Part 2: Chapters & Characters


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The Green Household – 19 Culpepper Place
Meet Elizabeth “Lizzie” Green. After a series of ups and downs with family life, mishaps, and adventures, Lizzie seems to finally have things straightened out. Now she’s moving to the city of San Myshuno to follow her new boyfriend and pursue her dream career as a writer. She hopes to make many new friends and take part in all the city has to offer. But will the city be everything she hopes for? What new challenges will she face? Will she finally settle into the life she always wanted? Follow this her blog to find out. You can download Lizzie here.
After taking a job with Simstagram and telecommuting from the Springs, Joseph Simself managed to come back home and get the girl! Now Joseph has moved into the city of San Myshuno with his new girlfriend, Lizzie. Ambitious as ever, he hopes to use his business savvy to become a fabulously wealthy Internet superstar and lead an active lifestyle in his new hometown. Submitted by LegacySims2017.

New-ish Characters

The Smith Household – 1313 21 Chic street
Meet Angela Smith. Alluring. Clumsy. Good. Jealous. Angela always dreamed of her Prince Charming, but her jealousy and clumsiness cost her many early attempts at long-lasting romantic relationships. But fairy tales ‘do’ occasionally come true as she met and married John. After honeymooning in Oasis Springs, they are ready to start their new life in San Myshuno. Meet John Smith. Clumsy. Family-Oriented. Domestic. Romantic… at least that’s what Angela thinks, but she might not be objective. John is newly married to his soulmate and moved to San Myshuno, hoping to start a big happy family. Submitted by Zurka/Niijnoiille.
sTUCK IN THE 80’S hOUSEHOLD – 930 Medina Studios
Meet Courtney Neon (Jealous. Romantic. Alluring. Music lover.) Courtney lives in neon green. She has no idea why she can’t find this color in clothing stores so she shops in vintage, retro stores. In fact, where are all the jelly shoes…who says you can’t wear pumps with socks? I mean, totally, who ya gonna call? Courtney dreams of meeting “the one,” preferably with a mullet hair cut.  Meet Leon Squires. (Self-assured. Materialistic. Hot-headed. Business savvy.) Leon is a sole collector. What’s that you ask? Leon is a collector of shoes. Original Air Jordan shoes to be exact. And so he needs lots and lots of simoleons to purchase more shoes for his collection. He has lately been eyeing up a pair of the original Black/Red (supposedly banned sneaker) for a mere §7000 simoleons. He goes to a lot of auctions, and when he doesn’t win… look out! He has a bit of temper. Meet Lewis Goldwin. (Glutton. Clumsy. Goofball. Gregarious.) Lewis has every 80s movie ever made. In VHS. He plays a movie every night on his retro VCR player. He aspires to be like Marty McFly in the Back to the Future movies. But for now, he is working toward being a comedian, even though he often trips over his own shoe laces. Submitted by SoulGal7.
tHE nERDSTROM hOUSE – LandGrabb Apartments VIII
Meet Goober Nerdstrom. Genius. Quick Learner. Geek. With a bit too much love for other people’s things. Goober had no luck in Oasis Springs finding a woman who would look past his good features and love him for who he is on the inside, so now he’s moved to San Myshuno to meet some city ladies. Oh and he adopted a cat… (Harley) because ladies love the kitties, right?   Submitted by LegacySims2017.

nEW Characters (WIP)

Ace Reynolds
The Martinez family are remakes of pre-mades, Pablo and Jennifer Martinez in TS3. Pablo works as a street vendor while actively training to be a firefighter. Jennifer is a young, ambitious lawyer. Unable to have kiddos of their own, they are fostering a young girl named Alice (a little Miss Independent in the making) in hopes to one day adopt a child of their own. Gregarious, good, outgoing Jennifer hopes to meet other young moms, preferably in the park as she loves the outdoors.
tHE Charming Cat hOUSE – 1315 21 Chic STREET
Amy grew up in a small town with a religious, over protective family. She loves them dearly but it’s not who she is. She wants to appreciate life. She’s always seen others as being completely unique and special in their own way even if she doesn’t quite understand their choices herself. But now that she’s free to be herself as a young adult that can move out of her parents grasp she has become a bit of a party girl. She wants to drink lots of juice, go out to clubs, dance, and sing her heart out. And she wants to fall in love and have her own family. Gender doesn’t matter to her but personality does. Submitted by MsShadami.
Meet Anne. A bookworm at heart, she loves all kinds of literature. Recently moved to San Myshuno, Anne wants to bring the world the next great novel. She hopes the city will inspire her creative muse. Submitted by MadameLee.
Incognito hOUSE – 17 Culpepper Place
Meet Riley Cognito. Active. Creative. A bit of a goofball. Riley is a bigender muser who just moved to the city and is looking to make it as a bestselling author. Submitted by simscognito.
The Carter Residence – 122 Hakim Place
Cedric and Marie met in the lab. Sparks flew and it wasn’t just from a misaligned Tesla coil. The two have been inseparable ever since and strive to outdo each other as scientists. Will they be able to raise their family or will their competitive spirits keep them in the lab? Submitted by TheYayToast.
Toast & corey – 121 hAKIM pLACE
This geeky girl is just looking for a place to write and find love in the city of San Myshuno. Her traits of geeky, creative, romantic might just help her out there. She’s also angling to be a bestselling author. Will she find love and literary success? Submitted by TheYayToast.
Karleen Corey is one of Lizzie’s closest friends from childhood, and now they both live in the big city. Karleen is roomies with Ash. Mischievous in nature, her favorite thing to do is prank people. She can be a geeky goofball, and she knows how to have a good time. Self-assured, she is confident she can conquer San Myshuno, land a job, find love, and enjoy the hell out of life. This Sim is based on a dear friend of mine (the author’s and Lizzie’s) and was created with my friend’s permission.
Schooner, Marks, Fernandez – 702 Zen View
John Schooner has come to the city to break into the tech field. He wants to create the next great video game. A geek at heart, John also enjoys dabbling in art, reading, and knowing lots of random facts. He’s great at trivia nights. Oh and he’s Lizzie’s cousin! Created by livinasimminlifeLauryn and Izzie (Issador) are a city couple through and through. Izzie is loves his morning jogs through the city and is the life of any party. He works in Public Relations with hopes of earning a promotion soon to prepare for his upcoming nuptials. His fiance, Lauryn is an aspiring writer who is currently working at firm as an editor to make ends meet. She loves helping writers complete their story even though she hasn’t finished hers. Submitted by MINEZ
This Yellow House – Newcrest
Jude Schooner is empty nesting, and fresh on the dating scene. A divorcee, Jude has a grown son, John. He’s also the brother of Essie Green. Jude is a dot-com pioneer, dreaming of becoming a computer programming whiz. He is a genius, ambitious, and active. And he has a lovely yellow home in Newcrest. Created by livinasimminlife.
The Bacon Base – LandGrabb Apartments ix
Meet Munter Bacon and his ole boy, Dash. Recently, Munter moved to the city of San Myshuno because where else do aspiring authors congregate? 😉 Munter is the head mixologist at the Waterside Warbler with an interest in cooking, gardening, fitness, and comedy. Submitted by Munterbacon.
Annie’s abode – 21 Culpepper Place
Annie Rock dreams of a big happy family. Right now, she’s a cat mamma to Ollie, the handsome top-hat wearing mixed breed cat. She is a charismatic paralegal who enjoys unwinding with some karaoke, and she has an interest in logic. Will she be able to use her genius, domestic, and cat loving traits to find love, happiness, and start a family? Submitted by Rockannie.
Bugsie’s Place – 910 Medina Studios
Bugsie Sims just recently moved into Medina Suites with her beloved pup, Millie. Dreaming of becoming a painter extraordinaire, Bugsie is already well on her way as a Canvas Creator. Hopefully, she will find some lovely backdrops for her creations here in San Myshuno. A child at heart, Bugsie is a cheerful and ambitious muser. Submitted by Bugsie2016.

Returning Characters (WIP)

Author Note: These are characters who have shown up in my game thus far… so if you don’t see your Sim here, they will be soon. 🙂 

The Springside Friends – Sultry Springside
Meet Ali. Cheerful. Creative. Dog Lover. Ali happens to adore animals., and hopes to be a friend to all furry critters. Submitted by friendsfan367.
Filling the vacancy in Springside Friends, Nora now lives literal doors down from Julian, her new beau. Having completed culinary school, this gregarious and romantic young woman hopes to become a chef, so she can keep stocking up all her fashion accessories and cosmetics. Julian, with no help from his Championne family, worked his way up to senior manager of Pizza Planet. Now these two lovers hope to save up to get a place of their own. Will they succeed?(Julian was submitted by MINEZ). You can download Nora Green at my gallery page.
The Green hOUSE – Stucco Manor
With one daughter married and two daughters in serious relationships, Eddie and Essie Green are enjoying their empty nest. Traveling more frequently and spending as much time as possible together is easy since Essie is managing Eddie’s comedian career. These two are acting like lovebirds again, and why not? They deserve it! You can download Eddie and Essie here.
Sarafin Spies – Whereabouts Unknown – Somewhere in Sim Union
Emily and Sammy recently tied the knot and headed to the Sim Union. This powerhouse couple is looking to kick butt as super spies. In their spare time, Emily and Sammy enjoy food, music, and rigorous exercise. (Sammy was submitted by MINEZ). You can download Emily “Lee” at my gallery page.
You wouldn’t know it because she’s super humble, but Sugar Maple has the moulah! Rooming with her long-time friend, Cathy Tea, Sugar uses her wealth to travel and better the world for all Simkind. Still calling Oasis Springs her home, Sugar is one talented woman. Her roomie is no slouch either, and CT is almost always working on a new story, or traveling to promote a new book. Submitted by CathyTea.
Sage Reed recently moved to the city to live the life of her dreams. Renting from Sugar Maple Bough, Sage is a stylist to the stars. This girl’s got skills with a cosmetics brush and picking out the dream dress. And she stays fit by swimming laps in the balcony pool, playing basketball in the indoor court, or dancing the night away. Submitted by Karilan.
Meet Larry Spinks. Husband of Madeline. Father of Mitchell, Teresa, and John. Good. Geek. Domestic. Family Oriented. Larry wants to have a big happy family in the heart of Oasis Springs. He works as a justice of the peace. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Meet Madeline Spinks. Wife of Larry. Mother to Mitchell, Teresa, and John. Cheerful. Neat. Domestic. Family oriented. This mom wants a successful lineage. She works as a legal secretary. Submitted by Skcaga6.
Ameera Laghari
Aria Rhys and Siri Beaumont

Featured townies (WIP)

Akira Kibo
The Rasoya Home – 20 Culpepper Place
Raj lives with his Simdi mother, Geeta, and works as a pastry chef. He’s looking to start a big happy family, but his tendency to be sloppy and unflirty isn’t winning over the ladies. The widowed Geeta inherited control of Culpepper Place at her husband’s passing. She wants her son to find the proper Simdi woman and happiness… of course. She dabbles in food critique and peddling love advice.