Livin’A’Simmin’Life (TS4 Edition)

Part One – Family tIES

Meet Elizabeth “Lizzie” Green – bookworm, geek, and lazy muser. A recent college grad, Lizzie is excited to start her new life after university. Like any self-respecting millennial, she is moving back home in order to save some Simoleons and get on her feet. The catch? Her sisters live at home too. Three young adult Sims under one roof with their parents. What could go wrong? She hopes to write the next great SimNation novel, enjoy new adventures, find “true” love, and move into a place she can call her own. To help make ends meet, Lizzie will be starting a blog called “Life with a Splash of Whimsy,A Life of Whimsy, documenting her experiences living at home, plans for the future, and musings about life. 


For this story, I am following an ISBI (I’m Surrounded By Idi*ts) Challenge. I will only control my Simself throughout the course of the story, even though my Simself will be living with her Sim parents and Sim siblings.

Goal #1: Move out of her parent’s home 

Rules: In order to move out, Lizzie needs to…

  • Whims: Follow whims as much as possible
  • Emotions: Remain relatively positive with emotions
  • Money: Must make money doing “odd” jobs (a.k.a. skills work OR at gamemaster’s discretion and imagination) the first week OR until a career whim pops up OR gamemaster (a.k.a. moi pushes Sim in the right direction) 
  • Traits: Must do one activity or interaction per day related to each trait (in this case, Lizzie’s traits are Bookworm, Geek, and Lazy).
  • Skills: Reach level 6 5 of at least one skill
  • Career: Reach career level 6 5 or the max in a part-time job (thanks to a mod) 
  • Friendships: Maintain friendships with family members; make and maintain three friendships outside house
  • Family: Maintain friendships with parents; If parents “ask”  the Simself to do something, the Simself needs to follow through and do it.
  • Home: Pay “rent” (30% of her earnings will be deducted for household expenses from he family funds on Sundays – this will be either subtracted from family funds OR she can choose to purchase an item worth approximately this amount for the good of the household); if Sim is unable to pay “rent,” they can either owe “back rent” OR do twice the number of chores; must clean up messes in common areas
  • Romance: Can start a romance, but must bring home to meet the parents at some point on the first date; In order to maintain romance, the “love interest” must get along with her family; Cannot have the love interest spend the night at home before dating at minimum 2 consecutive weeks Cannot have love interest stay the night unless love interest invites self over and love interest must meet all be friends with at least one of the other household members
  • Children: Babies are NOT allowed until Sim moves out

Disclaimer: For the record, all names have been changed to protect identities. I also have changed appearances, ages, genders, personality traits, and other life circumstances and added characters for the sake of identity protection, story line, and game integrity.


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