Part 3: Chapters & Characters

Season Three: Parenthood

LASL Season 3

Raising a family is no simple thing, especially when you have triplets and adopted a child too. For Lizzie and Joseph, life is no picnic in the park, but they’ve weathered the storms that have come their way. It’s not all temper tantrums and testy quirks and teen rebellion. There’s tickle fights and tea parties, trust and teachable moments in there too. Sometimes you just have to embrace where you’re standing and dance in the rain. Will Lizzie and Joseph be able to manage two careers, four kids, two pets, under one roof in San Myshuno and keep the romance alive?



Simself & Green
Lizzie Green and Joseph Simself (submitted by LegacySims2017), finally seemed to have worked out all the kinks in their marriage and they’re happier than ever before. Suddenly finding themselves in the family life, Joseph and Lizzie upgrade to a bigger apartment in the city. While Joseph takes a new job as Vice President of Digital Advertising and Sales Management at, Lizzie works from home, trying to find time to write novels, between juggling the expanded household. There’s the creative and smart Carrie Buckley (submitted by InfraGreen), their care dependent, after she was orphaned, and then the triplets, the little charmer, Joseph “Joey” Elliott, the ever-inquisitive Nathan Robert, and full-of-sunshine-and-silliness, Parker Sophia, plus the family dog, Marshall (submitted by InfraGreen), and cat, Dulcie (submitted by LegacySims2017). It’s a full house for the Simself-Greens.
City Bee
The cheerful collector Lisa Bee moves to the city of San Myshuno with her pup, Spike. She loves the view from her new apartment when she writes from her desk or enjoys a meal or reads a good book. Ever the plant nerd, Lisa hopes to use her degree in botany to help other city dwellers grow fruits, veggies, and flowers in their apartments, balconies, and communal gardens. You can still love the outdoors even if you live thirteen stories above ground. (Submitted by lisabee2.)
Make Your Mark
Lauryn Marks is a busy momma of two, juggling her editing career at Walrus Books. She manages to muse a bit and pen a few poems while bouncing her new baby. Issador “Izzie” Fernandez is doing well in his public relations career. He enjoys maintaining his physique and meeting new people when he isn’t spoiling his kiddos, the independent Penn and the precious Dot. (Submitted by MINEZ.)
Penthouse of Bacon
Munter and Karleen are thrilled to be parents of not just one, but two little Bacons, Pepper and Maple. Of course, the faithful old Dash loves the little girls too. When Munter isn’t traveling for the family restaurant biz or mixing up drinks, working out like the gym rat he is, or penning novels, you can bet he’s home goofing around with his family. Karleen is pretty happy with her new life of ease, and stays busy with making mascot costumes, throwing obscene amounts of cash at street performers, and staying out of the kitchen by frequently local food stalls. She’s even taken up blogging, chasing chow as an amateur food critic. (Munter and Dash submitted by Munterbacon).
Rikira Residency
After moving in together and eloping, Riley Cognito and Akira Kibo, crazy in love, decided to do the whole adoption thing. Akira, a washed-up pop star, is settling into his new role as a father, though he still gets gigs from time to time with his roomie, Miko, and is still hoping to do the “big white wedding” thing someday. Riley is writing away, penning the next great SimNation novel, and spoiling his new family. Miko Ojo set aside her jetsetting for some more local charity work, plus she adores the kiddos. Music lover Hamilton wants to be just like his new papa, Akira. Oliver has taken it upon himself to earn his keep by cleaning everything in sight. Of course, Riley tries to encourage his new son to make as many messes as he’d like. Oh and Akira and Riley decided to try the whole surrogacy thing and so now they have a beautiful toddler together – the angelic Mia. (Riley submitted by simscognito).
House of Rock
Annie Rock got the rock… that is… a ring on her finger… and she managed to snag the man of her dreams, Don Baxter. Now they’re raising two youngsters, Petra and Flint, in the city with Annie’s adorable cat, Ollie. Don transferred to the San Myshuno Police Department and works as a captain. Annie is loving being a stay-at-home mama to the kids, and she’s on her way to a successful lineage. Annie is still doing karaoke whenever she gets the chance, and has recently dabbled in stand-up comedy. (Annie Rock and Ollie submitted by rockannie)
Sweet and Savory
Sugar Maple Bough and Sage Reed, while unlikely roommates, seem to make it work. The wildly successful Sugar prefers a humble existence, though she keeps the penthouse in San Myshuno for entertaining and raising money for charity. Sage, on the other hand, loves to party, and who wouldn’t want to party with her? She’s known for her lavish tastes and her fantastic dance moves. Sage is rocking it as an Online A-Lister with her tips for stalking…erm… fan-girling over celebs and  looking fabulous. Sugar continues to succeed as a world-famous concert cellist and pianist, and recently has taken to rescuing endangered frog species much to Sage’s dismay. (Sugar Maple Bough submitted by CathyTea and Sage Reed submitted by Karilan)
The Cartwheel Club
The Carters are a growing family. First, Marie and Cedric Carter moved to the city with their little ones, Eleanor (who’s now a teenager) and Crispin (who’s now a kid), and then they welcomed Kaylee (now a toddler), and most recently, Cameron Carter. Marie is still busy trying to save the world through mad science skills as is Cedric. This family is trying to juggle it all – happy family, fast-paced careers, and healthy life. Will they succeed? (Marie, Cedric, Eleanor, and Crispin submitted by TheYayToast.)
The Sims House
Bugsie Sims is a quiet individual, still living in the Arts District. Recently, a little girl named Mariposa was dropped on her doorstep, and Bugsie didn’t have the heart to turn her away. Bugsie finds her hands full with raising a tot and a pup while still finding time for herself and her own interests. She is currently the Artist En Residence at Cabash Gallery, and hopes to save enough money to take a vacation soon… and maybe find love. (Bugsie Sims submitted by Bugsie2016)
The Smiths
The Smiths found love and settled into life in the city, and now they’re expecting baby number 1. Angela is struggling with staying on bed rest, but it helps that her husband, John dotes on her so well. John is hoping for a football or track star and Angela is wishing for a ballerina. We’ll see which one these two get – or maybe their baby will want to be someone completely different from his/her parents’ plans. (The Smiths submitted by Zurka).
Soul House
“I’ve got soul,” Leon says. Of course, he would. He’s happily dating his lovely girlfriend, Ali Morrison. Employed as a mascot for the San Myshuno State University, Ali moved in with her S/O and his roomie, Lewis Goldwyn. With a love of all critters, Ali hopes to persuade her flatmates to house some fur babies. Lewis is a trying to make it as a page-two journalist, though he still delivers pizzas all over town to make a little extra for his rent. Leon hopes to bring peace, love, and flowers to space… and shoes — can’t forget the shoes. Of course, he might need to give up his sweet fro if he ever wants to blast off into orbit. In the meantime, he’s interning at World Defense Force as an office assistant. (Leon and Lewis submitted by SoulGal7 and Ali submitted by friendsfan367).
Tea Cats
Cathy followed Amy to the city about a year after they were married. She still is a best-selling novelist, but she’s slowed down a bit to enjoy more time with the love of her life. Amy quit her job as an office assistant and is devoted to full-time writing. She’s published many short stories in the local newspaper and magazines, and now she’s hoping to finish the great SimNation novel. Both of the Tea-Cats hope to adopt soon after they finish apartment renovations, whether fur babies or Sim babies. They don’t care. Their hearts are full of love. (Cathy Tea submitted by CathyTea and Amy Cat submitted by Shadami)
The Toasty Schooner
The Toasty Schooner – this ship has sailed, and things are heating up. John and Ash decided to hastily tie the knot, but opps… now neither one of them really remembers the big moment. Is this cause for concern? John has a fledgling video game company and Ash still bounces around the globe chasing crazy stories for the Myshuno Metro News. Hopefully, the two young lovers will find happiness and success – after everything, they deserve it. (Ash submitted by TheYayToast)
Bell James
Ander Bell is new in town. He wants to be a friend to the world, and therefore, he needs loads of money to impress his family and friends. He hopes to meet people at the gym when he’s telling people about the sweet deals he closed as an hedge fund manager. His sweetheart, Berkley James is a art reviewer and a romantic. She loves going on dates with her new husband. How will these two fare in the big city? (Ander and Berkley submitted by xJojox).
Lovelace and McIntire
Sandi McIntire is a personal trainer who recently moved to the city and needed a roommate. She met Everly Lovelace at the Skye when both ladies were taking a dance fitness class. Everly is a fisherwoman, who is most at home on the Sound or selling fish at the local market. An unlikely pair of roommates, but somehow they work. Both are looking forward to life in San Myshuno. (Submitted by Piazzagirl1015). 

The out-of-Towners

Casa Grande
Meanwhile in Oasis Springs, Lizette Lopez hooked herself a younger man, Brighton Biggs. Their kids, the teenage Tabatha or ‘Tabby’ and Kendyl, a young adult living at home, aren’t exactly thrilled with the match, or each other. However, Lizette and Brighton seem oblivious to the children’s discomfort with the new living situation. Lizette is an account executive at The Oasis and Brighton is now working nights as a registered nurse at Desert Memorial Hospital. Kendyl is looking at working as a live chat support agent while she saves money for college and plays video games, and Tabby is just trying to survive high school and get her crush to notice her. Will this new marriage and blended family thrive? (Brighton and Kendyl submitted by Skcaga6 and Lizette and Tabatha submitted by lilypadmeulin
Five Little Princes
Following her new love to Hidden Hollow, Anne Charming soon learned that the vampire-friendly neighborhood isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Even so, Anne and Caelen soon settled into their new life together, and welcomed quintuplets within a year’s time. Now raising their five little princes, Erik, Henry, Florian, Adam, and Philip, the new parents welcome help from Caelen’s sister, Lilith and anyone else willing to lend a hand. Caelen still works as a doctor to the supernaturals, Anne writes when she gets a spare moment, and Lilith plays a mean violin solo on street corners when she ventures out of the Hollow. Certainly not the most conventional family, but it works… for the time being… (Anne submitted by MadameLee)
Inn Chambers
The Chambers family is growing up. Holland still travels all over the world as a publicity agent to authors, artists, and musicians alike. Dallas still enjoys staying home, watching football, or grilling for the neighborhood get-togethers. Paris is working hard as a beat officer in the Springs, and has applied for the technology analyst program. Brooklyn is now a young adult and enjoys creating amateur inventions as she dreams of joining the space program someday. Houston has taken an interest in fixing things around the house, and caring for the earth, although his parents are a little concerned with his enthusiastic interest in “herbalism.” And Austin has taken to walking dogs for the neighbors, reading up on archaeology, and delivering flower arrangements via his bike for a little extra moula. Something is always going on at the Inn Chambers. It’s a cool place to be. (The Chambers family submitted by pammiechick)
The Mixer Abode
Raj and Ameera welcomed two beautiful little girls into their lives – first, Margarita, and then Sherry. Ameera hopes to be a great mom to both, and Raj is bound and determined to teach the girls about their mixed cultures. He also caters full-time with Rasoya Inc. since his mother’s passing. Geeta Rasoya- May you rest in peace. (Ameera submitted by MINEZ)
The Sarafin Spy-lets
Somehow these two still manage to be spies, and parents, but shh! Don’t tell anyone. Everyone seems to think that Sammy is a bank executive and Lee is a government analyst, but really they travel the world and kick butt with the spy stuff. They try to give their kiddos, Presley and Paisley as much normalcy as possible. (Sammy submitted by MINEZ)
The Spinks House
Larry Spinks is about a retired judge, but he is still active in the social and political circles. Bonnie is working on her last year as a paralegal before retiring. Danny is writing jingles for the local radio station. Teresa is looking forward to college in the fall, but in the meantime, she’s interning as a story researcher for the Oasis Springs Oracle. And teenage John is showing little interest in his studies and his favorite thing to do is “troll de forums.” Hopefully, his siblings can be a good influence on him(The Spinks family submitted by Skcaga6)
The Wymer House
Edwin and Bonnie are retired, and their kids are all grown up. Daryl is a head caterer for Cater-Pillar. Dayle works as a quality assurance agent for the Electronics Superstore. Mary Jo is a social justice advocate with the local office. Sharon works as a dishwasher at Pizza Planet, at least for the summer. Brenda is working as a community organizer with a local nonprofit. And Steve… is dreaming about his girlfriend, Teresa and wondering if he can make enough money to support them as an amateur entertainer. (The Wymer family submitted by Skcaga6)
Up Stream
Nora Green didn’t exactly plan to be a mother, but she and her long-time boyfriend, Julian, now have two kiddos – Hudson and Nile. Nora still hopes to make things legitimate and do the marriage ceremony with her beau, but he’s skittish when it comes to discussing tying the knot. Perhaps it’s time for him to set aside his commitment phobe issues and make Nora an honest woman. (Julian DeBateau submitted by MINEZ)

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