From Riverview with Love: Gage Briody’s Story (FRWL)

from riverview with love cover

Gage Briody has always wanted a family more than anything. After the death of his foster mom, Gage decides to leave Sunset Valley and meet his shady relatives in Riverview. Gage is looking for love and the women of Riverview certainly have a lot to teach him about love, lust, jealousy, and family. Will Gage learn what family and love truly means or will he fail miserably and be run out of town?


  • Velvet Sky (Gage Briody) – this chapter follows the death of a loved one in Gage’s life and precedes FRWL 
  • So This is Love (Brigit Briody) – a short story spinoff about Gage’s biological mother 

Part 1 – Welcome to Riverview 

Part 2 – Hearts and Flowers 

Part 3 – Rebound Man 

(If you’ve finished Interludes & Solitude, Kass’s story carries over into Part 4 here). 

Part 4 – Home for the Holidays 


  1. June 2016 : My Life with Criminals and The Krazy Crazy Life of Kass will intersect with a whole new series – Gage’s Summer of Love (GSOL). The story picks up where The Krazy Crazy Life of Kassiopeia Fullbright (KCLKF) leaves off and takes the readers through the end of the summer. Gage Briody is Kass’s ex best friend, and he is the biological cousin of Sam Bagley, Jr. and Rhoda Bagley (from MLWC). Gage’s lifetime wish is Heartbreaker. Can he do it in one summer?
  2. July 2016: On Hiatus until further notice due to complications and issues with the game and lost or inaccessible content. Yes, I know, it makes me sad, especially because Gage already has such a hard life… why him? Oh I digress… I’ll try and reboot soon, fingers crossed. Read more here.
  3. August 2016: I will be rebooting this story next week. I am in the process of playing the game and doing set up. Gage is making a comeback. The story will coincide with Kass’ year on the road with her dad and her initial move to Bay City. However, instead of limiting Gage’s story to a summer, I’ve expanded it to take place over the course of a year. For this reason, I am renaming Gage’s story: From Riverview, With Love (FRWL).
  4. July 2017: I am finally finished with Gage’s story, From Riverview, With Love (FRWL). It has been an adventure and a journey. Thank you all for joining the ride.