – completely overhauls the entire whims system, allowing for more dynamic and personality-based gameplay – adds new whims for the additional expansions that EA abandoned.
  • Caradriel’s Romantic Wishes – adds a series of romance-based social options, a custom moodlets, and a custom tradition
  • missyhissy’s mods
    • Personality Mod and Custom Whims – adds whims based on a dominant personality trait like in TS2 – Family, Fortune, Knowledge, Pleasure, Popularity and Romance, and adds 3 custom traits as well – Creativity, Grilled Cheese and Power (available in the Rewards store for 0 points so you can add right away)
    • Hobby Mod – adds 10 preferences to CAS with their own whims based on hobbies from TS2 – Arts and Crafts, Cuisine, Film and Literature, Fitness, Games, Music and Dance, Nature, Science, Sports and Tinkering
  • TurboDriver’s Wonderful Whims (the non-Wicked Whims SFW version)- adds personality archetypes and woohoo/romance based options/whims in game, plus a woohoo/pregnancy/menstrual cycle overhaul/addition

Overhauls/Tweaks Mods

  • bienchen’s mods
    • Trait Overhaul – affects relationships, influences autonomy and skill gain, and my favorite part, makes traits more meaningful
    • Lifestyle Tweaks – creates more variables in lifestyles and makes for more challenging (and in my opinion, more interesting) gameplay
  • kuttoe’s Career Overhaul Suite – improves career progression and makes for more challenging and interesting gameplay (does conflict with adeepindigo’s Education Overhaul mod, specifically the Education career, but you can easily remove this option from kuttoe’s mod if you play with both)
  • LittleMsSam’s
    • More Fun Stuff – overhauls what the game categorizes as ‘fun’ in the needs bar and improves skills and interactions
    • Pregnancy Overhaul – my favorite part of this mod is it allows pregnant Sims to do more (optional add-ons for death while giving birth, miscarriage, and abortion)
    • Retail Overhaul
  • lotharihoe’s Bust the Dust Overhaul – better animations, removal of all the weird stuff, faster usage, etc.

Mood Mods

  • bienchen’s Moods Matter – moods impact skill gain, career performance, interactions, etc.
  • lumpinou’s mods Mood Pack paired with Custom Moods– adds moods in game and is needed for many mods out there in the community
  • lumpinou’s First Impressions (I have a love-hate relationship with this mod, but it does allow for more challenging gameplay. I recommend 3 day delay so it doesn’t prevent progression).
  • roBurky’s Meaningful Stories
  • Zero’s Weather Impacts Mood – (because it does IRL…)

Preferences Mods

Personality/Traits Mods

Autonomy Mods

Gameplay Mods

These mods add realism, depth, new gameplay options (and I’m all about that!) etc. I turn some of these mods on and off depending on the type of game I am currently playing.

Social/Conversation Mods

Annoyance/Fix Type Mods

For the Control Freaks… (like me… I say with love!)

Sometimes these mods are super useful, especially when staging or playing in storyteller style.

  • lot51’s dust buster – control levels of dust in home and make it disappear fast
  • lot51’s mini weather controller – change that weather super fast (no more waiting forever)
  • lotharihoe’s delayed invitations – allows you to accept, deny, or reschedule invites