Return to Brindleton Bay (RBB)

One moment. One decision. It changed her life forever. Seventeen year-old Carrie Buckley has never had an easy life, but one unforgettable night cost her everything she has. No longer a girl and not yet a woman, how will Carrie forge her own path and what will she discover about self, spirit, and life?

Carrie’s getting a spin-off! This is part of Generation 2, but she’s getting her own story. I already started playing around in the world in the winter and it is breathtaking! Carrie returns to her hometown of Brindleton Bay, a lost and frightened, soon-to-be teenage mom.

In order to randomize some of the elements in the following generations, I numbered all the worlds in TS4 and all the game/stuff packs/expansions in order to try and play out elements I haven’t tried before. On Carrie’s roll, I knew I wanted her to be in Brindleton Bay because I’ve had this title in mind for a long time. I did roll for her corresponding stuff/game or expansion pack in order to play out the elements related to it. Carrie got: Outdoor Retreat. 

This story will be my own concoction of a runaway teen challenge. There are several key elements missing from the original runaway teen challenge so I thought I’d explain my style. Here are the rules I’ll be following (and as always, rules are meant to be broken on occasion when the game decides it has a mind of its own…)

  • Starting Money: Carrie’s starting dollars will be §79. I picked a number arbitrarily. I will use money cheats to deduct dollars for various things (including purchases TS4 doesn’t count – i.e. food at a bonfire).
  • Making Money: Thanks to Island Living, odd jobs exist. Carrie can utilize the odd jobs option (if she has charged her cell phone). She can also make money through traditional skills (i.e. gardening, painting, writing, etc.). She can’t take a part-time or full-time job until she has a mailing address and pays 57 Simoleons a month for a PO Box. (Ignore the mail). Before turning 18, she can’t take more than a part-time job.
  • Shelter: Until Carrie saves enough money for the ferry to Deadgrass Isle (there is a ferryman I created for the story), she will have to stay on the mainland. Or she can save up and purchase a boat of her own (the outrigger canoe is §1800, the aquazip is §2100). Carrie can save this amount and purchase either of these for “use” if desired.

  • Home: I found an absolutely beautiful lot by bonleonard3 (the Sims Gallery website is weird and I can’t seem to find a link) that I will be using for the story. It’s a pre-made lot, and I made minor tweaks. I know the original runaway teen challenge doesn’t allow for a home, but Carrie will be living off-the-grid style on Deadgrass Island.
  • Paying Bills: Won’t pay any bills until… she has §5000 in reserve.
  • Electronic Usage: Can’t use electronics on her home lot until she can afford them and has electricity.
  • Cell Phone Usage: Carrie can’t use her phone, save for a few small things. (Consider this a burner phone so her friends and family won’t have the number.) Can use phone, only if it is charged. Will need to remain on a community lot for at least four hours for phone to be charged. No accepting invites unless it’s from a new friend (Carrie won’t be in contact with her family/friends and she’s not giving her new number to anyone save a new friend she trusts and/or a boss from a job). No social media interactions. No adopting from the phone. No paying for services.
  • Appliance Usage: Can siphon a small amount of water from the lighthouse after reaching Handiness level 2. (Water on weekends only – needs to wait to use sinks/bath on home lot for until the weekend. There’s a community restroom nearby to use instead). May also shower on community lots like the gym or a generic hangout (not the spa as this would cost $$).
  • Electric Usage: Can siphon a small amount of electricity from the lighthouse after reaching Handiness level 5 (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays only).
  • School: Can’t attend high school (she’s a runaway), but can read and teach self skills.
  • Childcare: Can’t have a hospital birth. Can’t pay for a babysitter until she’s a young adult.
  • Social Interactions: Needs to be friends with someone before she can visit their home. Can’t join a club unless she’s a friend with all club members. Ignoring the rule about avoiding social interactions with adults.
  • Travel: I’m acting like Carrie walks everywhere… except the ferry or boat to her home island. (I’m ignoring the spend 10 every time you travel rule, especially because I’m charging her for other things). Can’t leave the world of Brindleton Bay (except to travel to Hollidaysburg which is a remake of mine from Home for the Holidays which is also located in the same state in my Simworld, but not without paying the cost to travel there.) Could be abducted to Sixam, though. 😛
  • Dining Out/Activities: Most activities cost money in real life so in Carrie’s world they do too. Carrie will need to spend her money wisely, or mooch from a friend.
  • Pets: May only adopt a stray. Can only take in a critter if able to afford the care (i.e. For a cat – basic bed, food dish, and litter box and for a dog – food dish, basic bed).
  • Laundry: May purchase a water basin and clothesline at the beginning. Can do laundry any day of the week. (No restrictions on water usage as she can get water from any freshwater source).
  • University: Due to travel and monetary restrictions, Carrie won’t be able to attend university. (But she can use features from the expansion: mini fridge, bicycle, etc.)