Babies & Butterfly Kisses (BBK)

my just-for-fun challenge gameplay save

Following the release of TS4’s “too many toddlers” scenario, I decided why not? I’ll just load up a game and play for fun. Never. That’s just not my style. This story will document my journey through the “scenario” combined with a longer-term challenge created by simssav – Occult Baby Challenge.


  • create a YA founder human Sim (must be able to get pregnant)
  • build a relationship with each occult sim (no woohoo before friendship)
  • have at least 1 boy and 1 girl baby with each occult/supernatural
  • to move a child out of the home, child must have reached level 5 in skill related to their occult

Occults (WIP): Alien, Batuu Occults, Father Winter, Fae, Flower Bunny, Ghost, Island Elemental, Mermaid, Patchy, Reaper, Spellcaster, Wishing Well Spirit